I am pregnant, can I continue to raise a cat?

Many young couples or parents around us

It will be based on the toxoplasma worm to make the fetus teratogenic

Give away or abandon the cats who have raised their own for many years

On the one hand, it is a cat who has been with the cat for many years

On the one side is the upcoming Lin’er

When many families are facing such a choice

Often you choose baby

Why can’t I have both cats and baby?

As early as 2012

Dr. Yao Haifeng proves to the world with his own case

Actually abroad

Prospective parents will not abandon the cats and dogs they have abandoned because of pregnancy


Is the toxoplasting worm so terrible?

Is it really a cat’s mistake in the infection of the infection of the infection of the infection of the infection of the infection?

The answer is of course


How does the cat infected with a hormone infected

Cats are mainly infected with the infected cat dung, edible animals that have been infected, and infected with soil and water directly in the wild.


In order to avoid cat infection of Toxoplasma

How to infect humans through cats through cats

Cat is the end host of the bowworm

Gow -shaped worms will lay eggs in the cat’s intestine

Then discharge from the body through feces

Generally, when a person is exposed to the feces of the infected cat

It is possible to infected toxoplasma disease

It should be noted that the bowworm eggs are generally 1-2 days of development.


Clean up cat litter and cat dung every day

It is best not to let pregnant women contact the stool of cats

Pregnant women cannot contact the source of infection (that is, cat dung)

The probability of infection of Toxoplasma is much smaller

In fact, the main way for human infection of Toxoplasma is not a cat

Raw food, non -cooked, cow and goat milk

If a person eats cooked meat or vegetables, or a kitchen knife and cutting board cut from raw meat, you may be infected.At the same time, there may also be bowlgins in milk and goat milk.Therefore, if milk and goat milk are not heated thoroughly, they may also cause infection.

Soil, water, grass, flies, cockroaches, etc.

The survival time of the bugs of Toxoplasma in soil, water and grass may be several months or even years.When humans and animals directly come into contact with these polluting water and soil, they may be infected.At the same time, flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, etc. can also be used as a way to spread the mecoidal eggs.

Then, we can know how to prevent bow -shaped insects infection

During pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, try to avoid contact with cat dung

Clean up the work of the cats sand pot every day and give it to my husband

Be sure to clean the cat dung every day

Do not give the eggs to mature time

If a pregnant woman must be cleaned up, it is best to wear a mask and glove

2. Avoid adopting kittens during pregnancy, especially kittens

Unlike adult cats, most kittens have not been infected with bow -shaped worms. They are not cotton clothes. They are prone to discharge ovary sacs after infection.

3. The food that expectant mothers and cats eat during pregnancy, it is best to eat it

Fully heat and cooked the food.Kitchenware that have been exposed to raw meat, such as knives, scissors, chopping boards, etc., you need to clean it carefully.

4. Don’t freely raise your own cats

Do not feed the cats, do not walk the cat, and avoid the cat infected with infection.At the same time, people should not walk around the wild barefoot, and do not contact the "epidemic water" that have not been disinfected by ponds.

5. Avoid cats’ sheets and quilts on pregnant women

The sheets of pregnant women should be washed frequently, and cats should wash their hands before eating.

6. It is recommended that during pregnancy, both mothers and cats do a bow -shaped insect inspection

It is recommended that mothers and cats who are preparing for pregnancy to go to the hospital for bow -shaped insects to confirm whether there is a toxoplasma worm, whether it is infected or previous infection, and confirm the best pregnancy.And to doxoplasma antibody detection in the middle of pregnancy.

Dear shit officer:

All in all, the impact of Toxoplasma on adults is so small that it can be almost ignored. It is only if the toxoplasma is infected during pregnancy, and this can also be prevented.

For those who like small animals, if she can’t see her pet during pregnancy, she is in a bad mood, but she is not developing well for the fetus.

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