I am pregnant, but I have been bleeding and worrying about it

I have been pregnant for almost six weeks, and I have not stopped bleeding.It’s time less.Let me talk about it, give some suggestions and encouragement

The aunt who came on October 19th, November 10 came again. At that time, I just felt that I had been earlier. I didn’t care. As usual, it ended as usual as usual. After two days of clean, brown secretions were cleaned. When wiping, pink was pinkIn color, my husband said that he was pregnant. I laughed, and my aunt was pregnant in two days?Are you a super girl?

Five days later, I secretly tested it, two bars!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionhow can that be possible?It has been bleeding for five days, and occasionally a lot.what happened?

To discuss with her husband, do you want to see a doctor? He said, it seems that it is abortion, and it has been handled by the menstrual menstruation.I think so.However, there were a lot of blood that night. I think that two bars are tested, but bleeding, how can the unknown situation determine the miscarriage, even if it is a doctor, the body is mine, health is mine.So he ran the hospital and checked.Fortunately, it is internal pregnancy, and HCG exceeds 1,000.Welonone is also standard.There is no abnormality, but the cause of 8 to bleeding cannot be found.

I asked the doctor, is there any medicine to protect pregnancy?In China, doctors will prescribe fetal medicines and fetus needles.The doctor said that there is no thing at all, or whether the abortion is the choice of nature. If there is no drug, you can leave your baby.

So go home and wait for the phone to make an appointment for the next check.But blood has never stopped.

On Friday, the nurse called to make an appointment to check on Monday at 10 o’clock in the morning.When watching TV on Friday night, suddenly hemorrhagic, a group of sons was wet, and the sofa was all blood on the sofa.Sitting on the toilet, I felt a lot of things fell out, thinking at the time; after, the baby was gone.I really want to cry, but I deliberately keep calm. The doctor said that no matter what happened, it was a choice of nature.Take a closer look at the things that look out, a piece of blood of black.After checking the Internet, I felt that it was not in line with the abortion’s fetal sac, and the baby’s hope was still full.

Dear baby, do you know how worried your mother is?I have been waiting for you for nine years

When my daughter took a shower last night, when I said good night, I suddenly scared me a big jump behind me, and then wept a lot. It was strange that more than thirty people were scared to cry by a nine -year -old child.Ah, but my daughter didn’t know that I was pregnant and dare not tell her yet

There are still two hours to get the medical examination time, I hope everything is good

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