I always urinate frequently after pregnancy. Is it normal?

Sanbao is now 6 and a half months of pregnancy. I have frequent urination from February of pregnancy. When it is powerful, the number of urinations can reach 20 times a day, and it will be up to four to five times at night. It is really difficult to be tortured.?If you should deal with it?

(1) Women’s uterus is located in the center of the pelvic cavity. The front is the bladder and the rectum behind. The uterine body can change the position with the degree of filling of the bladder and rectum.Under normal circumstances, urine is only when the bladder urine is stored at 400 ml, and urination is urinated once every 4 hours.

(2) In the early pregnancy, the uterine body increased but did not rise into the abdominal cavity. It occupied most of the space in the pelvic cavity.

(3) In the third trimester, the fetus dropped to the pelvic cavity, compressed the bladder, reduced the bladder volume, the urine storage volume decreased significantly, and the number of urination increased.This kind of frequent urination is normal and there is no need to worry.

Insomnia during pregnancy: pregnant women often have frequent urination.Half of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy are frequent, but in the later period, nearly 80%of pregnant women are troubled by frequent urination, which brings great inconvenience to life.I will get up to run the toilet at night, which seriously affects the quality of sleep.

Coping method of frequent urination: mainly in the following 6 aspects

Control drinking water

If you don’t want to get up at night, it is best not to drink water within 1-2 hours before going to bed.Many people who do mothers often say that prenatal urination is not a good thing, because it can exercise in advance to get up at night. You must know that this is the process you must experience after your baby is born!

Eat less diuretic food

In the early and at the end of pregnancy, pregnant moms should eat rare foods at night, such as watermelon, clam, Poria, winter melon, Kunbu (kelp), Zexie (health food), front car grass, corn beard, etc.If you have a good diuretic effect, you should avoid eating more.

Avoid lying position

When pregnant moms are resting, pay attention to take the side lying position to avoid supine positions.Sideline can reduce the compression of the uterus to the ureter, and prevent the accumulation of urine infection with the accumulation of urine and ureter.In addition, experts remind that pregnant mothers who are accustomed to sleeping should be careful of "hypocritical hypotension syndrome", which will even cause shock in severe cases.

Not to urinate

The bladder of the human body stored urine has a certain extension.Usually, the bladder is very small, and when the urine is more and more, the bladder is large.If you do not urinate in time for a long time, the bladder will lose elasticity and cannot restore the original state.In addition, this will cause the body to be discharged out of waste, and it may cause uremia.

Use a pad

After pregnancy, the urine always wants to come. If the pregnant mommy fails to go to the toilet in time, it may be urinating on the pants. This is not an embarrassing embarrassment.Therefore, the use of pads during pregnancy can avoid this accident.However, experts also remind pregnant moms to change pads frequently to prevent bacterial infections.

Always do anal reduction

This can train the tension of the pelvic floor muscles to help control urination.You can also do pelvic relaxation exercises, which helps prevent stress urinary incontinence.That is, the limbs were kneeling and crawling, straightened on the back, shrinking the hip muscles, pushing the pelvis to the abdomen.And bow to the back, relax after a few seconds.But do it.

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