I always feel tired when I am pregnant. What should I do?

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After pregnancy, many expectant mothers will feel that they will not be able to follow their hearts, and they can’t afford their mental energy. They can’t get up in bed, and some people will experience discomfort such as backache and back pain.This is because the hormone secretion in the human body changes after pregnancy, and your body strives to adapt to changes in hormone levels in the body in order to provide your baby’s growth space.Throughout pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, your hormones and metabolism will change tremendous changes. Both blood pressure and blood sugar are likely to decrease. These will make you feel tired.In addition, if you don’t pay attention to supplementing vitamin D and calcium, you will cause osteoporosis, and you will feel the lumbosacral and limb pain and discomfort.This is also related to a hormone called loosein secreted in the body. It can relax the ligament connected to the pelvis and increase the curvature of the spine.

1. Improve sleep

Listen to the signals you have given you to ensure enough rest and sleep.Sleep when you want to sleep, go to bed earlier, try to avoid staying up late.Keep your mood comfortable and avoid emotional excitement before falling asleep.

2. Adjust the schedule

When you are pregnant, you will have a lot of privileges. Try to adjust your schedule. You can actively ask to reduce the workload and working hours, or simply rest at home.Even if you rest for 15 minutes, there will be great improvements.For example, close the door at the office, rest on the table for a while, or go out for lunch time, and breathe fresh air will make you feel easier.

3. A moderate amount of pregnancy exercise

Life lies in exercise, and this is the case after pregnancy. Proper exercise can effectively improve fatigue. You can choose to ease, easily, and strengthen the toughness of pelvic muscles and back muscles.You can try to participate in some pregnant women’s yoga class or Piratt, improve your core muscles and make yourself more energetic.

4. Healthy diet

To ensure a healthy diet, food has the effects of eliminating fatigue, boosting the spirit, and soothing pressure.Pay attention to rejecting "big fish and meat" or "sexual cold diet".Ensure that dietary dishes are diversified and eat less.Ensure the intake of protein, pay attention to controlling the intake of carbohydrates.Insufficient moisture intake every day, insufficient water intake may increase your discomfort, headache and other discomfort.Eat more iron -rich foods to prevent anemia, such as red meat, spinach, and so on.

5. Take a bath, soak your feet

When you are physically and mentally exhausted, you may wish to soak in the bathtub to promote blood circulation, let the tight muscles restore the flexibility, and get out of the fatigue state.However, pay attention to the time should not be too long when taking a bath. It is advisable to slow down in and out of the bathtub for 15-30 minutes. Pay attention to safety.

6. Singing and listening to music

Music can indeed effectively express their inner emotions, soothe and improve their fatigue.I often choose some beautiful, lyrical music or prenatal tapes, which can regulate emotions well.In fact, you don’t have to choose classical music. If you sound comfortable, pop music, jazz music, light music, and even religious music, as long as you like it, you can enjoy it.

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