Husband’s monthly salary is 3500, and the nephew is 5,000 New Year’s money. His wife is revenge.


Many people once firmly believed that marriage was a matter of two people, which had nothing to do with others, but after giving birth to a child, he was beaten by himself!Marriage is definitely a matter of two families, not to say that I do not understand this before, but there are some things

It really can only be understood after you experience it.


The ideal marriage that each girl imagined before marriage is to get out of their beloved men from their native families, form their little family, and take each other’s parents as friends.It is not on a channel at all.


Marriage and marriage, to put it plainly, it is not this person who marries, but the entire family behind this person.As a result, it is necessary to look at each other’s family and character before getting married.If you want to marry, you must marry a person who passs a character and pass the family.Looking at the homeland is not to look at whether his family is rich and powerful, but to see the lifestyle and family atmosphere of his family.


Love only in front of the eyes is not good. If you want to end forever, you must plan to plan the future. Some people say that marriage is ridiculous to consider family situations, but what I want to say is that it is stupid to not consider the marriage of family situations.After all, marriage is a lifetime. Except for yourself, no one will pay for you.


1. How terrible to marry a family of heavy men and women


Some time ago, I accidentally saw a woman in her 30s who talked about something that happened to her in the video in the video. The story in one of the videos made me remember it.A lot of changes …


The hostess of the story is Xia Jing, and the current husband Wang Hai is introduced through the wedding center. The two people first saw that the impression of the two sides was not bad. Xia Jing was a more traditional girl. She and every girl thought about it.In the same way, find a honest and reliable person to live a lifetime. Wang Hai happens to be such a person. Naturally, the two get married.


After half a year of marriage, when the husband and wife were chatting, Wang Hai accidentally said that he was the eldest son in the family. His mother hoped that she could give birth to the first grandson at home.There was a boy or a girl. At that time, he did not take the words of her husband to heart, and it was not something she could decide to have a boy and a girl.


It didn’t take long for Xia Jing to find that her holiday was postponed for many days. On the way home from work, Xia Jing passed a pharmacy and went in to buy a test paper to go home to test. She found that she was pregnant.The news told Wang Hai that after a while, Wang Hai hurriedly ran home from the unit. After getting a positive news, Wang Hai told his mother about this, and her mother -in -law was particularly happy when she heard it.


The next day, her mother -in -law stewed the chicken soup to see Xia Jing, and said to Xia Jing with a smile that she often dreamed of a lot of jujube trees in the evening. It turned out that Guanyin sent us Guanyin to the grand grandson. Xia Jing said casually.Boys and women are the same, I especially want a daughter.


After the mother -in -law heard it, her face suddenly pulled down. Wang Hai saw that her mother’s face was wrong, and then she said to her mother that Xia Jing joked with you. We must give you a big grandson … After hearing this, the mother -in -law laughed.


After her mother -in -law left, Xia Jing was very unhappy to say to her husband, is it so important to have a boy?What society is now.Unexpectedly, Wang Hai said to Xia Jing: "I must have a child, otherwise I will get old in the future. Who will give me the end of my elderly? I can’t let my incense be broken in my generation!"It ’s been a long time for a daughter to have a daughter.


Seeing the concept of her husband and mother -in -law for giving birth to boys and women, Xia Jingxin wanted to do not expect that they had so seriously that they were so serious about men and women?If this problem was discovered earlier, would she choose her husband?A voice in her heart is reminding her that she will marry, because you love him, even if he is a male light and a woman, you will choose him.


2. Boys and girls determine your status in your family


When Xia Jing was pregnant, Wang Hai’s brother -in -law was pregnant. His mother -in -law became more and more happy. When he saw someone, he said that my life was so good. I had two grandchildren, and I was excited to prepare all the items of the two children.


During pregnancy, Xia Jing has always wanted to eat sour, and his brother -in -law has always wanted to eat spicy food. Seeing their eating habits, at the dinner table, her mother -in -law told them that she especially liked to eat acid when she was pregnant, so he gave birth toTwo sons, sour girls, yes, sour people will definitely have a son.My mother -in -law looked at Xia Jing’s eyes a little more happy, and she looked a little more disgust when she saw her brother and daughter -in -law’s eyes.


After a meal, my mother -in -law called Xia Jing aside and took out a red envelope from her pocket to Xia Jing, saying that this money was given you to make up for you. Be sure to take care of my eldest grandson.After lacking nutrition, in the face of her mother -in -law’s move, Xia Jing was happy and worried. What if she gave birth to her daughter?


