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Recently, dry things are dry, and drinking water has become everyone’s official greetings.

Two days ago, a pregnant mother asked: "I am pregnant, I really want to drink honey lemonade, can I drink this?"

Since someone asks, let me talk about whether I can drink honey lemonade during pregnancy?And what is healthier during pregnancy?What is a drink that really can’t drink during pregnancy?

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Think back that during my pregnancy, I didn’t think so much at all, and I didn’t have similar anxiety. For example, what soaking in water, what is best to eat or what I can’t eat …

This is of course thanks to the identity of my nutritionist.However, even if you have not learned nutrition, remembering that these principles are enough to cope with all kinds of doubts and worry.

Drinking water during pregnancy (the same diet) principle is simple:

Ensure that there is sufficient nutrition, the ingredients are fresh and diverse, and cooked and cooked during processing.Avoid some foods with food safety risks and foods that are not conducive to fetal development (such as alcohol).

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I know, even if I write the principle, there will be a pregnant mother who continue to worry about:

"Can you drink this?", "Did I drink that is okay?"

Indeed, although there are not many taboos to drink water during pregnancy, each person’s response during pregnancy and the original physical condition are different.

Therefore, on the basis of grasping the principle of drinking water, it is still necessary to consider the next individual differences slightly.


Some pregnant mothers are very lucky. They feel more comfortable during pregnancy and have no pregnancy.So on the question of what water is drinking, there is no need to have much taboos.

Putting water, light tea, lemonade, and other various flower tea.

I just reminded this kind of lucky pregnant mother to pay attention to: that is, the water you drink must be fresh and hygienic!

I wonder if you noticed that I did not directly write "honey lemonade" with boiled water and white tea. Instead, I wrote "lemonade"?

This is because the honey is essentially sugar after all, and there are not many so -called "special nutrition" that everyone expects, you just look at it as ordinary condiments.

If you don’t like sweets very much, it is recommended to eat less or not.You know, taking too much sugar during pregnancy will increase the weight of pregnant mothers and increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

If you really like to drink honey lemonade and flower tea, you should pay attention to the sugar you put too much, just adjust the taste appropriately.

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If the pregnant mother is very sick in early pregnancy, she has always had poor appetite, ca n’t eat, and feels like there is no taste in her mouth.

Then, you can also adjust the taste and promote appetite by drinking some flavored water.

For example, I feel that boiling water is difficult to swallow, and you can choose the light tea you like to drink, or the lemon honey water with less sugar. It can also appetite if you are sweet and sour.

When there is no appetite, you can drink some freshly squeezed fruit juice. On the one hand, you can add some vitamins, and on the other hand, you can also open your appetite.If you can retain the "fruit residue" when squeezing juice, you can also provide some dietary fiber to prevent constipation during pregnancy.

Occasionally, it is also possible to drink some milk tea or coffee with a low concentration, just be careful not to drink these desserts or coffee as white water.There was a pregnant mother who was particularly cute before. I asked in my private message: "Teacher, do you discuss it, do you think I can drink 3 cups of milk tea every week?"

Still, if you want to drink honey water, flower tea, milk tea, coffee, fruit juice, it is best not to add sugar or sugar \ honey, because it is too easy to make pregnant mothers gain weight and affect blood sugar stable.Moreover, remember to stop!

Especially coffee and strong tea are special. It is recommended not to exceed one cup per day (caffeine does not exceed 200 mg/day). After all, caffeine is likely to make pregnant mothers sleep well, and she still can’t sleep well with her big belly.Who is suffering.

At the same time, excessive intake of caffeine will increase the risk of abortion.The phenols in strong tea may also affect the absorption of iron and cause anemia during pregnancy.

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This is very important!

Whether it is pregnant or not, or not, women who are pregnant are absolute, absolute, and never drink or drink alcoholic beverages!This is a taboo during pregnancy!

Don’t hold a chance to persuade yourself: just drink a little bit, it’s okay.

You know, until now, scientists have not determined that "the minimum limit of alcohol during pregnancy that can cause harm to the fetus", that is, even few alcohols may have an irreparable impact on the development of the fetus.

Therefore, the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, and the Chinese Nutrition Society are "don’t contact!" Instead of giving limited standards like coffee.

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By the way, in the end, some elderly people have always believed in the ice that can not drink cold during pregnancy. In fact, this has no scientific reason.

For healthy pregnant women, eating some cold things occasionally does not cause abortion and premature birth.In the case of pregnant mothers and fetal health, if the pregnant mother really has a bad appetite, wants to drink some cold water, or other drinks, as long as it is clean and hygienic, it is completely possible without bacterial pollution.

Of course, if you are really worried about the problem of "cold", avoid eating cold and ice, and there is nothing to lose.Not eating can also make your own heart and emotional stability, it is worth it.

Leave a message, have you drank milk tea, coffee or other drinks during pregnancy?

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