I do n’t know if I took medicine when I was pregnant, can my baby still ask?

Xiaohong, a 25 -year -old female friend, learned that she was pregnant recently. This should be happy, but Xiaohong has been unhappy because Xiao Hong took medicine without knowing pregnancy.

Xiaohong doesn’t know if he will not intend to take medicine will affect the fetus. He doesn’t know if the fetus is healthy and unhealthy, and you need to flow.

Such a thing will happen not only on Xiaohong. Many female friends go to take a chest sashimi, or take medicine, or contact toxic substances without knowing their pregnancy.So these situations happen, can the baby in the stomach be not required?

There are also some pregnant mothers who insist on not taking medicine when they come to protect their children. Can I really do this?

The following editor will tell the pregnant mother to judge the influence of the outside world on the influence of the babies of the embryo, and the conditions must be met:

The time of taking medicine, if your menstruation is normal, that is, 28 days and one cycle, then your menstruation can ovulate and fertilize on the 14th day.

If your menstruation is normal and a cycle of 28 days, you can ovulation and fertilization on the 14th day of menstruation.

Within two weeks of fertilization, there is a very important principle, which is "all or nothing."So what does "all or no" mean?That is to say: If the babies of the embryo are stimulated by the outside world, the babies of the embryo will die and have a miscarriage.Then if the babies of the embryo are okay, this means that the embryo is not affected by any.Even if I found that I took medicine without knowing it and took X -rays, I didn’t have to worry about the health of the fetus at all.

The third week to the twelfth week of fertilization is the stage of the formation of various organs of the fetus. If it is stimulated by the outside world at this time, it will not be so good to repair., Or contact radiation.

After the twelfth week, the baby’s baby has basically taken shape. At this time, the baby will not be easily caused by external factors.But it is not to say that after the twelfth week, you can contact harmful substances or take medicine at will. After all, smoking and drinking are still harmful to the baby.

The drug types of the American Food and Drug Administration make the drugs in accordance with the impact on the embryo, and the five levels are graded A, B, C, D, and X.Class A and B are relatively safe.Then if pregnant mothers want to take medicine, then choose the drugs of A and B. These two types of drugs are the result of a large number of animals and clinical trials.Note: There are currently many new drugs on the market, but many new drugs have not accumulated more clinical experience and data.Another thing to pay attention to is Chinese medicine. Although Chinese medicine is known as no side effects, many drugs have not done animal experiments and clinical trials, and there is no data in this area. Therefore, it is not recommended that pregnant women eat Chinese medicine blindly, nor do it advocate that Chinese medicine tire preservation is not recommended.Essence

Regarding the dose, there is a saying: "Leaving the dose to talk about toxicity is a hooligan." It can be seen that the adverse effects of the drug on the fetus are called embryonic toxicity.The drugs are different, and some are strong and weak, but they all have the lowest poisoning dose.Therefore, some drugs, if you just eat one or two, there is no need to give up the fetus.

Women who are healthy cannot be abused after pregnancy, but they cannot ignore their health.In addition to taking medicine that affects fetal health, there is also your health status and pathogens that cause diseases.If pregnant mothers are not healthy, how can I support it during pregnancy?Viruses or bacteria that cause your illness will also affect your baby.There is an example here: a pregnant mother who is pregnant for 26 weeks fever, accompanied by abdominal pain, considering threatened premature birth, the cause of premature birth may be caused by infection.After 3 days of treatment of penicillin, the fever did not improve. The doctor suggested that antibiotics. She was worried that she had a bad impact on her child.The final ending is: abortion after three days.

People cannot always pursue 100 points, and the results they are pursuing may not gain.Some expectant mothers have to give up their baby because of taking a few pills. The ending may be infertile for life, causing the husband and wife to feel bad and the marriage is broken.

In the end, Xiaobian reminds you of expectant mothers again that if you accidentally come into contact with drugs and radiation during pregnancy, you must tell your doctor what time, what medicines you use, and how much you use.Let the doctor analyze how much risks are. Under the guidance of a doctor, the husband and wife can make a prudent decision.

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