I am pregnant again!

"Red Bean Shengnan Kingdom": girl with shame in life

"Red Bean Shengnan": The bravery of the widow!

Chapter III: Red Bean Sheng Nan Guo (3)

Chapter 4: Red Bean Shengnan Kingdom (4)

Chapter 5: Selling a daughter.

Chapter 6: Running with the wild man

Chapter 7: I really dedicated it.

Chapter 8: Girl taught by Widow

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The mother was out of the door.

Red beans always feel that there is a pair of eyes staring secretly.

Behind the big tree at the door of the house, standing with a woman …

Chapter 9

Lin Feng was pregnant again.

At that time, she returned from the city and became the laughing stock of the whole village.

The sister -in -law cursed at the door and scolded the small hen while scolding: "You run, run, why don’t you run? Say you are a hen, you are not good, say you are a rooster, you will not call!Don’t want you, you come back again, your face is lost in the crotch! "

The little hens was frightened, wings with wings, slammed out, dropped a few pieces of chicken feathers, and flew to Lin Fengniang’s mother’s face.

Lin Feng’s mother’s mother went to the feathers and laughed: "Know! I will send you back your daughter -in -law!"

The sister -in -law cursed and pointed at the chicken: "You can run if you say a few words?

Lin Feng opened his mouth and wanted to return.

The mother -in -law held her hand and continued to laugh at the sister -in -law: "Kew likes, I asked the Chinese medicine in the city to ask for recipe.

The sister -in -law raised her head and welcomed it: "Oh, I’m here, my old eyes are faint, so you can see! You talk about it, isn’t it good enough to Feng’er? How can she go to the ground?She came back to eat. She went to the shop to buy rock sugar, and she didn’t dare to say a word. What can we eat at that time?

"Yes, yes, in person, you are facing the miles, facing the mile. I often teach Fenger, and I want to filial my mother -in -law."

Mother’s mother pushed Lin Feng in: "Go back and live a good life."


The sister -in -law leaving a sentence: "My dear, go away, and eat dumplings at noon."

Having said that, his body is not moving.

The mother -in -law felt that her daughter ran away this time, shame, and did not even have a boy who had a five -child child. She opened her eyes blindly and twice the shame. Where can I stay in the Li family for dinner?

"No, no, Feng’er’s father is waiting for the mile at the village entrance. There is still a job in the ground."

Mother’s mother hurriedly walked, turned back, and told another sentence: "Fenger, live a good life!"

Lin Feng felt sad.

In the eyes of parents, her daughter married her mother -in -law, virtuous, and could have a son to give her mother -in -law’s face.Conversely, disasters.Not only this is the same, all the parents in the village are like this.

I just ran to the city secretly to do a cleaner who handled the moon. The father’s father was afraid of being angry with the mother -in -law, and was embarrassed to come over and at the village entrance.

The mother -in -law is more careful.

They are all afraid that their daughter’s reputation will be broken.

Putting her daughter’s in -laws.

Dani and Erni saw Lin Feng returned, rushed up, and hugged Lin Feng crying.

Lin Feng touched his daughter’s face, and his tears fell.

Said a thousand, Tao 10,000, she was reluctant to be this home.

When she covered the big tile house, she and Li Tietou were so tired that she couldn’t get up, but she couldn’t sleep excitedly, thinking that the days were getting more popular.Unexpectedly, there were so many twists and turns in the back.

If there is a son, is everything?Will everything end?Lin Feng thought.


After knowing that Winni was raised at Liang Guihua’s house, Lin Feng went to see it three times.

In the third round, Liang Guihua said, "Lin Feng, if you really reluctant, you can take it back. The money is said slowly."

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and dared not to.

She is afraid.

I was afraid to hold it back, I couldn’t keep it at home.Afraid of holding back, neither her mother -in -law and Li Tietou could not tolerate.

She can’t be the home.

"Osmanthus sister -in -law, I am not worthy of Wani’s mother, I ca n’t be my Lord, nor can I be the Lord of Wu Ni. The baby please."

Lin Feng made a sting for Liang Guihua and turned away. Since then, he never looked at Liang Guihua’s house to see the baby, but dared to hide in the distance and secretly.

She hated her cowardice, but could not change.

She is actually eager to have a son.If it wasn’t for her son, she would not be pregnant five times.

The contradiction in the heart is like boiling water, and the five internal organs of Lin Feng are boiled.

Can’t let it go, it’s hard.

Come secretly again and again, every time you look at it, add a bit more.

Both the sister -in -law and Li Tietou urged Lin Feng to have a son quickly.

However, Lin Feng has never been pregnant for five years.

She once suspected that she could never give birth.She suspected that she had abandoned Wu Ni and made evil, and the doll would never come to her belly.


The sister -in -law was anxious to make a wish for Guanyin, as long as she got Sun and tribes 30 pounds of sesame oil to the Bodhisattva.

The mother -in -law’s father and mother also worried: "Fenger, don’t have a boy, wait for you to die.

Drink a bowl of traditional Chinese medicine.The bitter Lin Feng poured his teeth.

Li Tietou went to the streets to buy a lot of young butt boyfriends. There were those holding big carp and holding Jin Yuanbao. They were all posted on the wall to let Lin Feng look at it.To the stomach.

In April 1992, Lin Feng finally became pregnant.

This is her sixth time.

The hope of the whole family is pinned on her stomach.

By August, four months of pregnancy, Lin Feng was ready to go to the forest farm to hide from family planning.

Because of the five months, the stomach was large, and the family planning office went to the countryside. If you saw it, he would catch her to cure the palace.In the past two years, family planning has become stricter and stricter.

The forest farm was open thirty miles away, and it was very deserted, and the people at the Family Planning Office did not go there.She defended the forest, her cousin couple.I got angry in advance and hid for half a year.When you have a baby, come back.

At this moment, Lin Feng looked at the red beans’s back and waved quietly.

Red beans suddenly turned around, and they looked at Lin Feng’s eyes.

• Unlike, to be continued •

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