I did n’t get pregnant for three years, and my mother -in -law mocked all kinds of mockery until I found the secret hidden in the safe 2

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Su Li had tears on her face, buried her face in her mother’s arms, and hugged her waist tightly with her hands. The smell of her mother made her fragmented heart temporarily repaired and nourished.

Su Mu was full of depression, and a warm hand stroked the back of the baby’s daughter. The warm voice and softly said: "If you want to leave, your parents will always stand on you. You are right.But the dead! "

Su Father was so angry that his eyes were blushing and gritted his teeth: "Dare to bully Lao Tzu’s daughter, leave! You must leave! If you dare to drag, Lao Tzu will go to his unit to find them!

Su Li arched in his arms in his arms: "Thank you Dad, thank you Mom!"

Although from childhood to large, her mother and dad had unconditional support for her decision, but she still liked to rely on them in her heart. It seemed that as long as they were there, it would not be a big deal even if the sky collapsed.

Moreover, they have the right to know what happened.

For somedicity, her mother -in -law who could use her three -inch tongue to hold her three -inch tongue knew that they divorced and came to make trouble at home.

With Zhou Yi’s temperament, huh!

She was affirmed by 10,000 points, and he would not tell his parents about the reason for the divorce.

In fact, even though he knows that the short protection of his mother has no principle, he will blame her fault.

His trouble, she doesn’t matter, it’s a big deal, calling the police.

His parents, no!When they are old, they will be impulsive when they are angry. Blood pressure must be soaring. The blood pressure cannot be held up when they can’t hold it.

Therefore, she must let them know the truth for the first time.

Moreover, in order to prevent him from disappointed and refused to divorce, she deliberately left a hand, that is, the front and back of the "Ligger Surgery Agree" were taken.

If one day Zhou Yi came to her parents, she would not mind letting the "Evidence" exposed in front of people.

She is willing to maintain him with her eyes, provided that he is her husband and lover. If not, he is a fart in her child!

Mother Su sighed and blamed himself: "I knew it early. Last year, my mother should insist on letting you two go to the hospital for examination. You should not waste this year’s time in vain.Sad … "

"Mom, this is not your fault, it is his daughter who listened to his rhetoric." Su Li’s emotions were low, and he was blame and guilty.

She feels like an idiot and a silly fork!

Last year, my mother did ask her if she should go to the hospital for examination.

She told him.

At that time, he held her in her arms like a treasure, and put her chin on her shoulders. It was very gentle and said: We have only been married for two years.Essence"

What did she say at that time?

She said: "But people just want children, and your mother has turned on the phone again today."

At that time, he breathed a sigh of breath at her neck nest and said: "Reminder is urged. Anyway, having children is a matter of two of us. When she is born, she may not help with it.Alas! Besides, my dear wife, the old man has been arranged by God. The fate is not available.Try to adjust our physical condition to the best. For the time of fake, we will definitely have the most healthy and lovely baby! "

At that time, she thought about it, and felt that he was very reasonable.

She just wants to come now, she just feels ridiculous!

Sliding the world!

Father Su buried his head, and he was angry, and the anger of the bottom of his eyes burned, and the silver teeth were almost bitten.


"This gentleman, do you need to call you a car?"

Before the road more than 20 meters away from a bar, Zhou Yi was holding a big tree, bolding his body and spitting it, doubting life.

Suddenly I heard a woman’s voice coming.

Zhou Yi held the tree and waved his hand behind him.

"Oh, okay … then you pay attention …"

[Quan] The word was not exported yet, Zhou Yi suddenly stood up and turned around. He was more comfortable in his stomach and said, "Thank you."

After seeing Zhou Yi’s face, a woman shocked her pupils and shouted: "Not easy!"

After hearing, Zhou Yi suddenly raised his eyes and focused.

Because there is only one person around him who calls him [not easy], that is, his ex -girlfriend he died, Pan Yao.

But the people in front of them are clearly strange.

"Are you … Yaoer?"

He asked tentatively.

"I …" A woman instinctively rejected, but I thought that this man once loved Pan Yao so much, so he was so petty, and he was afraid of it in his mouth.At that time, she looked far away, envious of a point, jealous of nine points, and I couldn’t wait for Pan Yao to disappear forever from the world, and she could replace it.

She is an orphan.

He grew up in an orphanage since he was a child.

He worked hard and worked hard to enter college.

She worked hard to integrate, but was still isolated.

