I ca n’t eat it when I am pregnant, so I ca n’t do it. Is it destined to be guilty of sin?Inventory of rumors during pregnancy

There are too many knowledge on the road to breeding.However, every day I listen to my elders who say so much pregnancy knowledge, sometimes there is no scientific basis.

1. It is best not to keep pets during pregnancy, especially if you cannot contact pets of pets.Of course, if you have always had pets in the family, and regular medical examinations and vaccines are always safe, it will be relatively safe.

2. Theoretically, theoretically in theory, it can be used in the same room, but specific to individuals may be different.For safety reasons, the first three months and last month of pregnancy are recommended to do not have the same room. At other times, pay attention to the method and frequency of the same room.

3. If you are pregnant, you can use your computer, mobile phone, watch TV, or hair dryer. These are non -ionized radiation, which has no effect on pregnant women.However, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of use appropriately without watching TV on the sofa for a long time!

4. Normal healthy pregnant women can take a plane.But don’t be too tired, remember to tie a seat belt, and actively move the lower limbs to prevent vein thrombosis.Specific mothers who have been pregnant for more than 32 weeks will not take a plane, anyway, airlines will not let you sit.

5. Pregnant women do not cause miscarriage, and with scissors, they will not cause the baby to lack their arms and legs.However, it is not recommended to work hard during pregnancy. The prospective dad can help to dry clothes. It is possible to do housework!

6. You can hold another baby when you are pregnant.The former you will be able to carry the pot and be scared to the baby, the latter you are easy to flash your waist, don’t force it.

7. When you are pregnant, you can attend the wedding, provided that the groom and groom are not superstitious.Of course, don’t forget to pay attention to safety.

8. Regarding various legends of boys and women, such as clearing palace maps, fetal heart rate, fetal sac data, belly shape and skin beauty and ugliness during pregnancy, etc., the sex of the baby has no scientific basis, everyone entertainsIt’s scattered, don’t take it seriously!

9. Love beauty is the nature of every woman.Pregnant women can use skin care products, not when they are pregnant, they are facing the sky.The absorption function of the skin is not as good as you think. Generally, there are not many components absorbed by the skin.However, for makeup, especially cosmetics with higher lead, it is best to stay away.

10. Pregnant women can moderate hot springs.Note that the time is controlled within 10 minutes as much as possible, and the temperature should not exceed 37.5 ° C. It is appropriate to have no discomfort in the body.

11. Pregnant women are sick and should not take medicine?Of course not, some medicines are also safe during pregnancy.The point is that you should not go to the pharmacy to buy medicines and eat it, and don’t listen to various remedies that claim to have no side effects.

12. The use of progesterone in early pregnancy must meet clinical indications. Many times, the low level of progesterone has caused the pregnancy process to be full of frustration. Instead of poor embryo, the level of progesterone is low. It is not recommended to make up blindly.

Can you eat during pregnancy?

1. Pregnant women can eat watermelon and crabs. As long as they are not eaten and special, they are appropriate, and the ingredients are fresh.If you eat a watermelon and crab, you can have a miscarriage, and the small advertisement of "painless people" will not be full.

2. Pregnant women can eat lychee, durian and longan. The so -called "getting angry" is actually eating too much to cause indigestion. Therefore, the pot is not in litchi, durian and longan, but you can’t control your mouth to eat too much.

3. Eating hawthorn in pregnant women can help relieve pregnancy and increase appetite.But it is not recommended to eat more, especially not yet mature.Hawthorn products contain a lot of sugar, eating more is not conducive to blood sugar stability.It is the so -called "sour and sweet and appetizing, and it is valuable."

4. Will pregnant women eat lamb baby?According to this logic, when you eat pork, you will grow pork ears, and you will have bird flu when you eat chicken … Do these cute little animals carry such a large pot, will the conscience not hurt?

5. Eating spicy mothers without spicy and unhappy will help increase appetite. The pregnant mothers who are usually spicy and not stained do not recommend that they suddenly eat spicy. After all, they are spicy, and their butt will be suffered.

6. Eating ice cream in pregnant women will not cause abortion or diarrhea.Most of the diarrhea is because they eat bad food.However, the amount of sugar in ice cream is relatively high, and it is easy to obese when eating too much. Therefore, pregnant women should not eat too much, and occasionally solve it.

7. You can drink coffee during pregnancy.However, it is best to bear it. I can’t bear it anymore. It is also necessary to strictly control the total intake of caffeine daily. It cannot exceed 200mg, which is about the amount of a small cup of American coffee.

Those confinement

1. When confinement, you can dip the water, or take a bath, shampoo, and blow your hair!In the case of physical conditions, mothers must pay attention to personal hygiene, otherwise they will be more likely to be infected with germs and make them uncomfortable.

2. During pregnancy, changes in hormone, saliva secretion, and calcium deployment during pregnancy may cause a certain loosening, tooth decay and even periodontitis of the teeth.But in fact, giving birth to children will not cause tooth loss and not brush their teeth.

