I am pregnant, but my husband looked at me sadly and said: I can no longer have birth, divorce, right?

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I checked that I was pregnant, but my husband said that the child was not his, and I felt that the world collapsed.

My name is Yang Lili. I am 28 years old. I am the only woman at home. My parents are very fond of me. I grew up in a very happy environment.

I have always been a girl who is going to me. After seeing the girl around me get married, I do n’t want to get married at all. I do n’t want to get married at all. I am very chic, so I am twenty -six years old.

Looking at my age for a year, I was not interested in falling in love. My parents were anxious to get married. After seeing the reminder of marriage, I simply arranged me a blind date and faced my parents’s.Forced, I can’t help but see the object of blind dates once again and again.

Finally, after many blind date, I looked right with a boy, thinking that my parents just wanted me to get married?Anyway, there is the same life as anyone. Since you look right, let’s be together.

After that, for a while, I planned to get married. Before the dependency, the blind date suggested that they would have a pre -marital examination together and rest assured that they were at ease.

I didn’t think much. I felt that there was nothing to do, so I went, but I did not expect that the test results came out, and the doctor even said that I was almost impossible to have children. After the parents of the blind date knew, they began to oppose this family affairs.Just like this.

In this world, many people’s thoughts are relatively conservative. Few people can accept a woman who will not have children, and few people can accept it.

Although I was a bit sad about the approach of the blind date, it was also understandable. I put my hands without hesitation.

Knowing that I can’t have children, I am even more desperate for marriage, but watching the sisters around me slowly become home, fewer and fewer companions around me, I can’t say the taste in my heart.

Every time my parents urge marriage, I will say to them, "Who would marry a woman who would not have a child? Otherwise, I went to find a man with a child to get married?"

Someone really gave me such an opinion. Since I would not have birth, then find a man with a child, so you don’t have to have children by yourself.

But I don’t want to do that, be a stepmother?

It was a hard work. It was okay for men to understand. If men do not understand, they have to make themselves not human inside and outside.

My mother told me, "Silly girl, what are you talking about, even if you are willing to be a stepmother for others, I will not agree."

"Are there any Dink tribe now? Some people will have children and are unwilling to give birth. Since you won’t be born, just find a man who doesn’t want a child to get married?"

I waved my hand without care: "Mom, how can there be so many Dintins in the world, okay, don’t worry about it, this kind of thing is still fate, you can’t help it."

When my mother said, I listened, but I didn’t take it at my heart.

I did not expect that after a while, I really met such a man, my later husband, Li Wei.

He and I met at a friend’s birthday banquet. At that time, my friends joked with us: "Lily, Awei, you are young, how can you find it?It’s all soy sauce, otherwise, you can make a pair? "

I said with a smile: "I don’t plan to have a child, the child will only hinder me to live a chic life."

At this time, Li Wei said, "Is it? I didn’t expect you to have the same idea as me. I don’t like children. I plan to find a woman who is like me who is unwilling to ask for a child and live a life together."

I froze a little, and didn’t take his words to heart.

I do n’t want to, after the birthday banquet of my friend, he did n’t know where to find my phone. He would send me a message every day. Various concerns, and even from time to time, I would appear at get off work from time to time and send me home.

My heart was not made by the stone. I was slowly moved by him, and the two naturally came together.

During the love period, he was particularly good to me. It can be said that after two years of love running, we walked into the palace of marriage.

After marriage, he is better to me. His salary, except for the money that leaves a little daily expenses, is given to me. Even if the pocket money in his hand, most of me knowEssence

The housework at home is basically he made. As long as he was early from get off work, I could eat hot meals. I made me feel like a princess who was held in my palm. Essence

My little sisters are particularly envious of me.

Sometimes, when I see the children of my friends around, Li Wei will show very much. At this time, I feel that I am very sorry for him. He is so good to me. When he sees him so much, I like the child so much, but I even give birth to himChildren can’t do it.

Because I feel guilty and love him from the heart, I am also very good to him. In the eyes of the people around me, I am the most loving couple in the world.

One day, when I was working overtime, I suddenly felt nauseous and nauseated. I called Li Wei to pick me home. We all thought I was too tired, so I asked for two days to take a break at home.My situation has not improved.

So Li Wei took me to the hospital. When the results of the examination, we were all stunned.

"Congratulations to you, you want to be a mother and dad." The doctor said to us.

When I was surprised, I thought Li Wei would be very happy. After all, when he saw the children of someone else’s family, he showed the kind of love for the child.Essence

"Husband, what’s wrong with you? We have children, are you unhappy?" I asked him with a sorrowful mood.

He didn’t say a word. He took me back home with a black face. After returning home, he went out without saying a word. He never returned at night, but he didn’t return overnight.

I was so sad that I didn’t understand why he reacted like this.

He used to be so good to me, never had indifference to me, but now he ignores me. This night is too torment for me.

I think he hadn’t returned the next day. After thinking for a long time, I went to his company to find him.

"Let’s talk?" After I saw him, I opened the door to see him.

After that, we went to a cafe downstairs in his company.

He still didn’t say a word. I really couldn’t stand his attitude. I asked him: "Although we said that we didn’t like children before, but you don’t have to use this attitude to me?"

Even if he really didn’t want this child, his reaction should be that I would remove this child, instead of facing me with such an indifferent attitude.

He looked at me and stopped talking a few times.

"Li Wei, what do you mean?" I shouted at him.

Don’t want to, he even said to me, "Let’s divorce!"

When he said this, I felt that my world suddenly collapsed. I did not expect that one day he would say this to me. After he finished this sentence, we were silent for a long time.Essence

I try to stabilize my emotions as much as possible, and I said to him, "Li Wei, why? You tell me why? Just because I am pregnant, you will divorce me. I am pregnant with your child.Sin? "

"He is also your child, how can you …" Saying, I was so sad that I couldn’t speak anymore, crying sadly.

