I do n’t know if I am pregnant. What else is the performance of pregnancy?


Guide: For pregnant mothers, the most dangerous thing is that when she was pregnant, many pregnant mothers often did not know when they were pregnant.Little baby’s affairs.Knowing that you are pregnant afterwards, you may face whether you have to keep your child’s dilemma.

Therefore, in the process of preparing for pregnancy, pregnant mothers must always pay attention to their bodies, and after pregnancy, our bodies will continue to give some symptoms of feedback.So, in terms of the signs of pregnancy, except for the menstruation we all know, what are the performances of pregnant mothers after pregnancy?

Here, I will explain to you what symptoms will be in the early pregnancy of pregnant mothers:

1. Abdominal pain and a small amount of bleeding

After the fertilized eggs are combined, they will enter the bed in the uterus of the pregnant mother. At this time, due to the invasion of foreign matter, the uterus will have a slight pain, which is a bit like the pain of menstruation.And with abdominal pain, there will be a small amount of bleeding. The general amount is not large, there will be light -colored blood, and may be accompanied by some transparent white secretions.

2. Breast bloating discomfort

After pregnancy, due to the effects of estrogen hormone changes in the body, the body of pregnant mothers will continue to change to adapt to future pregnancy and breastfeeding work.Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers will feel that the breasts will have a clear sense of swelling, and there will be some painfulness. This is a manifestation of the breast development again, preparing for breastfeeding in the future.

3. Rise body temperature and tired body

The changes in various hormone levels in the body will also bring the body temperature to rise. This situation will exist during menstruation, but the time is relatively short.The increase in body temperature during pregnancy is a continuous long -term stage, and in the early stages of pregnancy, because the body has not adapted to the state of pregnancy, there will be a relatively obvious feeling of fatigue and weakness. The whole person seems to have a slight cold.

4. Nausea and vomiting

One of the obvious manifestations of the body in the early pregnancy is that there will be a disgusting pregnancy reaction. This is due to the negative effect of the level of HCG levels in the body. With the continuous rise of this type of hormone level, the pregnancy reaction of the pregnant mothers will be pregnant.It is getting more and more obvious.Therefore, many pregnant mothers will have obvious pregnancy reactions after pregnancy.

5. sensitive to the smell becomes sensitive

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will become sensitive to the external environment after pregnancy, and the most obvious manifestation of this is that the feeling of smell becomes deep.Many pregnant mothers are very sensitive to some odors after pregnancy, such as greasy, fishy, toilet flavor, tide, mold, etc. These odors will cause the pregnant mother’s discomfort, or pregnancy vomiting.

Therefore, as long as pregnant mothers pay attention to, they will find that they have many symptoms after pregnancy, and some of the more common signs mentioned above will basically gradually reflect after the fertilized eggs.According to the number of weeks of our pregnancy, it is about three weeks of pregnancy, but different pregnant mothers have different constitutions, and the degree of response to early pregnancy is also different.

When pregnant mothers feel these signs, combine their previous pregnancy preparation work, they can roughly make a preliminary judgment on whether they are pregnant.Of course, pregnant mothers can also use the pregnancy test stick to test in 1 to 2 weeks of menopause. If you want to accurately judge whether you are really pregnant, you still have to go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound and blood test.

However, the hospital examination time should be resigned slightly. The B -ultrasound examination will not be found to the existence of the embryo until 5 weeks of pregnancy.Therefore, in the preparation of pregnant mothers, in order to ensure the healthy development of the baby and avoid doing some behaviors that hurt the fetus without knowing it, it is best to pay more attention to their habits.

Important Tips: For pregnant mothers, in addition to the performance of menstrual suspension in the early pregnancy, there will be abdominal pain and a small amount of bleeding, breast bloating, increased body temperature, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and the surroundings.The smell becomes sensitive, and these are all physical discomfort after pregnancy.

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