3. You can blow the air conditioner in confinement.No one can stand the air conditioner on the hot day, as well as the maternal.Wearing long -dressed trousers, covering thick quilts, and unable to open the window forcibly covering, it is more likely to have symptoms of hyperpatients such as puzzle.

4. The most afraid of confinement is not cold, but insufficient nutrition.After delivery, intestinal peristalsis, vitamins and trace elements are urgently needed to "save the field".Liang or cool is your own body. You don’t have to rush to clear the boundaries.

5. You can read books and watch your mobile phone when you confinement. As long as you use your eyes reasonably, you will not have any harm to the mother’s body.

6. Give birth to a child to solve the dysmenorrhea.Dysmenorrhea caused by problems such as cervical stenosis and abnormal uterine position may be helpful; but if dysmenorrhea is caused by endometriosis, it is invalid.

Moreover, if the cervical or uterine cavity adhesion is caused during production, people who can not have dysmenorrhea may be so painful to doubt life.

7. Hormone acts on the breast during pregnancy, which will make pregnant mothers bigger.However, after weaning, the hormone level decreases, the breast gland does not have "back aid", and the breasts will return to the original size, and even become smaller.Don’t you drop your chest?Still don’t hold too much hope.

8. Pin milk soup does not urge milk well, especially such as chicken soup, bone soup, and pig’s foot soup. Except for a lot of fat and cholesterol, there are very few other nutrients.It’s easy to block milk and grow meat.It is the last word for babies to suck more.

Those things about baby care

1. The baby’s body is not as dirty you imagine. Usually you only need to wash it with water, and you don’t need to use a shower gel every day.Emphasize, don’t give your baby’s private parts with a shower gel.

2. After the baby is born 3-5 days, the mammatic may occur or even a lot of lactation. This is normal. Don’t make a fuss, let alone squeeze the nipples for the baby, which may cause the baby’s breasts to be injured.

3. The nose bridge will not make the baby’s nose stand upright, but don’t grab the doctor’s rice bowl.And the baby’s nose bone is relatively soft.

4. The baby is a bit O legs before the age of 2, and the X -type legs at 2 to 8 years old are normal.Instead of tie his legs, not only can he not make his legs straight, but it will affect the free movement of the legs. It may also cause hip dislocation and legs of legs.

5. The color, thickness, thickness of the baby’s hair are affected by genetic and nutritional status, rather than shaving your hair.

Moreover, shaving hair may still damage the baby’s scalp and hair follicle tissue, and it may be lost.The hair can be cut short, no need to shave.

6. Before the baby grows teeth, he will start cleaning his mouth.Xiao Buxi accepted this habit early, and when he had teeth, he would not refuse to let him brush his teeth.

7. The deciduous teeth will be changed sooner or later.It’s wrong!Breaking the deciduous teeth will not only affect the baby’s eating, but also hinder the normal growth of the permanent teeth and destroy the baby’s face value!

8. The baby is long -sized, do not use ten drops of water, flower dew, water, and mule powder.Ten drops of water and flower dew can stimulate the baby’s skin, while the gardenia powder is easy to block the pores and aggravate the symptoms of the tweezers.

The correct care method is to cool down, dry and clean, and use calamine washing agents.

9. The diaper is indeed breathable points than ordinary urine pants, but it is also easier to wet and needs to be replaced more frequently.Whether it is diaper or diaper, as long as it is not replaced in time, it is easy to cause red farts.

10. There is a kind of cold name for parents.In fact, the baby is a "small heating stove". Their metabolism is strong, and it is better. If you wear too much, you will be uncomfortable with a little activity.

11. Judging the warmth of the baby, it is the back of the neck instead of the palm!Because the hands are nerve endings, the blood circulation is poor, and it is usually cooler, so it is not reliable to judge that the warmth is not reliable.

12. Babies wear open crotch pants, which will expose the hips and private parts, and it is easy to infect germs. Male babies may also play with their genitals.When the weather is cold, the cold wind will pour in the baby’s pants, and it feels cold when you think about it!

13, teasing the baby to drink, and also known as "the amount of alcohol since childhood", this behavior is too bad!The baby’s liver development is still immature, and the liver has poor poisoning ability. Drinking can not only damage the liver, but also affect brain development.

14. The "horse teeth" that the baby is born for a long time is not the real teeth. After a few weeks, it will subscribe, which will not affect the baby’s milk.Do not force the obsessive -compulsive disease to pick them out. Predeming the gums caused infection to pit the baby.

15. Drinking glucose water cannot help the baby to retreat jaundice, but it will allow your baby to eat less milk and stool less, which will affect the excretion of bilirubin and hinder jaundice exit.

16. The baby is urinated. It is best to clean it with warm water. Don’t always use wet paper towels.Wet paper towels may contain disinfectant, flavors and other ingredients. Frequent use can stimulate the baby’s skin and easily cause red butt.

17. Don’t get your ears with your hands.卫 is the guardian of the ears that can protect the eardrum and have the function of self -cleaning. Generally, there is no need to dig out.

Frequent ears may damage the ear canal, causing external ear canal infections, and even affecting hearing.

