I am pregnant at 44, but I don’t want to give birth

A epidemic, allowing me for a long time, I was pregnant again at the age of 44.It’s really surprising.

If time goes back 5 years ago, I will definitely be very happy.At that time, the country had just liberalized the two -child policy, and because my father was sick, I was too busy with my brother, so I especially wanted to regenerate one to reduce the burden of a child in the future.However, it is not successful and unsuccessful.

Later, my father died, the child entered high school, the pace of life accelerated, and I gradually accepted the reality of a child.From the illness of my father, I understand that instead of having a child, it is better to let your health be healthy and make your future old life.

Since then, after my child goes to school in the morning, I go to the park to exercise every day.From the beginning, I can only walk around (800 meters) to the time to run a circle, and then to run two laps.In this slow progress, I have harvested the relaxed and comfortable body, and I have also gained a younger mentality, and my work has become much more reasonable.In the evening, I signed up some courses, such as financial management classes, writing classes, etc.After dinner every day, listen to the teacher’s lectures on time, take notes carefully, and have a group of like -minded strange friends in the group, exchange learning experience, and live a full and happy life.

My concern also shifted from daily life trivial matters to self -improvement.I no longer talk about Ai Ai, no longer complained, and no longer turns the TV channel.Even the children said, "Mom, your recent state is good!"

Yeah, okay!

I used this time to read 13 books. Although the cattle people who can read 74 books in four months, it is still a lot worse, but this is more than I read in the past half a year. I used this timeI wrote nearly 20,000 words of immature text, and punching in a fixed time every day became a habit. It was like making mistakes for a day; I used this time to open headline writing, and made the headline fans from 0 to 500, and successfully added it smoothly.Huang V, I took the original; I used this time to compile all the electronic versions of all the cases in teaching, so that this new school has a complete set of information.

When I wanted to continue, I found unexpectedly pregnant.This is too impossible. When I worked so hard, I didn’t have it when I wanted it. How could this be like this?But this is true. I clearly feel the change in my body. I am afraid of cold than others. I will pant on the fourth floor. I no longer want to drink tea and coffee. I started to be drowsiness.What should I do?

Tell the child’s dad first, who knows that people don’t believe it at the beginning.When confirming that it was true, they took it for granted that they were a son.Hey, what age is this, and still cares about men and women so much.This sentence of the child’s father also sounded the alarm. For the in -laws who had always wanted a boy, what they cared about was not easy for the child, but whether a boy could decorate the facade.

Recall that the daughter was just born: washing her own clothes in the confinement; the child’s diaper for two or three days was washed once; I wanted to eat some pickles and give you a big pickles; I cried every time I eat, and wait for the child to cry without crying.It ’s also cold; the children vomit milk are full of bed. I can only keep the child in the house and call my mother -in -law’s house (at that time, there are no mobile phones in the countryside, and the landlines are not available at home); bigIn winter, one person holds the child in one hand and some coal stoves.

Who can guarantee this accident this time?If not, can I persist as before?

Furthermore, the child will be in high school after July this year.Twelve years of cold windows are hard to read, and it is the most critical time.The ups and downs of grades and the pressure of the environment can make the child’s mood highly nervous.At this time, children need their parents’ care and unconditional understanding and support.In addition, children do not live in school. When studying at home, they need a relatively quiet learning environment and have a relatively stable relationship with personnel.If you regenerate a child, these will not be guaranteed.When children cry, the participation of the elderly will become the point that breaks peace.

There is also the child’s dad’s job is far away from home. It is often when the baby has not woke up, and he has gone when he returns.Therefore, he can’t help much in children’s education and housework management.Even if he and the child are at home on the weekend, the child is doing homework in his own house. He sleeps or plays with his mobile phone in the bedroom.Sometimes I am in a bad mood to tell him, he will tell me to learn to solve it myself.The lack of communication made me learn to grow myself and make a decision by myself.Behind the strong is the sadness of emotions.These children’s dads feel quite normal.

And because of the nature of work, I get off work like my child.In order to ensure that the child can eat, you can eat the meal, and ride the electric vehicle like flying every day.These children dads can’t see it.Every time he told him, he always said that he knew it, but I couldn’t help you.Why!What he can see is the relatively loose time at home.So my tiredness, although he knew it, he couldn’t experience it.

The most important point is money.Although money is not a panacea, it is absolutely impossible to have no money in life.In the future, children will need a lot of money to go to college in the future; the three elderly people in the family are older and they need to save them how much they are; and we are already middle -aged, and the body’s parts are gradually aging; and there areThe mortgage that has not been repaids with daily consumption and human relationship.All of this comes from the wages of the two of us. Although the salary will rise, the consumption will rise at the same time.To maintain the current situation, we can be a little more than a year, but if there is another child, not only will the surplus be gone, but we may also not spend enough.

When people are middle -aged, I can’t be afraid of fear.The child is sorry, it is not that the mother does not want, but does not have that strength.

@1. Not only money is rich, but wealth management can only be rich after financial management.

2. Although part -time jobs cannot make you rich and expensive, it can make you full of confidence.

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