I can’t conceive for a year, but I can’t conceal it completely.

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Girlfriend’s daughter celebrated her birthday yesterday and was just one year old.Girlfriend loves her daughter very much, because her daughter is really hard to come.

Girlfriends are a full Lotte, and everything is good to her.She and her husband are college classmates. After graduation, the two of them successfully found a job and got married smoothly.I have been contraception after marriage, and I want to wait for all aspects to stabilize and have children.

In 2012, I was pregnant, and she said she waited.In August 2013, my son was born, and she had to wait.In August 2014, my son was one year old, and she said it was time to ask for a child.

As a result, the "Creation Plan" was put on the agenda.She and her husband began to pay attention to diet, began to avoid staying up late, started eating folic acid, and started walking.At the end of the year, I felt that the preparation was almost the same, and it began to "make people".

Girlfriend said that she thought that pregnancy was very simple, that is, what was natural and logical, and thought that infertility was equal to pregnancy.However, after half a year, the stomach was still not moved.

As a result, my girlfriend began to be anxious, worried that I was a palace Han, whether the fallopian tube was blocked, and began to run around in major hospitals: the fallopian tubal angiography, no problem; the six hormones and hormone, normal; monitor ovulation, normal; do sperm antibodies, as sperm antibodies,No problem.Her husband was also intimidated to check, but there were no big problems in the results.

I bought a basket of test strips and I couldn’t wait to test it eight times a day. Testing ovulation, I would make enough homework on time, but my aunt still reported that she would not come up with the moon and the moon, and it almost collapsed.In addition, the second child beside her was born a lot. The urging of her family, and if the relatives intentionally or unintentionally made her pressure to her aunt every month, she was not allowed to be on time, early and late.

After another half a year, I saw it at the end of the year and had been prepared for a year. I don’t know how many doctors had been hung up. How many times I did the Y super and B -ultrasound, and I did not usher in good news.

Photo source: Zhaoyuan Photography (with the picture that has nothing to do with the content of this article)

Later, we advised her to take a short trip with her husband to travel with her husband. Many people were pregnant when they came back when they came back.

Although her girlfriend did not travel, she also stopped. She said that she gave up. If there was a problem with a problem, there was hope.But she just couldn’t check the problem, and she couldn’t be pregnant, maybe it was missed with the child.After thinking about it, I feel that two people are also very good. If you do n’t work, you can do test tubes or adopt one.

So the girlfriend was completely relaxed, and the first menstrual period after the year was delayed for ten days, because they were "fraud" before, so they did not report hope.It wasn’t until half a month that the girlfriend remembered to test it, and actually changed his bars!The girlfriend couldn’t believe it. I felt that it might be a problem with the test strip. I changed the test strip of the brand and tested it. As a result, it was still a double bar.

In order to ensure that everything was lost, her girlfriend ran to the hospital to testify, and the doctor told her that when she was pregnant, she almost cried at that moment.She said that she looked at the test sheet many times, and felt that happiness came too suddenly. At that moment, it felt like it had been stuffed on the highway for a long time. Suddenly, there was no sign.If you feel relieved, you feel anxious to collapse for a second!

I have also read the posts similar to my girlfriends on the Internet. Seeing that there are many female friends who have been pregnant for a year or two in the comments, I can’t be pregnant for a year or two. After relaxing or traveling, I am pregnant.Therefore, many people are not necessarily a problem with their bodies, and their mentality is also important.

Photo source: Zhaoyuan Photography (with the picture that has nothing to do with the content of this article)

I summarized a few experiences based on my own, friends, friends and netizens, for your reference only.

1. Pay attention to pre -pregnancy examination

Many people feel that they are great, and there is no problem, so there is no need to check.In fact, many diseases cannot be felt in the early stages of disease.After the inspection, there is no problem, so prepare for pregnancy.If you have any problems, you can treat it in time and recover early.If you check what problems have been checked after half a year of pregnancy, isn’t it a waste of half a year?

2. Pay attention to scientific pregnancy

Although pregnancy is not complicated, it is sometimes difficult to be difficult, because the body is an interlocking system. If a problem occurs in a link, it may affect the operation of other links.Some people may be too thin, some may often stay up late, some people lack exercise, some people are too weak, etc., which will affect their health.Perhaps it is just a small problem on the body, which may affect the secretion of hormones and then affect pregnancy.

3. Relax thoroughly

Many netizens have witnessed the importance of the mood. I believe that many people around you are like my girlfriend. They are ready to be sufficient, and they want to give up completely.Therefore, the importance of mood cannot be ignored.If you take your pregnancy as a task, you hope that the emotional ups and downs will be relatively large after falling, and then the inner negative energy will turn your mood into a vicious circle.It’s better to let it go and go around nearby mountains and rivers. If you are in a good mood, you will be easy to conceive.

4. Don’t take the medicine blindly

I don’t know if some people are really difficult to get pregnant.Some people start to buy infertility for a long time and start to buy the Siwu soup on the Internet.As the saying goes, "It is three poisonous medicines", let alone take some medicines that do not understand?If you are really worried, go to the hospital for examination and spend money to buy peace.If you are healthy, prepare for pregnancy, don’t think too much, I believe that the baby will come sooner or later!

Finally, I want to say that the hard work of pregnancy, the pain of childbirth, and the collapse of the baby must have heard of it.But people who prepare for pregnancy are still going forward and endless. Maybe we all feel that we have children to be more motivated and hopeful!

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