Husband returned late, and the wife cried with her child holding her child, and her husband was indifferent to seeing this

Many men want to get married quickly when they get married, but never think about whether they can bear the responsibility of the family.

In their opinion, as long as they work by themselves, it is the responsibility of the family. I do not know that the complexity of this family life is beyond their imagination.

There is such a man who still does not change his habit of drinking drink after getting married, which makes his wife sad.

He and his wife met on a blind date. His wife felt that he was honest and simple, and he had a good opinion of him.The two got married after half a year.

One month after marriage, his wife was pregnant.At that time, he was very happy that he kept his wife at home every day, which made his wife feel that he was a good man in Gu’s family.

After staying at home for two months, he felt that this life was too boring, so he often went out to drink and dinner with friends, and ignored his wife.

After his wife gave birth to a child, he was full of joy and stayed at home for more than ten days, and began to drink every three forks.His wife was very dissatisfied with him. He repeatedly persuaded him not to listen, and he was still doing it.

On this day, his wife called him and said that her mother would come to see her in a few days. She hoped that her husband could go home early and help look at the child.It looks like.

The husband promised to be good, but he went to drink at night.He was very late when he arrived at home, and his wife was sitting in bed and crying.

I thought he saw this scene and would admit his mistake to his wife and say something warm to his wife.Who knew that he was indifferent, but lay directly in bed to sleep.

But his wife’s cry made him unable to fall asleep. He shouted to his wife: When he wanted to cry, he went to the living room to cry, making me unable to sleep.The wife heard him saying that he cried evenly.

He knew that he was drinking late and his wife was unhappy, but he didn’t feel that he was wrong. As a man, he worked hard every day. Isn’t it normal to go to drink at night?The wife just watched the child at home to do housework.

His wife was sad to see him so unhappy.His wife understood that his work was hard, but he could not see him, but he thought he enjoyed a blessing at home.But he didn’t know how much energy he needed to take care of a child, and he had to do housework.

His wife understands that he has nothing to do with him, and he still cannot realize his hard work.So she no longer cried, and she no longer disturbed her husband, but took her child to sleep in the guest room.

On the next day, she threw her child to her husband and asked her husband to clean up the housework, and she went to go shopping with her girlfriend.

This day is too long for her husband. At this time, he realized that what his wife had to do every day was harder than his own work.

Since then, he changed the habit of drinking. After get off work, he quickly went home and took the initiative to help his wife clean up housework and take care of the children. The relationship between the two was getting better and better.

Author’s point of view:

The wife is very smart, understanding that practice is more convincing than preaching.Only by letting her husband experience his life can he see his dedication.

Many men always treat their children’s housework as a very leisurely job. In fact, men who have not taken their children to do housework, and they are not qualified to say such things at all.

Most men think their wives are leisurely because their work has no criteria.If you are a employee, the company will formulate corresponding salary standards for your performance.

But his wife did not have income at home to do housework, so in the eyes of men, their efforts were not worthy, so that men felt that the wife was at home to enjoy the blessing.

If a man always looks at his wife with such a mentality and ignores his wife’s dedication, then most of this marriage will not be happy.

Therefore, the man who has been married must face up to his wife’s dedication, know how to think in other places, think about his wife, and also take the initiative to help his wife bring a baby to housework, so that the family relationship can be harmonious.

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