Husband likes your wife unbearable!8 times the alarm was invalid, and the crime of killing his wife was sentenced to 6 months

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"The whole body is dark, the belly is old, and the internal organs are crumpled."

This is the scene when Dong Shanshan was in a hurry to promote the rescue room.

Even the top experts in the hospital shook their heads directly after watching it, "His survival is almost impossible."

Hold her hand tightly and forcibly close her naked body on the glass, hoping that everyone outside can see it.

When Dong Shanshan’s mother faced the reporter, she accused the son -in -law’s metamorphosis.

One week after Dong Shanshan was admitted to the hospital, she died quickly, and the court tried her husband.

However, the final result of the trial aroused the dissatisfaction of many people. Why was he only sentenced to six years and six months?

Today we will review the situation that happened at the time, and explore why the abnormal husband killed her to his wife?

Dong Shanshan is an authentic Beijing girl. She has been lively since she was a child and likes to play with her friends.

At some time in 2008, Dong Shanshan met Wang Guangyu. At that time, she only met at a party, and she didn’t care too much.

However, a few days later, Wang Guangyu suddenly called her, expressing that she wanted to invite her to go out for dinner.

Although Dong Shanshan did not remember this person, she did not think it would be dangerous to eat together, so she agreed and expressed her hope to bring her good friends together.

Wang Guangyu also agreed, and drove his own luxury car on the day of agreed, and was very fashionable.

The three of them met in a restaurant.

After arriving at the restaurant, Wang Guangyu always showed his strength intentionally or unintentionally.

He stated that he was engaged in export trade, made a lot of money, and repeatedly emphasized his high education, emotional intelligence and many friends.

Although both girls felt that this person was exaggerated, they still endured dinner together out of politeness.

However, they did not expect that as soon as they finished eating, Wang Guangyu confessed to Dong Shanshan, saying that she fell in love with her as soon as she saw her.

He also said that he was not good at expressing, he didn’t know how he just showed it, and hoped to get Dong Shanshan’s response.

Dong Shanshan looked at the shy man in front of him and felt a little funny, but did not agree directly, but said that the two were not very familiar and needed some time to consider.

So this matter came to an end. Although Wang Guangyu was not outstanding in appearance, his shyness and sincerity made Dong Shanshan very moved.

Surprisingly, the next day, Wang Guangyu came again. He went around Dong Shanshan every day, not only invited her to eat various foods, but also bought her clothes and shoes.

A few weeks later, Dong Shanshan felt that the man was really good to her, so she was moved by his sincerity and gradually fell in love with him.

So they were together smoothly, and soon they saw each other’s parents.

Dong Shanshan told her parents: "Although Wang Guangyu is not a handsome type, he must be my real Prince of the White Horse. He will always protect me."

His parents were very happy to hear his affirmation of him.

In addition, when Wang Guangyu came to the house as a guest, he was very polite and seemed to be an honest person, so they all felt that this person was the right choice.

After nine months of love, the two walked into the palace of marriage and became a happy newlywed couple that made outsiders envy.

But in fact, Dong Shanshan’s nightmare has just begun.

This is the scene when Dong Shanshan was sent to the intensive care unit. Her face showed obvious swelling and purple, showing the vicissitudes of years.

And her abdomen full of bruises and high -rise, not because of pregnancy, but beating.

The doctor explained to the reporter that he said that Dong Shanshan was not pregnant at all, but was full of blood in his body.

Because her lungs and other internal organs were severely hit, all blood accumulated in her abdomen. Due to the changes in pressure in the abdominal cavity, the abdomen was swollen.

The doctor then gave Dong Shanshan’s parents a diagnosis, and the symptoms described above were scary.

Multiple damage, a large amount of bleeding in the body, severe abrasion of the limbs, and severe blood stasis.

The doctor was also shocked by this. He said: "This serious injury is like the patients were beaten by a group of people, and they were impacted from all directions."

Many doctors and nurses are discussing this girl. The hospital sent a rescue team composed of a number of doctors to discuss how to save Dong Shanshan and get rid of death.

However, all doctors have expressed extreme concerns. They have never seen such serious domestic violence in the past few decades. Dong Shanshan’s possibility of surviving is almost zero.

Many people think that Wang Guangyu is a premeditated murderer, and he has a vicious place, intending to put the girl to death.

However, this is not the first time that Dong Shanshan has suffered domestic violence.

Just married, Wang Guangyu has shown his true nature.

Three months after getting married, Wang Guangyu called his mother -in -law and said that his wife ran away from home.Despite his mother -in -law, he was still reluctant to disclose what happened.

Mother Dong was very unable to understand. She knew her daughter, and her daughter could not leave home for no reason. This must be for a reason.

However, the most urgent thing now is to find her daughter as soon as possible, but no matter how my mother contacts, it cannot be contacted with her daughter.

Three days have passed, and the whole family searches her around, but still gains nothing.

