I ca n’t sleep well during pregnancy. Will the fetus sleep when pregnant women stay up late?This can be relieved

Many female friends around said that they can’t sleep well during pregnancy. It seems that insomnia and pregnancy have become a package. No matter how you struggle, insomnia and pregnancy are always as follows.Is it a pregnant woman, but what can I do?

▶ In fact, the fetus has its own sleep law

Before the third trimester, the fetus has not formed its own sleep law, but at 6-7 months of pregnancy, the baby will slowly form a set of laws, including the habit of work and rest.

After the third trimester, many aspects of the fetus have become rules, such as fetal heart rate, fetal movement, and sleep cycle.

The fetus will form their own sleep cycle after about 28 weeks. They sleep for about half an hour each time, and then they will wake up. The time to wake up is relatively short, usually about 5-15 minutes.

When the fetus wakes up, if the environment is right, the baby can soon enter the next sleep cycle. If you just encounter something that can make your baby excited, the time may be lengthened and do something you love to do.Such as playing umbilical cords, shaking hands, etc.

This sleep cycle is also suitable for night, so if the pregnant mother stays up late at night, most of the baby’s time is sleeping.

▶ The fetus does not distinguish between day and night in the uterus

Most of the fetus has closed eyes in the uterus. Although the fetus sometimes opens the eyes after 27 weeks, it can only be seen in the black paint, because there will be amniotic fluid and uterine wall in the uterus.A mother’s belly blocks light.

When the pregnant mother holds the flashlight to shine her belly, the fetus may feel a little light, but it is by no means the feeling outside the uterus.Therefore, for the fetus, there is no big difference during day and night, and there is no need to distinguish the day and night.

Do you want to say that, does it mean that the fetus does not have the saying "staying up late"?

Maybe yes!

However, although the pregnant mother stays up late at night, the fetus is sleeping mostly, in fact, the pregnant mother’s staying up late will affect the fetus.

Pregnant women often stay up late is not conducive to establishing a good routine habit after the fetus is born, and pregnant women often stay up late will affect the normal development of the fetus.

Pregnant women themselves will also lead to getting angry because they often stay up late. The long rest time is insufficient. It will also reduce the resistance of the pregnant mother’s body and form a vicious circle.

I believe that these truths are known to pregnant mothers, and pregnant women do not want to stay up late, but after pregnancy, after pregnancy,

Some pregnant mothers have because of the impact of hormone levels;

Some pregnant mothers are affected by frequent urination;

Some pregnant mothers are affected by back pain because of back pain;

Some pregnant mothers affect the influence of fetal movement;

Some pregnant mothers are affected by sleeping posture …

No matter what the reason, even if it is simply playing with a mobile phone, staying up late is a fact, it is also a fact that it has an impact on the pregnant woman itself and the fetus. This "bad habit" should be corrected.

① Go to bed in advance.Some pregnant mothers will have a good fetal movement, so we can take a bath earlier. After taking a bath, the fetus will generally be more active. Pulling the evening activity time is equivalent to guiding the fetus early to exercise.It is not because the pregnant mother will not affect the normal sleep time because of the severe fetal movement.

② frequent urination can be done.After the third trimester of pregnancy, the pressure of the fetal head causes frequent urination of pregnant mothers, which really affects sleeping. Sometimes she just wanted to go to the toilet after lying down. After repeated several times, I did n’t want to stay up late.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers drink less water or not to drink water two hours before going to bed (if the weather is hot, it still drinks a few times), and minimize the number of times to go to the toilet before bedtime.

But pregnant mothers should not drink water because they are afraid of going to the toilet, so as not to cause urinary tract infections.

③ Relax before bedtime.Pregnant mothers can bubble feet, drink a cup of hot milk or listen to some soothing music before going to bed, and relax to help to fall asleep easily.

Some pregnant mothers are easy to cramp calf, especially in the middle of the night, and they are painful when they stare, and they really need M.

In fact, many times it is just because the pregnant mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the pressure on the calf is getting greater, which is more likely to cause cramps caused by fatigue.

Use hot water to bubble your feet to relieve the fatigue of one day, so that the calf muscles can be relieved, and it is also very helpful to sleep.

④ Find auxiliary.Many pregnant mothers always feel that they are incorrect during pregnancy, and they are uncomfortable to sleep. They are either painful here or tired there.

In fact, there is a sleeping artifact, which is a pregnant woman’s pillow. It is best to be U -shaped. Personally, it is very powerful that pregnant women still need it.

It is recommended to lie on the side of pregnant mothers in the third trimester. This kind of pregnant woman’s pillow can perfectly do the "backing" of the pregnant mother. When she sleeps, the pregnant mother will lie in the groove and find a suitable position before and after.Relying on, it relieves back pain and back pain, and also improves blood circulation of the lower limbs, which is much more comfortable when sleeping.

The lazy mother is painful when she is pregnant. She is particularly painful when turning over. She does not dare to turn over when she is lying on the side, but because I always sleep like this, the bone on the outside of the thigh is also painful, and I always feel empty when I lie on the side.After adding the pillow, it is much better, but the stomach seems to be tight.It is difficult to sleep again.

Lazy mother is highly recommended!

During pregnancy, only when pregnant mothers sleep well can they have a good spirit and maintain a good state at any time to welcome various challenges. After all, it is easy to not sleep, because sleeping after the baby is born will become extravagant.And the pregnant mother can develop well in this state, so be sure to sleep well, don’t stay up late.

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