Husband suffers from non -sperm, but his wife is pregnant. After giving birth to a child, I know that everything is a conspiracy

Wang Xiaojing and Sun Yang were college classmates. When they were in college, they talked about love. They loved each other very much. They got married before they graduated. They were full of expectations for the future.

Wang Xiaojing particularly likes children. She often looks forward to the warm picture of their husband and wife and children, but after 3 years of marriage, Wang Xiaojing’s stomach has never moved.

Not to mention that the in -laws are anxious, Wang Xiaojing is also anxious.

Therefore, she took her husband to the hospital for an examination. The result of the examination was that the husband had no spermosis, which was a great blow for both of them.

There was no word on the way home when they returned home. Sun Yang was worried that he was worried that he could not have children. Wang Xiaojing would leave himself.

And Wang Xiaojing was also very contradictory. She loved Sun Yang very much, but she wanted to be a mother, she wanted to have her own children. She struggled inside and didn’t know what to do.

After a period of time, the two went to work normally, and no one mentioned this. When Sun Yang thought that Wang Xiaojing would not leave himself, Wang Xiaojing suddenly filed a divorce to Sun Yang: Sun Yang, we divorced you, I love you very much, I love you very much, I love you very much., But I can’t accept that I can’t have my own children.sorry.

Sun Yang refused. He didn’t want to give up the family like this and gave up this woman he loved. He tried to save it. From time to time, he sent Wang Xiaojing to some gifts to make her happy, and also took Xiaojing to travel and scattered.Consciousness.

For Xiao Jing, in addition to having a child, she did not give up her husband, and her heart began to shake. She thought they could adopt a child.

When Wang Xiaojing hesitated to divorce, an accident happened, making this incident a new ending.

One night, Wang Xiaojing went home for a bit late. When she walked to a secluded place alone, her back of her head suddenly hurt, and then fainted to the ground. When she woke up, she found that she was inaccurate and had some pain in her body.She immediately understood that she was raped.

Her first reaction is to call the police, but this will be pointed out by others. How should life live, and her husband may not be able to accept it. Then this family is completely over.Conceal the matter to her husband.

Life is as usual, and after another month, Wang Xiaojing’s menstruation has been postponed for several days. She had never been postponed before. She thought about what happened a month ago.It will be pregnant.

Wang Xiaojing went to the hospital to check, but he was really pregnant.

Wang Xiaojing was sitting in the chair of the hospital. This was a long -awaited thing, but the child came in this case. How should she explain to her husband?Can the husband accept it?

Or crack the child?But this may be her only opportunity to be a mother. She is not willing to kill it, although she does not know who the child’s biological father is.

After painful struggle, he decided to tell her husband that she wanted to leave the child.

Wang Xiao stood up and told her husband to be raped a month ago, and she was pregnant. After listening, her husband jumped up from the sofa: What, being raped, and pregnant?

After the husband was excited, he calmed down slowly. He grabbed his head in pain, and Wang Xiaojing looked at such a painful husband and said deeply: Let’s divorce.

After listening to the words, the husband did not lift his head. After a while, the husband suddenly said: Let the child give birth, let’s raise him together.

Wang Xiaojing was shocked by her husband’s decision, and was very happy at the same time, and she was grateful to her husband at the bottom.She thought that she would be better to her husband in the future, and to run the family well, their family will be very happy.

During Wang Xiaojing’s entire pregnancy, her husband also cared about Xiao Jing and often made her delicious. This almost made Wang Xiaojing forget that the child was not a husband.

In a blink of an eye, the child was born and was a daughter. One month later, the child was full of the moon. The family invited relatives and friends to make a lively wine for the children.

Just as everyone was happy to eat and chat, a friend joked: Sun Yang, this child does not look like you.

This is a joke, but when Sun Yang listened, he was extremely harsh. Sun Yang’s face was hacked. Relatives and friends did not notice Sun Yang’s expression, but all this was seen by Wang Xiaojing.Understanding the feelings of her husband was very distressed, and Wang Xiaojing quickly turned the topic.

After that, Sun Yang, who had known the cold and hot, rarely was willing to hug the child, coax the child, and often drinking outside, and went home late.

Sometimes when I got home, I stared at the child at the child’s bedside.

And all this Wang Xiaojing looked at it. She did not blame her husband. She was willing to give her husband time and let him take it slowly. She still cared for her husband as usual, and only waited for him to accept it slowly.

One day, the husband stared at the child at the head of the child, and the child looked at him as if he was saying hello to him, but he said: What to see, and then send you to Li Dehua’s family to live a bitter life.go.

It happened to be heard by Wang Xiaojing. What did the husband say? Who is Li Dehua, and she asked her husband: who Li Dehua is.The husband was obscure.

After that, Wang Xiaojing asked who Li Dehua was, and the husband would say impatiently: You are annoying, not to tell you, he is a colleague, I just said casually, it is not interesting.

After that, Wang Xiaojing did not dare to ask again.

It didn’t take long for Wang Xiaojing to understand who Li Dehua was.

That day, Wang Xiaojing packed things at home. When she packed the cabinet, she found a file bag, which made her open the file bag, which was an agreement. When she saw the above content, she almost fainted.

The content on the agreement is that Sun Yang hired Li Dehua to rape Wang Xiaojing. Afterwards, Li Dehua paid 10,000 yuan. Sun Yang also promised that if the matter was exposed, he would bear all responsibility.

Wang Xiaojing did not expect that his painful encounter was the conspiracy of his favorite person.

Wang Xiao was calm and couldn’t care about her face. She went to the police station to report the case that day. Her husband Sun Yang and Li Dehua were arrested and brought to justice.

There are agreements. Some children and Li Dehua’s parent -child identification are evidence. Both pleaded guilty and were sentenced to six years in prison.

It turned out that Sun Yang checked the azoa at that time. Wang Xiaojing proposed a divorce. Sun Yang did not want Wang Xiaojing to leave, and thought of such a bad idea. If Wang Xiaojing was raped and conceived her child, she would accept her and her children.He lived with him to live with him.

However, he did not expect that things were revealed, the family was scattered, and his wife became an enemy, and he was still in jail.

Sun Yang regretted it.

In marriage, there are many ways to solve the problem. The couple should be frankly spoken their own ideas, find a suitable solution, and should not satisfy the other person at the cost of betraying the harm.

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