Hunan women jumped in the middle of the night when they were pregnant, and no one cared for big bleeding in the hospital. The husband bluntly said: You deserve it

"My husband said that I was bleeding, and the child was afraid to keep it. It cost 5,000 yuan for hospitalization fees." Zeng Mi held the phone and lay on the hospital bed in a pale.

"You deserve it, I won’t pay you a penny." Husband Liu Zhiyi rejected Zeng Mi’s request, and mocked her coldly."Please, I have no money to have a penny. I have no income in the past few months of pregnancy.

Although her husband rejected her, Zeng Mi couldn’t help but plead again."Shut your mouth, don’t call me anymore, why don’t you have a little bit of bleeding? I’m too lazy to say you in that break."

Liu Zhiyi did not hesitate to hang up the phone directly.This is how the same thing?The wife bleeds during pregnancy. Not only did her husband not comfort, but instead said that his wife deserved?

It turned out that Zeng Mima’s bleeding was because of her. She went to her in the middle of the night. You must know that she has been pregnant for six months. During her pregnancy, which pregnant woman was not afraid of bumping?

Zeng Mi fell well, not only did he not pay attention to his diet, but instead he was still in a big belly to jumpi, which eventually led to major bleeding, and the child almost couldn’t hold it.Pregnant women are not emotional during pregnancy, and things that make people worry about can be understood.

But Zeng Mi is somewhat excessive.But now, Zeng Mi is already hospitalized, and her husband shouldn’t treat her even if he is regenerating.Zeng Mi’s husband Liu Zhiyi was so angry, not only because she was pregnant to go to Budi.

Before Zeng Mi and Liu Zhiyi were married, she was a small model. She usually wore sexy and made some small net dramas to make money.But most of the time, Zeng Mi was mixed in entertainment venues such as bars, KTV, nightclubs.

Sometimes there is no online drama shooting, and Zeng Mi will do Miss Etiquette.The encounter between Zeng Mi and Liu Zhiyi was accidental. Zeng Mi was beautiful in the crowd. Once Liu Zhiyi went to the nightclub to find friends, he saw Zeng Mi at a glance.

So the two exchanged the contact information and talked about the relationship between the two. Liu Zhiyi was a person who was idle. He usually only relied on his parents to help him. In principle, such conditions should not marry him.

"Zeng Mi, my house’s house is about to be demolished. At that time, not only will there be a large amount of demolition, but it will also be assigned to the house. Now I have money. We will get married." After money, Liu Zhiyi thought of following the first time.Zeng Mi got married.

Hearing Liu Zhiyi said that the house in his house was demolished, and there was still a large amount of demolition, and Zeng Mi was also excited, so the two got married like this."Can you not do your broken job? Do you see you look like a serious person?"

Zeng Mi wore a small leather skirt with black silk, and the upper body was also wearing an unusually exposed clothes."Don’t you make money and wait for the mountains and air?" Zeng Mi didn’t look at Liu Zhiyi, and went out with a bag.

"Why are you going? You have been pregnant for six months now, why are you going out? Do you know that you go home with different men every day, and the whole community is joking me."

Liu Zhiyi was very dissatisfied with Zeng Mi’s work, and every time he went out, he could hear the pointers of others."What do you care about them? Can I earn 5 digits a month, can their wives be? You don’t go to work all day, don’t be satisfied."

During the pregnancy, Zeng Mi was emotionally unstable. After a few words with Liu Zhiyi, she was also angry, so she sent a message to the good friends who usually play, and agreed to jumpy at night.

"Zeng Mi, you are okay, you are all pregnant for 6 months." Zeng Mi’s friends were afraid of her something happened, so he asked if she had to go home in advance."What can you do? Rest assured, I am good."

Zeng Mi -Man didn’t care. At this time, she had long been emotional, and just wanted to vent.After entering the nightclub, Zeng Mi was like a fish entering the sea. She flexibly shuttled in the middle of the crowd. Seeing her ease of appearance, no one would think she was a pregnant woman.

During this period, many boys came to contact Zeng Misuo for contact information, and were rejected by Zeng Mi.Zeng Mi was very happy. During this time, her friends intended to protect her from making her less likely.

