Hunan women’s car is pregnant with the coach child. After the divorce

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Looking at the baby supplies filled with the bed, Ye Wei was in contemplation. These were bought by her borrowed tens of thousands of dollars. She said, "Even if I loan, I want to give my children the best."

As a expectant mother with nine months, she has no intimate care of her husband and mother -in -law before she is busy. Only she faces the empty infant room alone.

Ye Wei became more cherished because she experienced a failure marriage. She became more cherished. After encountering a tall and handsome coach Shi Zhang in the driving school, the two quickly fell in love.

Originally planned to get married at the end of the month, but Shi Zhang suddenly proposed to break up. Why is this?Is there anything unspeakable?

Since getting married, Ye Wei and her husband’s energy have been prepared for pregnancy. She has no time to enrich herself. Now seeing that the marriage of the two is about to come to the end, she reports to the driving school and prepares to learn a new skill.

Shi Zhang is her coach. This coach has a height of 183 and handsome. He is not like other coaches. He always scolds others. Shi Zhang treats the trainees and is very patient.But the most important thing is that he has a good voice, which is Ye Wei’s heart.

Although Ye Wei is slightly older than Shi Zhang, she looks sweet and she can’t see the age of thirty years old. She looks like a girl in her early twenties.

Between the two and two, the two had a good opinion of each other. Shi Zhang first expressed his love. In the face of such a boyfriend who complied with Ye Wei’s ideal standard, she failed to refuse and agreed.

But at this time, Ye Wei was not single. He and her husband had not officially completed the divorce procedures. Now they are only in the Cold War.

Ye Wei did not avoid Shi Zhang. During the ambiguousness of the two, she frankly confessed that she had been a wife, and the misfortune suffered in her marriage.

After graduating from Yewei University, Ye Wei found a job near home and went to work. Because of the small circle of friends, she didn’t find her favorite object in a few years. She saw the age of marriage. She was still

At first, the man was very good to her, everything walked down her, and Ye Wei did not dislike the man’s family condition that was not good. Regardless of his family’s blockage, he chose to be with him.

Shortly after falling in love, Ye Wei became pregnant. In order to prevent outsiders from joking, Ye Wei and the man took advantage of his stomach and quickly hosted a wedding.

Although the wedding was in a hurry, the family still waited for the child to be born, and Ye Wei thought of it that an accident broke her beautiful fantasy about her future life.

When she was pregnant for eight months, one day suddenly felt that her belly was painful like a knife twisted, and she felt that her child might face a crisis of premature birth, although this is a scene that every mother was unwilling to see.But the real situation is far more complicated than she thinks.

The doctor told the family that the placenta was stripped early. This is very dangerous to have this situation in pregnant women. The worst result will cause the fetus to die.

It is a pity that after the doctor’s strong rescue, he still failed to keep the fetus for eight months.

This miscarriage made Ye Wei a big body as much as before. After that, she and her husband had not succeeded in getting pregnant again for two years. During the period, she continued to take Chinese medicine. She also tried various recipes found by her mother -in -law, but it was useless.

In the past, her husband, who was considerate to her, gradually became irritable. She couldn’t conceive her child about her, and sometimes even hit her.

Ye Wei was injured, thinking that this marriage was not necessary to continue. She planned to divorce her husband. Who knows that during this period, she met Shi Zhang.

Shi Zhang not only didn’t mind her past, but also intended to start with her, and made her promise to love for a lifetime. In this way, the two people spent a beautiful and happy love time.

Ye Wei originally thought that she had to divorce with her husband, and continued to develop a relationship with Shi Zhang. I did not expect that all this changed after she was pregnant again.

Those who fell in love were unreasonable, and Shi Zhang and Ye Wei were like this, and they soon had a relationship.

In case, Shi Zhang also asked her to take contraceptives, but Ye Wei was still pregnant.

Ye Wei’s husband found that he was wearing a green hat and was angry. He wanted to leave the woman quickly, so he scolded her with her divorce procedures.

It stands to reason that after her divorce, she can go together with Shi Zhang, but after learning that Ye Wei was pregnant, he resolutely disagreed with her.

Ye Wei had an experience of abortion. She knew that she was not easy to get pregnant, so she wanted to leave the child and live a steady life with Shi Zhang’an.

At this time, Shi Zhang constantly resigned and said, "How can I get pregnant after taking contraceptives? This child is not mine!"

As we all know, contraceptives cannot guarantee "killing children" 100 %. If you really do n’t want it, you must get the hospital for surgery.

