Husband’s naked disgusting makes his wife collapse!The alarm was unsuccessful 8 times, and finally killed his wife for 6 months

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Catty Dong Shanshan

"Drive the headlights, let her not hang the whole body on the glass!"

Dong Shanshan’s mother was angry and hated, and said the son -in -law’s various abnormal behaviors to her daughter.

Dong Shanshan married her husband for 10 months and was tortured and domestic violence. During the period, he called eight times, but the police refused to investigate the investigation on the grounds of family affairs.

Dong Shanshan, who couldn’t get rid of her husband’s torture, was finally killed by her husband alive after her body, and left the world forever!

However, the husband who was not as good as the beast afterwards was just sentenced to 6 years and 6 months!

Such a judgment makes it difficult for everyone to accept, because everyone can’t imagine how desperate Dong Shanshan was married for 10 months!

How did Dong Shanshan, who was only 26 years old, died step by step?

In 2008, the 25 -year -old Dong Shanshan met Wang Guangyu, who was honest. The young man who was young and simple in the past year made her unable to control herself. She had a flash marriage soon.

Before marriage, Wang Guangyu asked Dong Shanshan to have a lot of vows of the Yue Mountain League, claiming that he would never forget his original intention and treat her well.

But once they get married, after they get their hands, Wang Guangyu is exposed to nature, and often punch and kick Dong Shanshan without reason!

In the evening of the first violence, Dong Shanshan slept early as usual. In the hazy, she heard the sound of opening the door. She knew that Wang Guangyu went to drink and entertain again.

Perhaps it was business that was not smooth, or Wang Guangyu, who had a long back pressure, completely broke out. Without saying a word, he beat his wife and beat him!

After playing and kneeling in front of Dong Shanshan nervously, she begged that she loved her very much, but she lost control tonight and begged her to forgive her fault.

"I assure you, this is definitely the last time, the last time!"

Looking at Wang Guangyu’s "poor" appearance in front of him, Dong Shanshan thought that she had to understand her husband who worked hard and chose to forgive her husband in front of sweet words.

There are only zero and countless times for domestic violence. Dong Shanshan, who has endured and endured, is not the consideration of her husband, but the beginning of a tragedy!

After a while, he began to get more and more presumptuous. As soon as he encountered uncomfortable things, he grabbed Dong Shanshan to fight. Wang Guangyu, who came back late at night, gradually used to getting his wife as a "air tube".

Anyway, as long as you apologize with your mouth, you can continue to violence. After each beat, Wang Guangyu will "brainwash" Dong Shanshan.

Let Dong Shanshan look for problems every time, thinking that forgiveness and blindness can make this relationship and relationship be maintained.

It wasn’t until Wang Guangyu tortured Dong Shanshan even more unmanned that she couldn’t help but choose to resist.

It was not enough to beat. Wang Guangyu began to insult Dong Shanshan, letting her naked in front of herself, punished for two hours, and even let her stand in front of the floor -to -ceiling window!

"Later, sometimes I played half -bed, and after the fight, I finished half -bed and then naked."

Pulling the curtains and holding the electric light, just to see Dong Shanshan’s painful and embarrassing expression.

The physical beating is not enough. Wang Guangyu enjoyed the spiritual insult to Dong Shanshan, which was more terrible than once.

Poor Dong Shanshan did not dare to resist, because she knew that if she had half a sentence, her husband would definitely beat her more violently!

Didn’t Dong Shanshan think about divorce?

Didn’t she think of running away when Wang Guangyu went out?

Dong Shanshan, who was tortured, certainly tried to struggle and escaped. After her husband was insulted, she ran back to her mother’s house and submitted a divorce application to the court.

Seeing the daughter who usually had nothing to worry about, now she is green and purple, and her parents shed tears and distressed their daughters.

But before he had to talk about his daughter, Wang Guangyu "killed" back to Dong Shanshan’s mother’s house, claiming that he would "go home" with his wife!

Seeing this man who turned his daughter into such a look, his mother pulled the daughter to let him take it away, but he couldn’t help him, so he picked up the phone to report the police!

"My daughters all sue to divorce, you are coming to save her!"

But when the police arrive, they make them more desperate and helpless!

"After all, it was just a prosecution, and I haven’t lifted this marriage yet!"

The police believed that this was a family business, because the two had not really lifted the marriage, and the police could not involve such things, and could only "solve it by themselves."

The Dong Shanshan’s family was very desperate after hearing this, but she was helpless. In the end, Wang Guangyu seemed to be in a good part, pulling Dong Shanshan into the car, and Dong Shanshan entered the magic claw again.

After this incident, Wang Guangyu was afraid that Dong Shanshan escaped again and caused the accident and placed her home under house arrest. She also asked her to withdraw a divorce lawsuit.

Dong Shanshan’s parents are looking forward to her daughter’s divorce lawsuit to be resolved as soon as possible, and her daughter can escape from the hell -like claw early.

