I am pregnant if the honeymoon is not finished?The pregnant mother has four innate advantages, it is really God’s "reward" doll

A friend of mine was a few years younger than me. I got married some time ago. The two asked for half a month of vacation to go to the honeymoon. Who knew that she was back on the tenth day. She said that she felt dizzy and disgusting.When I was pregnant, I thought about it on the day of marriage. My friend couldn’t believe it. She often heard others for half a year before pregnancy before she was pregnant. Is she pregnant?

Most of the pregnant mothers in one blow, most of them can’t escape the four innate advantages

Menstrual law

Women with menstruation indicate the health of the ovarian, the eggs are excreted every month, and the eggs are also very healthy and full. They are prepared for pregnancy. In addition, the number of menstruation and the number of ovulation can also be guaranteed. A friend I know, just one year in a year, just one year in one year.Seven or eight menstruation, others have been twelve or three times a year. This is doubled, and the conception is naturally affected.

Uterine health

Women who are healthy in the uterus are manifested in the cold, no blood clots come from menstruation, and the menstrual flow is normal. This kind of woman’s general complexion is rosy, and her body does not have symptoms of cold hands and feet.Healthy, touching her hand in winter is also very warm. Such women are more likely to get pregnant and not easy to have a miscarriage.

Take a break at a point, you can’t cook the night

Some girls stay up late to chase the drama at night. The later the more they are, the more they love to go out, but there is a kind of woman who can’t open the eyes when it comes to the point.This kind of woman generally does not think about it. Like Lin Daiyu, it is really fragrant. The benefits of regular living habits are good pregnancy. As the saying goes, it is appropriate to have a healthy and lovely baby.

Feel comfortable

Many women are not pregnant, and doctors recommend changing their careers. I did not expect that she was really pregnant. Women have always been in anxiety., It is also easy to get angry and lose their bodies. In this case, the uterus and ovaries are easily affected, and naturally it is not good to get pregnant.If on the contrary, there is no heart or lungs, laughing every day, maybe a hit will be hit.

Women who have become pregnant a few times in the same room are really God’s dolls, but this is definitely not accidental or luck. The health of the body and reproductive system is displayed from the side, but such women should also be careful about contraception. After all, abortion is very hurt.This may be the only distress, or pay more attention.

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