I ca n’t sleep well during pregnancy, see how this family helps her temperament

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People do n’t sleep well and are easy to lose their temper; pregnant women do n’t sleep well, and they are prone to depression after giving birth.

I ca n’t sleep well during pregnancy, usually because of the severe pregnancy vomiting of the first three months of pregnancy, either in the last few months of pregnancy, frequent urination!The frequency of going to the toilet is a headache, especially sometimes I drank a bag of milk before going to bed to soothe the gods. This night, I couldn’t sleep well at this night.

The frequent urination in the late pregnancy is generally because the fetus grows, and the uterus is compressed to the bladder storage of urine. When you drink a little water, you will have urine. If you do n’t solve it, you ca n’t sleep at all.

There are also some pregnant women’s psychology and nervousness, and they have developed the habit of going to the toilet at night. They are afraid that they can’t sleep without running to the toilet. As a result, they can’t sleep well when they are tossing.

There is also a small part because of urethritis. This must be treated in a timely manner and miscarriage in improper treatment.

In addition, if you do n’t sleep well because of hormones, this is not controlled by artificial control.The horizontal changes in estrogen and lutein during pregnancy will directly affect sleep during pregnancy.

In this way, it is recommended that pregnant women do not think about it before going to bed. The husband who is lying on the bed and work hard for a day has long been sleeping, and he is secretly hurting, deciding that his husband does not care about herself.Do n’t think about it in your mind before going to bed, and you ca n’t sleep too much.Get up tomorrow morning and give you a husband who makes breakfast early. The man who cares about you very much.

Another thing is that because of the second pregnancy, because one person eats and fills the stomach of two people, it is particularly easy to be hungry.If you are hungry in the middle of the night, you will get up and get up to eat, and you can easily drive all the drowsiness that can be easily existed.

But if you can’t stand it, you should be able to sleep in the famine.

Then put the snacks that can be added in the middle of the night at the bedside table: biscuits, bread, walnut nuts, you can eat it at any time, eat it when you eat, do not need to wake up your husband, and will not make a sound affect your family rest.

You can’t linger in bed all day because you are pregnant, you can take a nap, but don’t take too long.The sleep time is kept regular. The simple housework should be done. You can take the opportunity to move, and it is conducive to sleep at night.

This is how the family of this pregnant woman helps her maintain a good mood during pregnancy. It is much stronger than complaining about the happiness of pregnant women who can’t sleep well. It is because the quality of sleep is good.The healthy and healthy baby, the family is very happy.

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