I also pay attention to drinking chicken soup in confinement. I have to distinguish the rooster and hens clearly. The difference is really large.

As we all know, pregnancy and childbirth will cause some damage to women’s bodies, so during the confinement period, "conditioning" and "food supplement" are eternal themes.

During the condition of confinement, soup soup water is definitely the top priority, and chicken soup is an indispensable nourishing product.

But do you know?Drinking chicken soup during the confinement period is also particular, and eating the wrong will cause a bad impact.

A fan left a message in the background and said his own experience:

When I was born in Dabao, because of many reasons, only her husband took care of it.Perhaps it was the reason for weak constitution. She was very weak after childbirth. She couldn’t afford a little energy and had no energy.

Her husband looked at him anxiously and inquired around, and learned that the chicken soup was very good for her body.

On the same day, her husband and husband asked friends to buy a few old hens from the countryside. Although his craftsmanship was not very good, the effect was significant.Drinking it for a few days in a row, she became more and more energetic, disappearing a little bit.

However, the good times did not last long. She had a little milk, and she gradually felt that the milk was not enough. In the end, she even had a problem of milk return!

Dabao did not drink milk, and was not interested in milk powder. Watching her baby crying hungry, she was really distressed and anxious.

Her mother -in -law and mother were also in a hurry. They called every day and asked if she should not eat anything.But these days, she wanted to eat some small vegetables in addition to drinking chicken soup.

The next afternoon, her mother -in -law suddenly called and asked her what chicken she ate?

She replied: "The old hen he bought from the countryside."

My mother -in -law "Oh": "I said! I said something wrong! I want to eat cocks!"

Later, after listening to her mother -in -law, her husband went to buy a cock again. Sure enough, the milk was returned to normal.

She said that she knew that the choice of the mother and mother was also very important.Don’t look at them, they can strengthen their body, but the impact on breast milk is really different.

Why do you recommend eating cocks during confinement?

In fact, this is not only a folk circulation, but also this suggestion.Deputy Director of the Obstetrics Department of Huainan First People’s Hospital suggested that after one week of production, it is better to eat roosters!

First, hens and female hormones are high.

The mother of the confinement period, especially after the first production, is in the stage of milk.The hen is a "hair product" in Chinese medicine and is rich in estrogen.

If the maternal continues to consume estrogen, it will affect its own hormone level, affect the secretion of prolactin, and is very unfavorable to the milk.

If you really want to eat hens, it is best to wait until the milk is passed, and the effect of estrogen is reduced before eating.

Second, the rooster has milk -cooked effect

The reason why cocks have such a effect is because it is rich in androgens. After the maternal intake, it can fight against the balanced estrogen and help the secretion of prolactin.

Finally, the rooster has a lower fat content

After the mother has just produced, the spleen and stomach function is also relatively poor due to weak health.

However, the fat content of the hens, and the chicken soup is greasy. At this time, it will bring a certain burden to the mother.The rooster has less fat, and the maternal digests better after eating.

Especially for women who are obese in the body, and a mother who wants to control weight, the rooster is the best choice.

In addition, there is another saying in the people that the cocks that have not been cast are hot toxic and are not suitable for mothers.

I don’t think you should listen to the believers. As long as the chicken is not feeded by hormones or lives in a polluted place, you can eat it with confidence.

What should I do for chicken soup?

After solving the problem of cocks, the choice and cooking method of chicken is also very important. These 3 points are best to understand.

First, the choice of chicken

It is best to pay more attention to eating chickens. If the conditions are OK, it is best to choose a black chicken!

Because the fat content of the black chicken is four times lower than that of ordinary chickens, but the protein is higher, and it also contains rich minerals and vitamins.

Of course, the native chickens in the countryside are also good, and they are much stronger than the chicken eating feed.

Second, chicken cooking

Many Baoma feeds that I do n’t like to drink chicken soup, as do many female friends and relatives around me.If you must eat it, it is best to be adjusted into a heavy mouth.

However, pregnant women should not pay attention, and they should pay more attention in the selection of seasonings.For example, pepper, star anise, and fennel are not suitable, it will affect physical recovery, but also affect milk.

Third, the time of cooking

Many people think that the longer the soup must be, the better, but the chicken soup is really not the case.

If the cooking time is too long, the nutritional components will be destroyed, then what is the significance of drinking chicken soup?Is it to increase fat?

It is recommended that you simmer slowly and slowly. Do not take too long for time. You can add some red dates to nourish blood, decomposes greasy, ginger Wenyang, astragalus to nourish qi, and so on.

At the end of the article, I also want to remind everyone that when drinking chicken soup, remember to leave the top -level floating oil.

After all, it is not a nutritional ingredient, but the real fat. It is not comfortable to eat greasy, and it is not good.

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