Husbands know the wife’s reaction after pregnancy!

The matter of pregnancy is that two artificial came out, but when I found that when I was pregnant, the woman knew first. At this time, the woman would tell the man and then look at the man’s response. After all, the child was a matter of two people.

Not to mention that the man’s response at this time is very important. If the response at that time was very cold, and even showed unwillingness, the woman would be sad, and even did not ask the man’s opinion, and made some ignorance without authorization.decision.

Therefore, many people will pay much attention to the first reaction after the man knows the woman after pregnancy. The following is something recorded by some netizens. You can see it together.Ah, proper envy.


My husband knew that when I was pregnant, I was calm. Oh, I opened the door and went out to work. But I was standing in the living room at home.When I go to work, I think about this matter and wait for work, and ask the real thoughts of my husband.

Then at 8:50, he sent a message.

"Wife, don’t you go to the company?"

"Just arrive"


I don’t care too much


"Wife, are you hungry?"

"Not hungry"


I’m a little strange, what’s so much today?


"Wife, are you hungry?"

"No, what are you doing?"



"Wife, do you want to eat?"

"I want to eat a bit"

"Then you come down, I’m downstairs in your company"


"There are corn steamed dumplings, soy milk, milk, soon, I can’t go up"

I’m ready, he posted again

"No, no, do you go slowly, do you go and know slowly?"

I finally knew that he was not as calm on the surface, and that day, I remembered it very well.

@From early morning to sun and twilight

For half a year of pregnancy, we were all ready to fight for a long -term battle.

Both were teachers. They made up lessons for students in the summer vacation. In the morning, I got up with the ghosts to measure the pregnancy test stick. A shallow second bar appeared. I dare not determine the pregnancy.After a HCG, the hospital called the results the next morning.

Then I went to class for the students. At more than 6 o’clock in the evening, the hospital was already out of work.The hospital tries to see if the result can be obtained. Fortunately, there is a nurse on duty at the blood -drawing window. I got the result and showed it to a gynecologist. After confirming that she was pregnant, she was given to her husband.

My husband was in class, and I told him that his family status would have fallen again by one level. This product thought I made a lot of money, so he wanted to give me a cattle for me.

When he told him that when he was a father, he was still going to class for the students. Before the phone was hung up, he heard that he told the student: I want to be a father, and my wife is pregnant.

It feels so shameful, this will also tell students.


Putting me up in WeChat.

Before you were pregnant, put various jobs to the top, and gave him "a few times, and wanted him to put me to the top, and never succeeded.

After knowing that I was pregnant, suddenly one day, I saw his WeChat and found that I only put me up alone.

I guess I want to appear when I need it as soon as I need it ~


When my mother found out that I was pregnant with my brother, my dad seemed to be particularly calm and said, "Okay, then you pay attention to safety, don’t go to walk the dog today."

After five minutes, called me "What about your mother?"

"Where is the sofa at home?"

After another five minutes, I called my brother, "What about your mother?"

"At home."


After another five minutes, I called me "Mom, what about my wife?"

"Sitting at home."

"Thank you mom."

Then I called my mother in five minutes, "Where are you my wife?"

"I’m at home. I can’t run."

"Good wife."

Since there, in addition to brushing bowls for cooking, she paved the bed with a large blanket and small blanket on the pillow, washing the cat and walking the dog, soaked the feet to the bed.

@ @哈 胡

He did not respond. To be honest, it seemed a bit unacceptable (at that time I was still a little uncomfortable), very silent, his expression was serious, and he was not as happy as other answers and TV series.

I am also surprised by myself. I have never conceived for eight years, and suddenly I am pregnant, and I am very aggressive.

But the next day, he suddenly changed his personal, so that I did not go to work, raised a good tire, and then went to the kitchen to make meals. Later, I made me lobsters (because I have always wanted to eat, I have never eaten it)Elastic

The next days are all kinds of instructions, all kinds of inaccurate eating … until nine months old, I will wash my feet, cut my feet, wear shoes, and walk with me every night (no matter how tired I work overtime)Elastic

Now think about it, know that he may have thought a lot of night that night …

At that moment, he was very surprised. I might get a momentary happiness, but the long -lasting care and care for the long time made me very happy during pregnancy to make me more happy.


Send the test results into the family, excitedly told his sister that you are going to be a uncle!

The two months were calm, just watching me eat and go to the toilet. The bathroom was affixed with a non -slip pad. The housework was rushing to do it. Seeing that I vomited, I took the paper and took the paper. Anyway, he had always been intimate.

Later, one night after thinking about the child’s name, he was suddenly happy and proud that I was going to be a dad, and I had a baby!The reflex arc is a bit long.EssenceEssence


My husband knew that when I was pregnant, I didn’t have the joy of crying, and I was not excited to cheer. I told him that the pregnancy test stick was two lines.When I was going to see the evidence, when I saw the pregnancy test stick, he stunned for a while, and then smirked at me.

The whole process of knowing is bland, but in the whole pregnancy, my husband completely changed a person.

The first four months of pregnancy was severe, and he could only eat it for a while. He could only eat a little bit for a while. He insisted on getting up early for breakfast every day. Whenever I was hungry, he would give me food.

In the middle of pregnancy, he had a good appetite, and he took care of me in detail (he was still lazy at the beginning). Now, in the third trimester, I was ice and snow outside, and my stomach was inconvenient to drive.

I am very fortunate that my husband is a free career and can have enough time to accompany me.

Now I will wait for the baby to come out to see if my husband will be transformed into a super dad.

@ @浠 浠

I remember the third day when the holiday delayed that day, my ghost made the ghost use the pregnancy test stick, and the colorful color was two rods.When he got a white eye, he rushed to the toilet wore a pair of underwear.

Then that day the fool sang a small song and twisted his butt to wash his clothes happily. I guess that this is the first time he is so willing to do housework.

Go to the hospital for blood testing and see him. See him one by one to notify his family and friends. Even parents have to call them. I feel like watching a mentally retarded child.

The others were not very clear, just remember the mouth that he was about to be behind his ears all day.

@Pork guy

One day I went home from get off work, and I had been at 9 o’clock in the evening to ten o’clock in the evening, and then I heard a man saying to the people around you happily, "I want to be a dad, hahahahahaha ha ha ha ha, I want to be a should be a should be a should be a should be a should be a should be a should be a. Dad! "

Then he laughed and said gently in his mouth, "I’m going to be a father!"

His wife smiled with her head on the side, holding her mobile phone with both hands, and should tell the news about the news. At that moment, I felt that the world was cheering around them.

So, do you remember what your husband knows what you react when you are pregnant?

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