In the first year of becoming a college student, the first point she got was the only goodwill. Zhou Yi reminded her to have a pit in front of her, so that she was relieved of a Malaysian party because of sadness and sadness.

Later, as long as she was on the weekend, she could see him in front of the girl’s dormitory building.

I don’t know from one day, her morbid voyeur began to follow him secretly.

Watching him spoil the sick sister -in -law named Pan Yao for two years.

Why is it two years?

That’s because in the second half of Pan Yao’s junior year, because the disease died.

Since then, she never saw him downstairs in the dormitory.

Soon, she found that she had acacia.

I want to see him crazy.

Even if you look at it from a distance.

However, God couldn’t hear the sound of her expectations.

She is desperate.

Later, the school re -adjusted the dormitory, and she was very coincidentally arranged in the dormitory where Pan Yao had lived. It was very coincidentally that Pan Yao had slept in that bed.

Don’t ask her how to know, ask the sentence [there is no difficulty in the world, I’m afraid there are people in the heart].

Once the dormitory was cleared, she found a small blue book between the wardrobe and the radiator.

She took the power of nine cows and two tigers before taking it out.

After opening, she found that this was actually Pan Yao’s diary, which recorded all the sweet moments between Pan Yao and her boyfriend Zhou Yi.

From the jealousy to crazy at the beginning, to later developed into a self -control self -control.

For a long time, she was stupid. She was Pan Yao or Li Lan.

She did not try to find Zhou Yi, but the entire city B, the population was one or two million, the vast crowd, and looking at a person aimlessly was equivalent to the sea.

She thought that she had no chance to see him again in her life. How could she want to send something to my friends today and turn around and see him again.

It seems that he doesn’t remember her at all.

Therefore, she changed her mouth decisively and answered with certainty: "Yes! I am Yaoer."

Zhou Yi laughed: "Don’t be kidding, Yaoer has long become a star in heaven. She can no longer come back. I can only see her only in a hundred years, because I promise her, I will I know about her, I will be able toLive well and take a good look at this world for her. "

In the end, he was sore in his heart.

The emotion was in tears.

Li Lan was very uncomfortable in his eyes, and in his eyes, he unknowingly burst into tears and said, "It’s not easy, have you heard of borrowing corpses to return the soul? I was reborn, and it was reborn to this body now."

Zhou Yi was amused directly, and said with a funny: "Oh my mother, beauty, are you seeing this rebirth novel? Still borrow the corpse to return the soul, why don’t you say that you are a fairy!"

Li Lan is not anxious, and does not slowly say: "Not easy, I’m really your Yaoer! You love to eat coriander, but you only eat the leaves, and you don’t eat it at all; you love shrimp and crabs, butDo not love to peel; you have a soft spot for the square, cut the fruit tube is mango or apple pear, and you will always be a small square of a one -five -centimeter.; In order to prevent you from the options when I dropped the river with my mother, I went to study swimming deliberately; we made an appointment, and when I was better, we would go to Changbai Mountain to see the snow together; I … "

It is said that when he heard these, Zhou Yi should be happy, but I do n’t know why his wife Su Li Lihua was raining in his mind.

Over the years, under the influence of Su Li, his quirks have long been changed. For example, as an example of coriander, the buns of the wife made of coriander pork stuffing can be described as a must.Broken; apple mango pear, his wife either squeeze juice or make ice, or is smoothies, which is delicious. Where can he remember what kind of square body; as for the roller coaster, his wife takes him directly to the parachute, playing gliding umbrella, funThe degree of stimulation has long been forgotten that he likes to play the roller coaster.

His wife’s hobbies are different from most girls. She likes shooting and archery. Almost a hundred or many.

"Are you really Yao’er? I don’t think so! Because, Yaoer gave me a bear hug when he liked me the most, you …" He grinned and continued: "Every nerve in the whole bodyI’m tight. "

Li Lan was so annoyed that the person in front of him was clearly drunk. The sensitive insight not only did not decrease at all, but also increased.

She smiled intentionally: "You don’t think so, right! I know that I am now like this, you can’t accept it. In fact, I have used it for a long time to accept this fact.It’s gone … "

After speaking, she turned and left.

The intentional manifestation was reluctant, but had to leave.

Sure enough, Zhou Yi hooked up, he caught up, rushing one from behind her, holding people tightly in his arms: "Yao’er! Don’t go! Don’t go! I miss you so much! I really miss you …"

Li Lan sighed helplessly, and said, "Where do you live? I’ll send you back!"

