I do n’t know which department hanging on a doctor?One article understands how to distinguish the department and the symptomatic registration

The first difficulty in medical treatment: There are so many outpatients in the hospital. Which department should I hang?

"The names of many department rooms are almost the same!"

"Surgery is to look at the disease on the body?"

"Internal medicine is to look at the disease in the stomach?"

Today, we will teach you how to distinguish the department and register the symptoms. We don’t want you to really use it, but it is worth collecting to prepare from time to time.

First of all, let’s distinguish between medicine and surgery.

Internal Medicine Department

The registration of internal medicine is relatively complicated. It can be briefly understood: the probability of internal medicine needs to "take medicine" to solve it.Diseases that can be seen in the Department of Department are often mainly drug therapy, and most of them are chronic diseases. Preliminary judgments can be made according to symptoms when registering.

Surgical Surgical department

In the case of trauma, infection, tumor, malformations, and dysfunction, you can choose surgery: the probability of surgery requires "surgery" solution.Surgical registration is relatively simple, and the department can often be selected according to the body.

Other departments Others

Compared with the two major categories of internal medicine and surgery, there are some departments with strong specialist characteristics and relatively clear treatment parts.

1. Stomatology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology and other departments are relatively clear, and the corresponding department number can be hung according to the corresponding part of the body.

2. The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Rehabilitation Medical Division is a relatively clear treatment method. You can hang the number of the corresponding department according to the treatment needs.

3. In addition, there are three frequent daily contacts: obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and emergency departments.Female fertility (pregnancy, child), female -specific organs (uterus, ovaries, vagina, etc.) related diseases, female reproduction (infertility), and women’s health care needs are all outpatients of obstetrics and gynecology.

Generally speaking, children who are not more than 14 years old can see pediatrics.The disease that is critical, the disease that needs to be dealt with immediately or the urgent medical treatment at night can go to the emergency department.No need to register in advance, just register on the spot.

4. Finally, there is a mysterious department in the hospital: pain department.Pain is the most direct manifestation of the disease and the most direct language of the body.When the pain position is clear, in the scope of tolerance, go to the corresponding department corresponding to the pain site.But if you are not the first pain and have been treated in the relevant departments, but the pain is not well controlled repeatedly. It lasts for more than 1 month and may be chronic pain. You can go to the pain department.

New crown epidemic related COVID-19

Due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, a large number of needs of vaccination and nucleic acid detection have also been generated. It is generally recommended to make an appointment in advance.

According to symptoms, you can choose the corresponding department first

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