I am a patient with adenomia and want to have children?what to do?

Should patients with adenomy muscles be pregnant and give birth to a child and then protect the pain?Or keep the uterus farewell to the pain, and be preparing for children?This is a difficult choice question facing every patient with no child or fertility needs?

Being a mother is the conversion of a life role that every woman is looking forward to one day; a family needs the appearance of the child to make the family full of children’s laughter, just for the sake of the seizure.The cornerstone, no children?For many families, it seems that the "sky" will collapse … There is a child, especially for a woman, a family, especially important.

What should I do for patients with adenocular disease with fertility?

First of all, we must get rid of the misunderstanding of knowledge: Many patients without children have misunderstandings.What misunderstandings?They believe: "I don’t dare to perform adenomy abuse surgery. I may not get pregnant after a Palace surgery. I will wait, and wait. As a result, there is nothing: there is nothing in the end:

1. No child

2. Adventic disease is not cured, and has been tortured by pain

3. The money is spent on this one

There may be 4: home is scattered, and men are gone.

If you find that you have aden muscles and have no children yet, what is the correct way?

Try the pregnancy right away. If you have already tried it for a few years in the past, or if you start the trial for one year, you will not succeed in the year of pregnancy. Immediately turn around as a test tube baby, and the IVF fails. You can consider retaining uterine surgery.You can choose to perform a palace surgery, and then evaluate the uterus to consider pregnancy in 2 years after the operation.

This is the right path for children with adenomy patients to take.During the daily consultation process, in the face of adenomy patients with fertility needs, if natural pregnancy can’t be pregnant, I will let go back to test tube.why?It is not that the test tube will be successful, but the test tube is done, and the patient will be "dead" (of course, success is great); the patient will not regret it, and her path of seeking medical treatment will not leave.Individual adenomy patients have also tried pregnancy, and they are also test tubes. They still can’t get pregnant.I want to perform a palace surgery, and I am worried that the surgery itself will affect pregnancy …

In fact, this idea is exactly upside down. Although any surgery will inevitably attach a certain trauma, the Palace surgery itself is to better relieve adenomy disease and serve the health of the uterus.In surgical operations, experienced doctors can avoid damaging healthy endometrium tissue, retain the normal form of the uterine cavity, and discover the combined pelvic adhesion, pelvic endometriosis, chocolate cyst, fallopian tube (accumulationWater), uterine prolapse and other issues are treated together to create conditions for patients with fertility needs in the future.

Therefore, I have repeatedly emphasized that patients with adenomyosis who have children and have no children have not yet tried their pregnancy as soon as possible, unsuccessful test trials, test tubes, and test tubes are unsuccessful. Choose uterine surgery to relieve the pain.Maybe you can try your pregnancy successfully.In a word, the more darling in the face of adenomy disease diseases, the more the chance of being able to get pregnant.

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