"Don’t go back, I am going to live in the hotel today." Zhou Yi started to chaos. He slammed his wine and muttered.

"What hotels? I’ll send you!" Li Lan said.

Zhou Yi thought for a while, and laughed: "Every hotel is fine, I didn’t make it."

"Oh, okay, then I will just set a mellasty for you." Li Lan said tenderly.

Zhou Yi smirked: "Okay!"

Soon, arrive at the hotel.

Zhou Yi shaken to the bathroom, picked up the hotel for disposable tooth, squeezed toothpaste, closed his eyes, and brushed his teeth.

Because he had only one thought in his head, he couldn’t hold his kiss wife to sleep without brushing his teeth, not washing his face.

"It’s not easy, you stand firm and fall carefully." Li Lan looked at it.

Zhou Yi was immersed in his own whitening world, and the five sensations were shielded.

Grab the towel and wiped his face, turned his head out of the bathroom.

When preparing to climb the bed, I found that Li Lan was still standing at the door.

Li Lan:……

Those who have seen the river dismantling the bridge have never seen the river disassembling the bridge so soon.

For a second, she tears.

"It’s not easy, we haven’t seen me for a long time, so I finally reunited …"

"Oh, you want to gather together, tomorrow, I’m tired now, I want to sleep."


Li Lan was crazy.

A pair of lovers should not meet again for a long time, and should not complain about each other, and then it is difficult to ban itself. Is it a fire firewood?

Why is he here, so clear?

After all, he reunited with him.

Even if she was discovered someday afterwards, she slept her male god who had been secretly in love for many years, and she would not lose!

"It’s not easy, we haven’t seen me for a long time, don’t you want me?"

Zhou Yi was puzzled and asked, "I should miss you …"? "

Li Lang suddenly did not fight.

Didn’t you say that drunk men are more likely to be confused and fascinated?

What is the naive look of this product?

The more you want to get angry.

The more you say more aggrieved.

Tears straight away with the beads of the line.

With a painful face, her voice trembled uncontrollably: "Not easy, do you really love me?"

Zhou Yi tilted his head and looked at Li Lan without looking at him.

Because, in her impression, even when she was sick and painless medicine was used, she gritted her teeth and refused to lose a tear.

How did you reborn, but his temperament changed?

Moreover, Yao’er never asked him, you love me,

He was puzzled.

It’s puzzling.

"Are you really Yaoer?"


Su family.

At about 11:30 in the evening.

Su Qin (Sister Su Li) took her husband away from her mother and encountered a bamboo horse Shen Huaijin who grew up with her sister in the underground parking lot.

Shen Huaijin stopped the car. He didn’t expect to meet an old acquaintance. He froze first, and then smiled and said, "Sister Su Qin, I haven’t seen you for a long time, is this going back?"

Su Li was not hidden: "Well, today’s departure is crying and returning home, I don’t worry, so come and see."

Shen Huaijin couldn’t help frowning slightly, and his voice was not easy to detect: "What did you leave? Did she say?"

"Hey–" Su Li’s face was sad, and his eyes were full of distress, saying, "She married that man, and my family always thought he was good, like a dog, but the shit, the guy, the guy, the guy, the guy, so the guy just just, the guy, the guy, just that guy, the guy, the guy, just that guy, the guy, the guy, the guy, the guy, so the guy would just be the guy.It’s not a thing, a mix of books! "

"What’s going on?" For Su Li, Shen Huaijin was always unforgettable. When he was a child, the two were brothers. When they grew up, they didn’t know which day from. Suddenly, he wanted to turn her into her own woman.

He thought about it. When he came back as an exchange, he confessed to her. How could he think that it would be five years when he went out.

When he came back, she was already famous.

Since then, for him, she has really become an unspeakable brotherhood.

Don’t regret it.

He is not allowed to be a male primary school.

Not allowed, because of her existence, her reputation was damaged.

Su Qin didn’t understand her Shen Huaijin’s thoughts, but simply thought that he was studying law, so he asked, "Huai Jin, are you a lawyer now?"

Shen Huaijin said truthfully: "Well, after returning to China, he opened a law firm with friends."

Su Qin nodded and said, "Oh, that’s it, it’s good. I think you should be able to help him. She will have a divorce lawsuit with her husband recently."

Not over, to be continued-

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