I am pregnant as soon as I touch it?What are the characteristics of "easy pregnancy"?How to create a pregnancy -prone physique?

For the problem of pregnancy, you really have to talk about luck.You say that some people are very easy for children, while others are difficult for children.Some couples have been married for many years and have always wanted their children. They have been pregnant for many years, but they have never been pregnant. There are many things around them; but there are also some couples who do not plan to ask for children, but they always get pregnant unexpectedly.We get pregnant with this kind of touch.

What exactly is a pregnancy -prone constitution?

1. "Auntie" is normal

This is the "normal" indicator, including menstrual cycle, menstrual blood volume, menstrual period.The menstrual time is generally about 2 to 7 days, and the menstrual cycle is generally about 24-35 days.

If menstruation is irregular, that is, ovulation is irregular or even ovulation, it is naturally difficult to get pregnant.Sometimes early or postponed for several days is normal.However, if menstruation is delayed for more than two weeks or often delayed more than one week, it is necessary to actively find the cause.

2. Just at the age of gold fertility

The age of 24-30 is the best age for women. During this time, the number and quality of eggs are very high.After 35 years old, not only did the number of eggs decrease significantly, quality decreased significantly, and the surrogacy rate also decreased significantly.And the risk of abortion, fetal malformations, hypertension during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and dead tires have increased significantly.

3. Not fat or thin

Excessive or too much will affect menstruation and pregnancy.Excessive weight, increasing pregnancy difficulties, and even infertility.Because obese people are easy to have irregular menstruation and do not ovulate normally.Too light, it is easy to cause premature birth and even death.

"Easy to pregnancy" is actually just inadequate contraception!

Many people claim that they are "easy to get pregnant", in fact, because contraceptive measures are not in place, it will give people an illusion that gives people a "obviously wearing suit, but still recruiting".

If you do n’t want a baby for the time being, do n’t step on these “thunder areas”: safe during the safe period, breastfeeding contraceptives, and wearing a condom in the middle of the way.Risk is undoubtedly increased.

What I want to emphasize here is that it is not a mysterious constitution. As long as you are inaccurate or the contraceptive measures are not in place, women who are healthy are easy to get pregnant.Everyone thinks that the "pregnancy -prone constitution" is actually a better physical condition.

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