Husband abandon the pregnancy wife to divorce, and the wife has no results. The husband asked his wife to refund the gift money

Title: "Persist in the original intention, move forward with dreams -frustration and rebirth in marriage"


Chapter 1: The original intention of love

In the journey of life, love is the most wonderful companion.The moment Zhang Xiaoya and Li Zhiyuan met, they all felt the magical power of love.They fond of each other and decided to enter the palace of marriage.It is in this marriage that they have experienced many unexpected challenges and tests.

Chapter II: Decoration of Marriage

When Xiaoya was pregnant, she thought that her world would be more complete because of the child’s arrival.However, bad news followed.Zhiyuan suddenly announced that she was going to divorce. For Xiaoya, this was a huge blow.She couldn’t accept the fact that she didn’t understand why a person who should have stayed with each other would abandon her when she was the most vulnerable.

Chapter III: Wife’s Reserves

Xiaoya was unwilling to break the marriage, and she decided to save the marriage.She tried to communicate well with Zhiyuan and strive to find a solution to the problem.She expressed her most sincere emotions in her heart, and she told Zhiyuan that she was willing to make all efforts for their future.However, Zhiyuan’s heart had been completely cooled, and he lost confidence in this marriage.

Chapter 4: Husband’s Requirement

During the divorce process, Zhiyuan put forward a requirement that made Xiaoya unacceptable: asking Xiaoya to refund the gift money.This made Xiaoya feel angry and wronged.She felt that she was not thinking of being able to break up when she was married, nor was she chosen to divorce. Why should she bear such economic pressure?

Chapter 5: Growth in the Inner Inner

After experiencing the frustration of marriage, Xiaoya began to reflect on herself.She understands that marriage requires two people to operate and maintain together.Although she paid a lot, she may also exist.She began to accept her emotions, learned to let go of the pain in the past, and also learned to be self -reliant.

Chapter 6: Stick up the original intention and move forward with dreams

Xiaoya decided not to complain about the pain of the past. She had to let go of the past and re -find happiness for herself and her children.She began to regain self -confidence and find a new direction of life.She participated in the training course to improve her ability and actively find job opportunities.She hopes to create a better life for children through her own efforts.


In life, we often encounter various difficulties and setbacks.Marriage is a long journey that needs to be operated. Among them, there will be joy and happiness, and there will be frustration and pain.But it is important that we must maintain our adherence to the original intention, believe in our strength, and bravely face the test of life.No matter what kind of setbacks we encounter, we can find a new direction through hard work and persistence to welcome a better tomorrow.

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