He looked at me with a very injured eyes. When I was seeing him with a hair, when he wanted to get angry with him, he asked me leisurely: "My child? Lily, you are sure of the child in your bellyIs it really mine? "

I looked at him fixedly and blindfolded.

After a while, I reacted. He even suspected that the child in my stomach was not his?

I raised my hand and wiped my tears, got up and left.

I didn’t even take my luggage, and I went back to my parents directly.

I thought a lot of reasons that made him unhappy, but I didn’t expect that he would doubt that the child in my stomach was not his.

When I got home, my mother saw my face bad, so she asked me, "Lily, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so ugly?"

The moment I saw my mother, my tears suddenly decided, and I cried with my mother.

I never felt so wronged.

As soon as my mother saw me crying, she also panicked. Under her question, I told her the passage of the matter. My mother heard that Li Wei suspected that the child in my belly was not his, but also fry it.It took me to find Li Wei directly with me.

My mother asked Li Wei angrily: "Li Wei, what do you mean? Do you even doubt that the child in my daughter’s belly is not yours? How do my daughter know you in your heart?? "

Under my mother’s bombardment, Li Wei told us a shocking secret.

"As early as a few years ago, I had already checked. I couldn’t have children at all. Before I knew Lily, my fiancee and I was about to get married, but because I checked that I couldn’t have a child, she regretted marriage.","

"I can’t give birth to a child, but Lily is pregnant. Can this child be mine?" Li Wei finished this sentence and turned away.

My mother and I were stiff.

Unexpectedly, Li Wei actually had the same experience as me. My mother and I went home and calmed down for a few days.

Although Li Wei’s approach is original, his distrust of me still hurts me.

After that, I always lived in my parents’ house, never contacted him, and never returned to the house of both of us.

During this time, I also figured out very well. Since Li Wei did not believe that the child was his, I gave birth to the child and raised it myself.

I knew that I couldn’t be a mother before. I have n’t forgotten that regret. I have not forgotten it. Since God gave me the child, I naturally cherish it.

My parents also supported me. They said to me, "Lily, don’t think about everything, raise your body, give birth to your child, you are busy working, and your dad and I will bring your children at home."

After two months of time, suddenly one night, at eight or nine o’clock, Li Wei came to my parents’ house drunk, and said to me as soon as I entered the door, "Lily, I miss you, this paragraph you are not here is not here.Time, I miss you so much, I can’t sleep every day. "

"How many times, I want to call you, but I think of it …" Li Wei stopped talking, and his sadness was revealing.

I knew that he said that he didn’t call me with the child of other people in my stomach.

I am not like this. In the past two months, I wanted to contact him countless times, but when I thought of his doubt about me, I was sad, I picked up my phone countless times, and put it down countless times.

I love him so much, how can he ask nothing and say nothing, so doubt me.

But when I saw him drunk and thought of me, I was soft -hearted.

I asked him: "Don’t you believe me yet? Then what are you doing here?"

He suddenly said to me and said to me, "Wife, I miss you.

"Who is that person? Did you leave him? I can’t do without you. I feel that my life has no sense in the past two months. If there is no you, I might as well die."

"Wife, let’s go to the hospital and remove the child, can you return to me?"

My mentality suddenly collapsed.

In the past two months, we have not contacted each other, but he did not propose a divorce or something. Just when I thought our feelings were about to end, he appeared.

Although he still thinks that the child in my stomach is someone else, he can accept me with others.

Pray for me not to leave him.

Actually, I thought a lot in the past two months. He didn’t tell me what he couldn’t have children.I contacted him, because I couldn’t pull my face myself, it was not my fault. Why did I bow to him?

But when he heard him pray for me not to leave, I let go of everything at this moment.

He loves me, this is enough.

"Li Wei, the child in my stomach is really yours. I have never been with others except you. This child can only be yours." I said to him firmly.

He looked at me stunned, and suddenly fell to me, letting go.

The next day, after he woke up, I said to what he said to him last night. He hesitated and asked me a little surprise: "You, are you really true?"

I nodded: "Well, I promise."

He hugged me in surprise: "Lily, Lily, I’m sorry, it’s my bad, I shouldn’t be like you, I’m sorry."

I shook my head: "It’s over, in fact, I have something wrong. After you told us that you won’t have a child, I have no explanation to you."

"You are right, I’m wrong. I shouldn’t believe you. I never dreamed that I could still have children in my life." Li Wei trembled and touched my belly.

In fact, Li Wei will have such a reaction. It is also exciting. It is me, and I will doubt it. After all, I have checked it and will not have a child.I can’t believe that I have my own child in the small life.

I and Li Wei and I reconciled.

However, I don’t want this to leave any hidden dangers to affect our future life. If we can say more before, then we will not be tortured by this matter for two months.

I said to Li Wei: "After the child is born, you and your child should be a parent -child identification!"

Only in this way can I completely solve the misunderstanding between me and him.

Li Wei said, "No, wife, I believe you, I thought a lot in the two months of separation, nothing more sad than leaving you, and you said that you have always only me,I trust you."

Why isn’t it? The days with him made me have a strong sense of dependence on him and separated from him, and I couldn’t wait to ask me half of my life.

I want to make this matter a complete knot, so I insist on making a parent -child identification.

When Li Wei saw me insisted, he didn’t say anything more.

I took me home and we returned the loving couple.

Throughout pregnancy, he took care of me very well. I told him that I had checked that I could not have children.

It didn’t take long for me to give birth to a daughter.

After my daughter was born, I insisted on letting him and the child be a parent -child firm. After the identification results came out, Li Wei hugged me and cried, always saying sorry to me, thank you for this kind of words.

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