I do n’t know what subject to hang, doctors and friends tell you from head to toe

What should I do if I get sick when I go to the hospital?Tell you this article from head to toe

Headache once or two headaches, worsening when tired or nervous, it is recommended to hang in neurology

Headache is accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, and nasal congestion. It is recommended to hang otolaryngology. If it is a headache caused by trauma, you can hang neurosurgery.

When you lie down or turn your body position, you are dizzy. He turns his head with his eyes closed. He feels dizzy.

Standing is unstable, the eyeballs are chaotic, and even consciousness is unclear. It is recommended to hang in neurology.

When dizzy, the neck hurts, and his hands are numb, and you can look at the orthopedics.

When you are dizzy, you have pain in front of the heart, chest tightness, heart discomfort, and a cardiology or cardiac surgery.

If you always dizzy with your eyes, it is recommended to hang the eye.

If dizziness is pale and the nails are pale, it is recommended to see the blood department.

Insomnia, stress, anxiety, and not sleeping well. It is not to look at neurology, but to depend on the mental psychology or sleep medical center.

Toothache is generally looking at the dental department, but if it is accompanied by a nasal congestion and the face hurts, then you need to look at the Department of ENT

If it is tired or toothache after exercise, take a few minutes of rest, hey, it doesn’t hurt, then it is recommended to take a good look at the Department of Cardiology

The neck is uncomfortable, and it is accompanied by numbness of hands and feet, or suddenly dizzy and tinnitus. Do not drag in this situation, and quickly look at orthopedics.

Chest pain, chest or chest pain, there is a sense of oppression, like a large stone pressed on the chest, and it is difficult to locate the specific pain, sometimes it is short and short. At this time

If chest pain caused by fracture trauma, or when bending down on the side waist, pain occurs. If you listen, it is recommended to hang chest surgery

If you have a severe chest pain, the pain is sweaty and heartbreaking, then you have to go to the emergency chest pain center, don’t delay.

The stomach hurts, and the stomach is painful, the upper abdomen, the upper abdomen or the right lower abdomen suddenly hurt, but if you don’t diarrhea, then you need to look at the general surgery.

Abdominal pain is accompanied by acid reflux, vomiting, always snoring, and hanging digestion. If you have a fever, diarrhea or spitting up and diarrhea, remember to go to the intestinal clinic.

If it is abdominal pain, and this waist, this kidney is still painful, then quickly look at the urogenic surgery.

Women did not come to the aunt on time, and the abdominal pain after menopause. Don’t forget to look at the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Successive urination, such as hematuria, frequent urination, urgency, pain, less urine, low back pain, edema, and it is recommended to see urology and nephrology, regardless of the front and back.

The stool is abnormal, and the stool has bright red blood, or there is dark red blood in the stool. It is recommended to look at general surgery first.

If your entire stool is shown in black and red asphalt, before that, there is no red dragon fruit or the like before.

The leg pain, the swelling and pain of a certain joint on the body, generally look at orthopedics first, the joints on both sides pain at the same time, and many joint pains together. Generally, the rheumatism and immunology department, the calf and stomach are swollen, the pain is painful, and the pain is painful.Relieve it, it is recommended to see the vascular department.

In general, cough hanging the respiratory department, her face edema hanging into the department, leg edema hanging cardiac sterilization or cardiac surgery, and suddenly thinning the endocrinology department or oncology department.

Many people will hang wrong, what should I do if I get stuck?It is not hanging the dental department.

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