I almost gave a premature birth during pregnancy, and who had suffered when I was pregnant, who knew it

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body is affected by hormones. Some pregnant mothers can easily feel that they are not energetic, and they are susceptible to tired and tired.Angry or sad crying.

However, most of these physical changes caused by these pregnancy are more common. Even if they appear, they will not cause more serious harm to the body of the pregnant mother.Be surprised.

I am the mother of two children, and both of them are not particularly smooth, and they are even a bit "premature".

When I was pregnant with the first child, it was more than two months behind the due date. I was sleeping in that week. I was very unsatisfactory. I was always cold and hot, and I was particularly afraid of blowing.Bao Dad thought about the health of me and my baby. Although it was a bit hot at that time, Bao Dad, who was usually most afraid of hot, did not dare to turn on the air conditioner. At night, he would not sleep in other rooms to accompany me at night.

It was strange to say that when I started at that time, I felt a little hunch. I felt that the child was not very easy, and I might have to suffer.

As a result, there was no cold and hot body at night, but I still had a low fever when I touched my forehead. Then I felt the pain of my stomach. I knew it before pregnancy.It was not good, but I didn’t say it right away. I was afraid that the whole night was unable to sleep well in the middle of the night.

After about ten minutes after it hurts, it is necessary to go to the hospital. I immediately pushed the Dad who was sleeping next to him, and asked him to clean up and prepare to take me to the hospital.

Bao Dad was probably frightened by my sweaty look. When I first started to get pregnant, the pregnancy reaction was very serious. Bao Da didn’t dare to delay, and immediately dressed and took me to hang the emergency department.

At the hospital, as soon as the doctor checked, it really began to have a contraction. The doctor immediately gave up the hospitalization procedures and let us prepare for psychological preparations. It is likely that it was premature.

As soon as the doctor came out, my husband and I were not scared. They all knew that the functions of premature babies were not developed well. Now I was in a hurry, and the child did not know how much suffering to eat in the future.So my husband and I quickly pleaded with the doctor to try to let the child stay in the stomach for a while.

Fortunately, Dabao was born until the end of his belly.

When I was Huai Erbao, I originally thought about it, and I had experience. In addition, it was so thrilling that this child should be able to be peaceful.I did not expect to have been bleeding since pregnancy. I haven’t stopped from one month of pregnancy. Although the child has not been in the stomach for a long time, only the person who has been a mother can experience it.How unbearable suffering is suffering.

So I started to move around with my husband again, and I took the medicine. I also stayed in the hospital for a while. My mother -in -law also specially moved to my house to take care of me. Finally, I finally conditioned my body and the problem of bleeding was solved.

Later, the child was born safely, which is healthier than children of the same age.

In retrospect, although the situation was really serious at that time, the mother’s worries were also more than a layer. In addition to the baby’s health, what can I worry about?I believe that when you are pregnant or produced, you have encountered some thrilling things. It is better to share and share in the comment area!

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