Unexpectedly, seven days later, Dong Shanshan returned to her mother’s house herself.

Mother Dong hurriedly asked her daughter what happened.

She told her mother Wang Guangyu often to abuse her, and sometimes even vent her emotions for no reason.

At first she only thought that this was because her husband was under too stressful outside, and she would lose her temper.

However, it was unexpected that Wang Guangyu gradually began to do her, and she was very ruthless every time. She always had to beat her all the time.

Dong Shanshan once mentioned a divorce to him, but Wang Guangyu immediately apologized and confessed immediately after hearing, and said that he would always protect her.

At first Dong Shanshan believed his sincere repentance, but less than a week after an apology, Wang Guangyu began his domestic violence.

As a result, this vicious cycle continued -domestic violence, apology, apology, and domestic violence.

Dong Shanshan was caught in the pain that could not escape, while Wang Guangyu used apologies and self -reflection to save her again and again.

Therefore, she can only choose to escape, and only by leaving her husband can avoid being hit again.

Dong Shanshan’s mother told reporters that the situation of Shanshan was very bad at that time. She often curled up alone in the corner, her eyes were empty, and she even lost her self -control.

Sometimes when she was sleeping at night, she suddenly woke up, and then shouted: "Please, don’t hit me anymore."

This made Ms. Dong very heartbroken. She quickly took her to see the doctor, and the psychologist told them that Dong Shanshan suffered from severe depression.

However, Wang Guangyu quickly came to the door and pretended to be sincere to admit his mistakes. He said that he would treat his wife well in the future and resolutely no longer violent.

However, it was surprising that Wang Guangyu took her home after an apology.But we can imagine that domestic violence not only happened once or countless times, but Wang Guangyu did not really regret it.

Soon, Dong Shanshan became the victim of her husband’s beating again.One day, due to work, Wang Guangyu returned home very late. When he arrived at home, his wife had fallen asleep.

However, looking at the sleeping wife, he suddenly became angry, grabbed her hair, dragged her on the ground, and beaten her.

In the voice of his wife’s begging, Wang Guangyu felt more and more excited. He continued to torture his wife until late at night.

Just when Dong Shanshan thought it was finally over, he suddenly turned on the lights inside the house, took off all her clothes, and then pushed her to the window.

Moreover, he also tightened his wife’s body to the window, holding her hard, and said, "Let everyone see you the damn woman."

This incident is undoubtedly the last blow to her heart collapse for Dong Shanshan.

Therefore, only four months of marriage, she hurriedly submitted a divorce application to the court, and she must end this marriage.

However, as soon as he submitted a divorce application, Wang Guangyu took a group of brothers to his mother -in -law’s house, and they would take Dong Shanshan away on the spot.

Mother Dong certainly disagreed, but the other people had a lot of people, and she had to call the police.

After the police arrived, Wang Guangyu converged slightly, but the police said that this was a "family business", so they could not interfere too much and could only try their best to mediate.

Therefore, Dong Shanshan was eventually taken away by Wang Guangyu, and Ms. Dong lost contact with her daughter since then, but she could only wait anxiously, but could not do it.

As soon as he returned home, Dong Shanshan was immediately abused and threatened.Wang Guangyu said to her, "If you do not cancel the divorce application, you will have a good life." He even said that he would hurt Dong Shanshan’s parents.Under the continuous psychological and physical torture, she chose to revoke the application.

However, a month later, she fled again and wrote a letter to her parents.

She said that she felt that the problem could not be solved, and divorce was impossible. She had only one thought in her heart, that is, leaving him.

Mother Dong thought that her daughter could really escape Wang Guangyu’s control this time, but what she did not expect was:

The daughter was captured again.

And this time the fleeing only persisted for more than a month. Once arrested, Dong Shanshan was immediately tortured by non -human.

The daughter told her mother that the number of times had reached twelve times.

And once, Wang Guangyu not only beat her abdomen and head with his fist, but also kicked her fiercely, kicked from the foot of the bed to the door, and stopped until she completely lost consciousness.

During this time, Ms. Dong reported to the police eight times, but she was returned because of inconvenient family disputes.

One week after hospitalization, the doctor announced that Dong Shanshan had died. She never waited for divorce, but waited for death.

In the end, the court ruled that Wang Guangyu was sentenced to six years and six months in prison and compensated Dong Shanshan’s parents of more than 800,000.

However, this result is obviously difficult to accept, and even the doctor said that she was killed alive.

Wang Guangyu even received a sentence and was released from prison in advance. In fact, he only served three and a half years in prison, and soon married after he was released from prison.

The new wife could not be spared to his domestic violence, and eventually escaped his side, but he was not punished more severe.

We only hope that everyone will open our eyes after this. Although the marriage law has improved a lot, it is equivalent to 10,000 times in mind. It is the best choice to separate decisively.

Dear officials, what do you think of this case?Welcome to your views and suggestions in the comment area.

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