Xia Jing spent worried every day, and finally when she was in production, her mother -in -law and husband waited anxiously in front of the delivery room. After several hours of pain, Xia Jing was finally born. When the nurse came out of the delivery room, she told Wang Hai and him.The mother, they gave birth to a cute daughter, and before Xia Jing came out of the delivery room, Wang Hai and his mother left the hospital.Only Xia Jing’s mother has been with her to be discharged, and Wang Hai and his mother have never seen Xia Jing during this period.


When I got home, my mother -in -law had never seen her daughter once, and Wang Hai’s cries of her daughter had never been patiently comforted, and even the name was just a blind blindness.


One week after Xia Jing gave birth to the child, the brother -in -law and daughter -in -law also ushered in the day of production. When the uncle called from the hospital to the house and told his mother -in -law and his daughter -in -law had a son, the mother -in -law heard the sorrow on the back of his face disappear, his mouth, his mouth, his mouth, his mouth, his mouth, his mouth, his mouth, his mouth, his mouth disappeared.I kept thinking: "I finally have my grandson, it’s better to be a second daughter -in -law, unlike some people …"


When Xia Jing heard these words, tears flowed unconsciously.And the husband next to it did not notice this at all. In this way, the younger and daughter -in -law who did not be valued because of the grandson, and the status at home gradually increased. The mother -in -law was serving the chicken soup and fish soup every day.Xia Jing, the mother -in -law’s method of rough tea, also endured these practices. What made her most unbearable was that her husband was very reliable about her nephew.


3. The monthly salary of the husband is 3500, the nephew is 5,000 New Year’s money, the wife is revenge, and the husband is completely clear.


Xia Jing knew that she had giving birth to her daughter, and the thoughts of their husbands and mother -in -law who were male and female. In the next day, he and his daughter were definitely not good at home, but for her daughter, she had been endured.Xia Jing and her daughter did not have any status at home, and they were not treated.My mother -in -law’s attitude towards her daughter and the attitude of her nephew is simply a sky and underground. Even her husband treats his nephew better than his biological daughter. Xia Jing doesn’t understand. Is the boy really so important to them?


What happened next made Xia Jinghan completely,


Wang Hai is just a grass -roots employee of the company. He is salary of 3,500 yuan per month. Two people also live tightly. Xia Jing usually dare not buy anything, but Wang Hai is particularly generous to his nephew.When you go out, Wang Hai will buy a lot of toys for his nephew. He never saw Wang Hai buy any gifts for his daughter. What makes Xia Jing most angry is that this year’s Spring Festival, Wang Hai even wrapped a 5,000 yuan red envelope for his nephew. Xia Jing thoughtI don’t understand, asking her husband why, my husband replied: "We have only one daughter, and when we grow up in the future, who will get married, who will give us the end of the elderly. Now it is better to him. In the future, he will not be bad to us."


Xia Jing thought that Wang Hai thought of this matter too simple. The little nephew had his parents to raise. Can you get the number?Therefore, Xia Jing’s thoughts had the idea of revenge on her husband. He was ready to let her husband realize some of his mistakes, sober and sober!So one night, after the child was in school, she asked her daughter to take her little nephew to her home for dinner. On the dinner table, Xia Jing deliberately asked the little nephew, "Little nephew, wait for us to live with us, can you live with us?We are so nice to you, waiting for us to get old, are you good for us? "


The little nephew crooked his head and thought about it, "My dad said, you should be good to me, who makes me the only boy at home? When I grow up, I want to raise my father and my motherAnd grandma, you have your own daughter, you can let him raise you, why should I raise you? You have nothing to do with me. "


Xia Jing looked at her husband sitting aside and didn’t say a word for a long time. Xia Jing’s approach made her husband completely clear. Realizing that her previous mistakes were realized, the thoughts of men and women were really too feudal.After meals, Wang Hai has been unhappy. His sensible daughter, seeing his father unhappy, ran to his father, touched his father’s face and said that his brother would not support you, I raise you!With a daughter’s words, her husband burst into tears.


After this incident, Wang Hai’s attitude towards her daughter has changed a lot. He will accompany her daughter to play with her daughter every week. I buy a lot of gifts she likes for her daughter.Our family relationship has also been greatly improved, and the family lives a happy and happy life.


If raising is to prevent old age, why talk about the greatness of mother’s love?The daughter can also prevent the elderly, the daughter is also the pillar of the family, and the daughter can continue the incense.Some things sometimes have to be in the end, and there is no need to force it when there is no!


Xia Jing in the story is a very smart woman. When she is a problem with her family, she does not choose to quarrel, but to find the correct solution to let her husband recognize her mistake, so as to save her family.It hurts during the growth process!


We are willing to live under the five -star red, resist all feudal thoughts, and advance to socialist modernization civilization!


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