18. The baby has three deep pit: ① abuse of antibiotics; ② use alcohol to wipe the body;

19. After eating probiotics, the baby’s constipation may not be good.Probiotics are mainly infectious diarrhea and eczema. For constipation, it can only be "disagreeable, love without medicine,".

20. Don’t blindly measure the trace element for your baby.You should communicate with the doctor’s overall feeding situation first. If the feeding is not reasonable, there are some clinical manifestations, and then consider the blood test.

21. After the baby is burned, do not apply soy sauce, toothpaste, red potion, and purple potion in the wound.Randomly applying things will increase the difficulty of debride and skin damage.

Use the flowing water to pour at least 15 minutes, and then do other treatment.

22. The baby grinds his teeth at night, not that there are worms in the belly climbing.It is possible that you are growing teeth, or your baby is in a bad mood recently.For preschool children, no special intervention is needed, and it will not be possible to grow up when TA grows up.

23. The walking mode of learning walking cars is very different from normal walking, and it cannot help the baby truly learn to walk.After leaving a walking car, the baby may be "difficult to walk."The point is that the "seventy -meter" pedaling car is too dangerous for the baby.

24. The setting pillow does not prevent and correct the baby’s migraine, and uses a set pillow for the baby too early, but it will increase the baby’s suffocation and sudden death.The beautiful mother keeps in mind that the head shape is valuable and the price of life is higher!

Those things are feeding

1. Pillow bald does not mean that calcium is deficient, mostly because the baby changes the fetus hair, and the normal physiological phenomenon caused by the pillow friction.

For healthy babies mainly, generally no additional calcium supplementation is needed. Breastfeeding is noticed to get vitamin D of 400 international units per day.The rumors of those babies who are sweaty, wake up, and long teeth are not credible.

2. There is a kind of hungry mother who feels hungry.Breast -fed babies, the amount of milk from one day and the stomach capacity of TA can be balanced.Moms occasionally lack of milk is also normal, and the baby can hold it.As long as the baby’s weight increases normally, don’t think about eating a meal for TA for "adding meals", you will really eat it!

3. Chewing the food to the baby will not only affect the development of the baby’s chewing ability, but also spread gastroenteritis and respiratory diseases.The most important thing is that it is really disgusting!

4. The first bite after the baby is born should be breast milk, not the so -called opening tea for clearing heat and detoxifying.The baby’s tender spleen and stomach can’t bear the stimulus of bitter cold drugs.If there is no poisoning to detoxify, it is tantamount to "poisoning".There is no medical indicator, nor should it be sugar or formula milk.

5. If you want to mix the milk, you can’t "be a strong miracle."After shaking the bottle vigorously, there will be a lot of bubbles.If the baby swallows too much gas into the stomach, it will easily cause milk.

6. The baby likes to fall asleep with a baby bottle, but you can’t get TA.Let the baby’s deciduous teeth soak in milk for a long time, no matter how good the tooth mouth is, it will be defeated by dental caries.

7. The baby is recommended to start adding supplementary food after six months. It will not let the baby eat for a hundred days, and it will only destroy TA’s tender stomach.After six months, babies should pay attention to adding iron -rich foods, such as high -speed rail rice noodles, meat puree, fish puree, tofu, etc.

8, rice noodles and rice soup, the difference between the word, the difference between cloud mud.Rice soup with low energy density and extremely poor iron is far less than the nutrition of high -speed rail rice noodle paste.Mud contains not only high -quality protein, but also has higher absorption rates.

9. The iron absorption rate in the jujube is very low, and the calcium in the bone is not so easy to dissolve in water.Before you supplement your food, you can make up for it.

10. Take the milk bottle of the milk to install a paste -like supplementary food, double the nutrition with the same volume.But for normal babies, this is not necessarily a good thing. It may make the baby over -eat, and the tooth mouth cannot be practiced.Rice noodle paste to feed the baby with a spoon.

11. The baby cannot eat honey before the age of one, because botox poisoning may be botox.

12. Do not add sugar, salt and other condiments in the baby’s supplementary food; do not take vegetable water and fruit juice to replace boiled water. The taste of Beier refreshing will stimulate the taste, and it may make the baby no longer like to drink boiled water.

13. Babies within one year of age cannot digest fresh milk well. Drinking pure milk cannot meet the baby’s nutritional needs, and it will increase the burden on the baby’s internal organs, and even cause intestinal bleeding.Don’t take risks, think about using fresh milk instead of formula milk.

14. For mothers who cannot achieve breast milk feeding or severe breast milk, formula milk is a helpless choice.However, formula milk feeding cannot be equivalent to breastfeeding. After August, the saying that breast milk does not have nutrition is a rumor. It is not credible. Otherwise, the World Health Organization will not recommend that it can be fed for the baby after 2 years old.

15. Soy milk -like estrogen -like soy isoflavones are not the same as the estrogen of the human body and will not make the baby prematurely precocious.It really has such a effect, and many people go to drink soy milk for breast enhancement.But for babies after 6 months, without breastfeeding, soybean formula milk powder is not recommended.

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