I didn’t see the fetus "mobilization" at 43 weeks of pregnancy. My mother -in -law said it was a good sign, but I couldn’t laugh after a cesarean section.

280 days are often considered a more common pregnancy time. The saying of "October in October" is summarized from it.However, some elderly people adhere to the concept of "the older the better" and think that the longer the fetus stays in the mother’s body, the more they can absorb more nutrition and healthier. Is this science?

The vine has been pregnant for 43 weeks, and the fetus has not shown signs. For the first time, she was a little muttering in her heart.However, during the epidemic period, the whole family was afraid that the vines were not safe. They did not conduct normal production inspections for three months. My mother -in -law also comforted the vine. The child’s sexuality was stable.

After all, the epidemic was relieved, and Man Man hurried to the hospital for examination.When the doctor heard that the due date had not seen red, he quickly asked the obstetrics to free up the bed immediately, and immediately arranged for the vines for a caesarean section.Open the uterus and take out the baby. The doctor did not see the baby crying many times. He didn’t see the child at a glance, and was urgently sent to the newborn emergency department.

The doctor explained that 7 days after the due date, the umbilical cord and the placenta began to aging; after 14 days, the aging placenta was difficult to provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients for the fetus. The fetus was prone to slowly hypoxia and even the fetus.

When there is no sign of the due date, the doctor will check the fetal maturity of the fetus. The lower the index, the more complete the function of the placenta, the rich blood circulation, and the fetus can get a sufficient material circulation; if the placenta maturity exceeds the standard, it means the placentaIt has been aging and needs to be oxyt. as soon as possible.Seeing the baby son lying in the newborn emergency department, Man Man regretted that he was pregnant for thousands of years.

Wang Qi, director of the obstetrics department of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, analyzed that in fact, it was not possible to give birth until 40 weeks. From 38 to 41 weeks, it was already a full -moon fetus.The possibility of aging needs to go to the hospital in time for ultrasound examination.

If the fetal double diameter and the length of the femur are developed, and the placenta aging occurs, oxyture or caesarean section should be performed in time to avoid the influence of fetal nutritional supply and gas exchange function.

1. Do not surplus nutrition

Pregnant women need to be nutritious, but do not eat the sea because of pregnancy.The heat needed in the mother’s body is not high, but the nutritional elements needed are richer.Therefore, the diet of pregnant women should be mainly light, diverse, low -oil and low -salt, and choose foods with high nutritional density to avoid ingesting too much oil and carbohydrates.

The fetal development is too large. On the one hand, the burden on the uterus is too heavy, and it is easier to produce premature birth. On the other hand, the incidence of hypertension and diabetes after adults is also higher.At the same time, fat fetuses often have an overly obese mother, which is more difficult to recover after giving birth.

2. Pay attention to moderate exercise

During the hospital’s birth checkup, pregnant women have often told pregnant women to pay attention to moderate exercise.On the one hand, it is said that pregnant women should not be lazy to move because of excessive weight. Lying or sitting for a long time, the muscles of the lower limbs shrink, the edema of pregnant women will develop faster and more serious, the probability of constipation is higher, fetal oxygen is photographed by fetal oxygen photographyInsufficient input, lack of energy during production.

On the other hand, pregnant women must not be too much.Especially now many young mothers are worried that they have changed their body due to pregnancy, and they do not forget to exercise desperately during pregnancy.The uterus expands rapidly during pregnancy, the uterine wall and the cervix will become thinner and longer, and the burden on the uterus will be heavier to bring too much exercise.

Therefore, doctors recommend pregnant women to walk slowly, climb stairs, or make a bit of soft yoga in daily, or make a more suitable exercise. The daily exercise time is maintained at about half an hour.

3. Be sure to check on time

In the early stages of pregnancy, doctors will emphasize the importance of on time, but many pregnant women are dragged on the birth of the birth check because there are too many people in the hospital, too many bacteria, and not wanting to move.At 38 weeks, doctors will help pregnant women check whether the fetus has signs of pelvis, and preliminary judgment when it will be produced; if the 40 -week has not been entered, the doctor will usually warn the pregnant woman to go to the hospital for monitoring in time to prepare to oxy or cesarean section at any time.

The fetal development of the fetus from 38 weeks has gone through multiple levels. Do not relax your vigilance at this time.Whether the child can give birth to the moon and smoothly, the prenatal inspection of the last month is the top priority.

Difficult to get pregnant, be vigilant from beginning to end. Do not relax within 280 days. It is not uncommon for the fetus to die in the last moment or due to the damage to the hypoxic brain after birth.Alarm bell.How many weeks did you "start"?What are the omen before birth?

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