Late at night on May 12, 2019, when Dong Shanshan was not at home, Dong Shanshan found the opportunity to call the family. She cried and begged her parents to pick her back!

When I heard the daughter’s for help, the old couple didn’t think about it. They rushed to Dong Shanshan’s house overnight, and they were blocked by Wang Guangyu.

He resolutely opposed his wife who brought him back to his "beloved", but the incident has reached such a point. In the anger of Dong Shanshan’s mother, he picked up the fruit knife on the table and stabbed Wang Guangyu!

However, Wang Guangyu caught empty -handed, and blood flowed out of his hand. Looking at the blood on the ground, Wang Guangyu began to feel out of control, randomly scolding, and the old couple saw the situation. He immediately pulled his daughter to escape the magic cave.

Dong Shanshan, who returned home, was no longer the lively and cheerful daughter before marriage. She was bruised in a large area, her body was not finished, and she was severely damaged in spirit. She sat on the sofa.

Before being threatened by Wang Guangyu, she forced the divorce application and punched her and kicked her. One dozen was a whole night, causing Dong Shanshan to suffer from serious mental illness!

Dong Shanshan who returned home was also unable to settle down. I do n’t know if it was beaten by Wang Guangyu’s family. She often subconsciously hugged her head and did not dare to contact outsiders.

Soon after, she left a letter to her parents, claiming that she was afraid of being involved in her parents, because Wang Guangyu often threatened her. If he really divorced or escaped, he would go back to his mother’s house to find her, and his parents would be hurt!

At this time, she was desperate. She was no longer entrusted in the alarm and divorce lawsuit, because she tried too many times, and the final result was to be caught back and twice!

The 27 -year -old Dong Shanshan had no light in his heart. His parents thought that her daughter could escape the devil’s claws, so she didn’t think much.

If this is the case, it will be fine in the past, but domestic violence has not stopped because of the big trouble this time.

Three months later, on August 11th, Dong Shanshan returned to her mother’s house again, but this time she was worse than any time. She dragged her body without her body, and her fragmented body fell to the ground, squatting on the corner of the corner!

"I saw it away, I can’t see the eye!"

Looking at the daughter who was about to scatter, her mother couldn’t speak, and she cried just holding her poor daughter. She knew in her heart that her daughter was tortured by the devil again!

It turned out that Dong Shanshan chose to run away from home to protect her parents, but was found by Wang Guangyu shortly after escaping, but did not take her home. Instead, she was taken to a remote village in Hebei to fight her for 15 days!

Dong Shanshan has long been overwhelmed because of her long -term beating and depression. At this time, Dong Shanshan has basically maintained her life by thinking. In these 15 days, she is unable to help and hopeless.Intersection

But this is not over yet. In order to "teach" the wife who fled from her side, Wang Guangyu brought her back to another residence in Beijing. One month before and after, she performed her seven or eight times to poison her!

Until the last time, Wang Guangyu kicked her from his abdomen to the brain, and he played at her whole body, from the living room to the bedroom, until Dong Shanshan curled up on the bed and motionless, and he stopped his hands pantingly.

Dong Shanshan, who woke up after a coma, returned to her home with almost deformed body. The mother and mother saw this poor daughter, except for distressing!

She watched her daughter’s stomach swelled and asked if she was pregnant, but her daughter shook her head, just covering her stomach and saying it hurt …

The helpless mother could only take her daughter to the police station to call the police again, but the police still felt that this was not intentional, but a family affairs.

Watching Dong Shanshan’s body was full of injuries, they did not feel sorry, but they just claimed that if they were minor injuries, they called her husband over to coordinate. If it was seriously injured, then go to heal.coordination.

The mothers who were gritted their teeth had no other way. They took their daughter to the hospital for examination and treatment, but never thought that this time in the hospitalization, her daughter’s life also reached the end.

"The stomach is already bulging, it is cracked, the lungs have lacerations, and all of them are blood."

As time passed, Dong Shanshan finally died on October 19, 2009 due to various complications infections that caused liver failure.

At this point, her 27 -year short life ended, and she completely escaped the tragic marriage of 10 months.

What is not convinced after order is that the local procuratorate believes that the two are husbands and wives, not intentional injuries, and investigate Wang Guangyu for abuse. Finally, he sentenced to 6 years and 6 months in prison!

Dong Shanshan’s beautiful youth is at the age of 26. Is the Dong family hated the life of her daughter, is it worth only 6 and a half years?

The follow -up of this incident was that Wang Guangyu was released from prison due to his good performance. He got married again after he was released from prison for three and a half years, and was sued again due to domestic violence.

Many times they can never solve things blindly. When encountering difficulties, learn to ask for help from the outside world. Many women need to pick up legal weapons to protect themselves when they suffer illegal treatment and avoid becoming the second or countless Dong Shanshan!

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