I dare not take medicine when I am pregnant. How can I quickly alleviate the migraine during pregnancy?

Migraphy is the most common type of primary headache in clinical clinical, and the incidence is very high.5%to 10%of the crowd suffer from this disease.

Moreover, there are more female patients with migraine more than men and women, and the proportion of men and women is about 1: 2 to 3, which means that the number of female patients is about 2 to 3 times that of male patients.In addition, many pregnant women will have a migraine. What is going on?

Migraphic vascular nerve compression theory is a mainstream view. This doctrine believes that migraine is caused by some abnormal compression caused by the blood vessels on the scalp.For example, emotional fluctuations, endocrine changes, etc. The blood components will also change accordingly, release a certain pain, stimulate related nerves, and thus cause headache.

And pregnant women’s migraine headache is also based on this theory. The endocrine level of pregnant women during pregnancy is also unstable, and emotional fluctuations are relatively large.Cause pain.This is probably an important reason for pregnant women’s migraine.

Pregnant women must be cautious, because there are many taboos in pregnant women in treatment. Do not use medicine or easy to surgery. Do not underestimate.

However, for ordinary migraine patients, the treatment has a chapter to follow. Generally, mild migraine can be conservatively treated with medication.If the refractory migraine can be used for thorough treatment with surgery.

The clinical micro -vascular pressure reduction is a good way that can relieve abnormal compression of the blood vessel nerve on the patient’s scalp, completely remove the root of headache, with significant effects, and the effective rate is more than 90%.

We know that caffeine has the effect of analgesic relieving headaches, and can also stimulate autonomy and sympathetic nerves, which makes people feel refreshing and soothing tight nerves. Therefore, pregnant moms who do not want to take medicine can drink caffeine with caffeine when headaches.Drinks.

It is generally recommended that pregnant moms cannot ingest more than 2 cups of coffee a day, and the capacity of each cup is about 150c.c. to 250c.c. per cup.Within the range.

1. Some physical methods can be taken to soothe headache. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, cold compresses can shrink blood vessels, reduce local congestion in the brain, and weaken the sensitivity of the nerves, and have an analgesic effect.

2. You can do some relaxed exercise to relieve, such as walking and yoga.

3. To ensure sufficient sleep time, you can sleep lazy, listen to soft music, and avoid sitting for a long time.

Xiaobian warm reminder: Many times, fatigue is also the cause of headaches for pregnant women.At the stage of pregnancy, sufficient sleep and proper rest, and minimize working hours, can effectively avoid headaches during pregnancy.If the headache worsens, take drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

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