I came to menstruation again after pregnancy.

Some time ago, Kobayashi was actively preparing for pregnancy. In the past two days, she had symptoms such as nausea, delayed menstruation, frequent urination, and fatigue. She suspected that she was a "winning", so she would buy a pregnancy test stick to check and check the pregnancy inspection stick.It is also one of the more familiar pregnancy test methods.When Kobayashi tested two red bars, she was full of joy. She thought about the good news to tell her friends after a while. However, after a few days, her aunt suddenly visited …Elastic

So she was puzzled, and went to a professional hospital to ask the doctor: Why did the pregnancy test stick "two bars", and the aunt would come?

Kobayashi is receiving the diagnosis and treatment of Director Wu of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital

Director Wu Yulan, Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital, told her: Anyone knows that the most obvious feature of pregnancy is menopause.But your menstruation visit again is to indicate that your conception will fail.Except for reasons such as expiration of test strips and irregular operations, the biggest possibility is that biochemical pregnancy occurs.

Seeing the main indicator of pregnancy is to see the ‘human chorionic gonadotropin’, which we often call HCG.As long as the HCG level in the urine rises, the test strip will judge that its owner may be pregnant, which shows ‘two bars’!The "two bars" on the pregnancy test stick is just a prompt information, and it cannot make a conclusion that normal pregnancy is made.If you want to know the accurate results, you need to discontinue menstruation for a certain period of time and do B -ultrasound.

After listening to the director’s explanation, Kobayashi understood.After checking the blood test, Sure enough, Xiaolin Huai was pregnant, as Director Wu said, she had a biochemical pregnancy!

This time I reached Kobayashi’s blind spot. Kobayashi, who had never heard of this professional term before, was frightened. He hurriedly asked the director: "Director Wu, what is a biochemical pregnancy? This biochemical pregnancy, can I still want children in the future?? "

Director analyzes that there are many uncommon biochemical pregnancy among women who are naturally pregnant.According to statistics, 25%-30%of total pregnancy.Biochemical pregnancy means that the embryo has begun to bed, nourishing the outer embryo invading the uterine molten membrane layer, HCG secreted by the embryo enters the blood of the maternal body and reaches the detection level. However, due to some reason, the pregnancy does not continue, the blood or urine is in the blood or urine.HCG is just a momentary increase.

Kobayashi, who is anxious, is worried that he will not be able to give birth in the future. In this regard, Director Wu also explained that biochemical pregnancy is actually not terrible. Occasionally biochemical pregnancy is a result of a natural choice in a sense.

Its pregnancy time is short, no bed, small damage, good prognosis, generally does not affect the next pregnancy, no special treatment is required.However, if biochemical pregnancy occurs many times in a row, you should go to the hospital for systematic examination, find the cause, and treat symptomatic treatment.

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