I do n’t know if I took medicine, can the child still ask?Maternal and Gynecologists: It’s okay, except for special cases

Author: Deputy Chief Physician Liu Chen, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital

"Doctor, I just found out that I was pregnant, but I took a lot of medicine a few days ago. I especially wanted this child, what should I do, can we stay …"

"Doctor, I still drank a lot of wine and even liquor in the company’s annual meeting the day before yesterday. I have just found that when I am pregnant, will I have any adverse effects on the baby?"

"Doctor, I did the X -ray of the chest some time ago, but I just found that I was pregnant, can I ask this child?"

In the outpatient clinic, Liu Ye often encounters the help of young expectant mothers like this, and some even give up the children even when they come up. I am afraid that there will be deformities. Today, I will come to you in detail.Essence

Before talking about the impact of the drug, Liu Ye first gave the following three suggestions to female friends:

If you do not intend to have a baby, the husband and wife must take contraceptive measures, and many troubles are due to the inadequate of contraceptive measures.Knock the blackboard and pay attention!What safety period, in vitro, and critical moments are unqualified. Even if the condom contraception is strictly used and the use of condoms, there is still a loss rate, let alone other wild roads.

Women with sexual life should be cautiously treated with their physical discomfort in special days.Early pregnancy reactions are different, maybe slightly weak, dizziness, maybe abnormal taste, maybe food is not good, maybe slight body temperature rises … Especially in the workplace women, often work pressure, less sleep, and excessive fatigue.Symptoms usually mistakenly think that the cold is ahead, so I took medicine.

Women’s records of their own physiological cycle are a very good habit. Once they find that the physiological period is delayed and there is symptoms of discomfort, you can test it at home test strips.

The physiological cycle is important. From the first day of the last menstruation to the first day of this menstruation, it is a cycle.The last menstrual date also refers to the first day of the last menstrual period. Remember this day, the doctor will repeatedly ask you … I suggest that every time you come to the menstruation, the first thing is to go to the toilet. The second thing isRecord this day.

If your menstruation rules, doctors can probably calculate your ovulation day; some people clearly remember their ovulation day or the same room day, then it would be better. If you accidentally take medicine, the doctor can be based on these records more.Solving your troubles for you.

Organizations and organs have not been differentiated during early pregnancy, don’t worry about fetal malformations

The fertilized eggs must be developed into organs through a long way.

When an obtaining sperm combined with an egg, the fertilization process begins.The fertilized eggs can be reached from the fallopian tube after 3-4 days. After the embryo is successful, the embryo will develop into a fetus.

At this time, fertilized eggs are busy driving through the fallopian tube and rushing to the uterine house to settle. In this process, fertilized eggs are only simple cell divisions, one changes to two, two changes to four … So, the number of cells is only constantly in the early pregnancy period.Increasing, the organization and organs have not been differentiated, and the malformations on the formation of organs cannot be discussed.

The survival of the fittest, the embryo can stay, indicates that it is not affected by the drug

In the process of early cell division in the early days, the natural choice rules of the survival of the fittest. If the cells are divided smoothly, the fetus will grow up healthily. Conversely, it will be eliminated naturally.Early embryo splitting only increased the number of simple cells, and it had a self -repair function for foreign strikes.If the embryo cannot be repaired, the embryo will have a miscarriage; if the repair is over, the embryo avoids this disaster and survives, it means that it is not affected.This is the theoretical basis of "all or nothing".

The effect of drugs on the toxicity of embryos is "all or no"."All" means that drugs have a strong effect on embryonic development, which can cause abortion that can cause embryo death. "None" means that the drug fails to cause embryo death, and the embryo can continue to develop normally.

What is the period of "all or no"?From fertilization to bed, within 2 weeks after the same room and after ovulation; if it is regular menstruation, within 28 days of the last menstruation, it is the period of "all or no".

If this time period, the expectant mothers take medicine or accept the X -ray. According to the phenomenon of "all or no", the embryo either flows naturally or grows normally.In other words, the embryo that can be left is naturally not affected by the drug.

Remember, the three drugs of Libaweilin, alien A acid (once used: different vitamin acid) and leprosy cheese vaccine are not good.

Because these special drugs have a long period of removal in the human body, the body takes a long time to discharge the drugs completely from the body, sometimes or even a few months. At the same time, these drugs are clearly deformed.Period women must not be exposed to, otherwise drugs to remain in the body will increase the risk of fetal malformations.

① Different dimension A acidic drugs

Metropolitan acid drugs are derivatives of vitamin A. They are effective drugs for the treatment of acne, including oral preparations, alien A acid gum pills (once named "different vitamin acid") and external preparation vitamin A acid"Vitamide"), different vitamin A.This type of medicine has a clear effect of deformed tires, which can cause natural abortion or neonatal defects of the fetus, including neuro malformation, skull facial, and cardiovascular malformations.

When you have to take the alien A acid gum pill, you cannot get pregnant within 3 months after taking the medicine.The dosage of oral vitamin A acid glue pills is enough to cause fetal malformations.

When applying vitamin A acid and alien A acid ointment, the time to stop the drug can be slightly shorter, but it is also necessary to consider pregnancy after one month of discontinuation.

② Libavirin

Libaweilin is an old antivirus, which does not belong to antibiotics. It has teratogenicity to the fetus, even if it is touched by as low as 1%of the therapeutic dosage.So women and sexual partners should avoid pregnancy within 6 months of using this medicine.Medical personnel during pregnancy should also avoid the atomization inhalation of Libavirin for patients.

③ Qifeng cheeks vaccine

It is not advisable to get pregnant within 3 months after vaccination.Robella is also called German measles. It is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by rubella virus. It is common in children and adults will also get this disease.It has a great impact on pregnant mothers, which can cause abortion, premature birth, and fetal abdomen.

Fortunately, the fetus that survives is mostly low -body weight. It may also be accompanied by a variety of congenital diseases. Infected babies infected with such viruses are as high as 10%to 14%within one year.Out, it is always called congenital rubella syndrome.Therefore, once the pregnant mother was infected with rubella unfortunately, she usually had to give up the fetus pain in pain.

The three vaccines of measles, rubella, and mumps, and mumps are because there are currently no separate rubella vaccines in China. Generally, one beating is measles, rubella, mumps, three -coupling of poison vaccine or measles, and rubella.Poisonous vaccine.

In the end, Liu Xunuo told that pregnant mothers must consult the doctor in similar situations and inform the time, type and dose of the medication in detail to evaluate the possible impact.At the same time, do the pregnancy test on time and pay close attention to the development of the fetus.

Pay attention to Dr. Liu Chen, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital, be a healthy and happy little woman ~

Health reminder: The content of this article is for reference only. The basis of not diagnosis and medication cannot replace the diagnosis, treatment and suggestions of doctors and other medical staff. If you have physical discomfort, please seek medical treatment in time.”Her health plan”

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