One insisted on giving birth, one is unwilling to be responsible. The two of them have been stalemate for half a year.Do you want your child to have no father as soon as he is born?

Ye Weijian did not agree. She found the mediation program group, whether based on the relationship between the past and Shi Zhang, or the unborn child, she hoped to return to him.The man didn’t seem to want to negotiate well, constantly avoided it, and put on a pair of: as long as you break up, everything is a good attitude.

Shi Zhang first fell in love with Ye Wei. Is it because you don’t want this child to become so indifferent?It turned out that it was not just the reason for the child.

At first, the two had an emotional foundation. However, Shi Zhang said: "Our feelings have long been consumed in the entanglement of this half year."

After pregnancy, Ye Wei’s mood was very unstable, and often quarreled with him, but even the little noise and small noise were just as good. Once in the clear bar he and his friends, he smashed things in public, so that the stone chapter could not come down to Taiwan.In my heart, I gradually came up with the idea of wanting to break up.

After that, Ye Wei still lost his temper at him. When he said that he was going to the hospital as a crowd, she threatened him with a bridge, claiming: "If you don’t want me and the child, then I jump down from the bridge!"

After a long time, Shi Zhang was tired. What he thought was to escape from this relationship and broke up as soon as possible.

But Ye Wei still didn’t know his true thoughts. She thought that Shi Zhang loved herself, and the reason why she wanted to break up was because they were blocked at home.

Ye Wei and his family found Shi Zhang’s mother Wang Hui, trying to solve the problem from the root, but the attitude of the other party was not friendly.She believes that the Ye family just wants to use this child as a threat to ask them for money.

Wang Hui also said angrily: "I don’t know that she has been married before! Be with my son before divorcing!" What is even more unbelievable is that Wang Hui suspects that Ye Wei’s child is not her son.At this time, Ye Wei stood on the side and didn’t say anything.

Wang Hui may not know that Ye Wei had married, but Shi Zhang must be clear, and she could only say that her son did not tell her.

Looking at Wang Hui’s unwillingness to communicate, Ye’s family gave up from here, and the show group came forward to find Shi Zhang again several times.

Ye Wei was very anxious when I couldn’t find Shi Zhang. When this person really stood in front of her, it was relatively speechless. For her, I could not mind everything about the other party, but Shi Zhang told him: "I am a rational person. "

After all, people with different values will not have results after all, but after all, this child is innocent. What decisions will Ye Wei make?

Now that the fetus has been nine months old, and Ye Wei has an early peeling experience of the placenta, the risk of this child will greatly increase. She hopes that the child is safe, because this is likely to be the only opportunity to be a mother in her life in her life.But the accident happened.

Ye Wei’s stomach suddenly had a dramatic pain. She was accompanied by her mother to the hospital for examination. During the waiting process, she picked up her mobile phone and sent a text message to Shi Zhang: "Suddenly the stomach hurts. I came to the hospital for examination."As a result, she did not expect that Shi Zhang had gladed him up.

Looking at the red exclamation mark on the chat dialog box, Ye Wei was silent. She didn’t give up, and continued to make a call to Shi Zhang, but the phone was also hacked. His behavior really stabbed Ye Wei’s heart.

The doctor warned Ye Wei that her situation was very dangerous, and she must pay attention to it as soon as possible, otherwise it would be a tragedy to repeat it.

Dragging her tired body, Ye Wei returned home, sitting in the carefully arranged baby room, she showed the baby supplies she bought for the child. She fantasized the picture of production. She said, "Actually, I am very very veryAfraid of pain, this process will definitely be very difficult, but only my mother is with me. "

At this moment, she can only adjust her mood and welcome the baby’s birth. Ye Wei said: "I am ready to be a single mother. The road in the next few decades may be difficult to go, but I will persist."

Ye Wei was ready to raise the child alone, and the child’s father Shi Zhang spread his hands with both hands.

Because the incident did not get a proper solution, the two of them negotiated again.

The Shi family said that as long as Ye Wei was killed, he could bear some mental loss. If she insisted on being born, then went directly to legal procedures.

They just wanted to kill this child but did not think that this was a life, not to mention, it would cause unpredictable risks to Ye Wei. In the end, the two sides still argued about the child’s removal problem. They could only go to legal lawsuits.

According to my country’s laws, non -married children, like married children, also enjoy the right to be raised by both parents of their biological parents. If Shi Zhang disagrees with the child, he can be proved to be a parent -child appraisal. He has the obligation to support his child.

At this point, the biggest loss is undoubtedly Ye Wei, but this is the result of her own choice, and she must swallow her belly when she breaks her teeth.

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