Yimei is not an ordinary person. She can always escape the attention of her friends, find a corner to vent her emotions, and Zeng Mi also drank a lot of wine in the gap in rest.

"Zeng Mi, this is all midnight, or you go home, after all, you are married, so this is not good." Zeng Migang wanted to say something, just felt a pain in the abdomen, and her face was pale instantly.The liquid flows down his thighs and flows down.

"Hurry up and call me an ambulance." Zeng Mi almost gritted his teeth, and his friends suddenly panicked.After the ambulance came, friends were afraid of responsibility, and they returned home, leaving only Zeng Mi lying alone on the hospital bed alone.

During the hospital, Zeng Mi found a reporter. She complained in front of the reporter: "After getting married, I rely on me to make money at home. My husband will reach out if he will reach out to ask for money.View me, so is my mother -in -law. "

The sympathy of most people attracted by Zeng Mi’s words is not the case. Although Zeng Mi’s husband is indifferent to Zeng Mi, he always said ruthlessly when he called, but he came to the hospital to visit Zeng Mi.

As for Zeng Mi’s mother -in -law, during the hospitalization of Zeng Mi, her mother -in -law was taking care of her, cooking and washing clothes for Zeng Mi, and she would buy something for Zeng Mi from time to time.It can be said that although Zeng Mi almost couldn’t hold it because of the willfulness.

However, her husband and mother -in -law did not care about her. In fact, Zeng Mi always said that her husband was not good, but because her husband did not work.

The reason why Zeng Mi’s husband did not come to the hospital to see her is also thinking that Zeng Mi took a man to the house across the three, which made Liu Zhiyi feel that he was wearing a green hat.

Finally, under the reconciliation of the reporter, Zeng Mi’s husband came to the hospital. Both of them opened their words. Zeng Mi explained: "Those boys are cooperating with me to make a web drama. We all have no wrong relationship at all."

"I was not right to go to Jumpy during pregnancy. I was particularly bad at that time. I was too impulsive for a while, so I did n’t consider the child, sorry.” Zeng Mi explained why he frequently took other men into his own house, and followed him sincerely.Liu Zhiyi apologized.

In the end, Liu Zhiyi also made a statement.Liu Zhiyi also said to Zeng Mi sincerely: "You have worked hard to make money alone. In the future, I will find a legitimate job to support your family with you, and you don’t have to be so tired."

Both of the couple opened their hearts, and the problems between the two were solved. In fact, sometimes most of the marriage problems were because they did not communicate in a timely manner.

In the case, in fact, the husband Liu Zhiyi’s behavior almost committed abandonment. If he was really angry with his wife and did not go to the hospital to visit his wife, and did not pay medical expenses for his wife, then he would violate abandonment.

In the law, the abandoned crime refers to that for those who should bear the obligations of support, if they do not fulfill their responsibilities, they will constitute abandonment.Generally speaking, those who have been abandoned are common, their relatives who have lost their ability to live, children who do not have the ability to survive, and patients who need to take care of people because of their illness.

In fact, in the law, the pregnant wife also needs to bear the obligation of support, because the wife is emotionally unstable during pregnancy, her body gradually becomes bulky, and basically she has no ability to work.

At this time, the wife was fragile, both psychological and body, and the husband was obliged to bear the responsibility of support.Article 1059 of the Code of the People’s Republic of China:

The husband and wife have the obligation to support each other. If one party loses the ability to survive and the other party has the ability, but does not fulfill the support obligation, then his behavior constitutes abandonment.

In Article 261 of the Criminal Law, it is stipulated that if the circumstances have been abandoned. If the circumstances are bad, the court will give the offender not less than 5 years in prison.

If there is no irreversible damage, it can also be remedied.For example, Zeng Mi in the case, if her husband really doesn’t care about her, then she can apply to the court for her husband to give her money.

In addition, Zeng Mi’s husband Liu Zhiyi suspected that Zeng Mi was derailed within his marriage. If Zeng Mi was really derailed in the wedding, would her behavior offending the law?If Zeng Mi was derailed during marriage, her behavior was at least not faithful to marriage.

This is an immoral behavior, not a crime.However, if Zeng Mi had a marriage relationship with her husband Liu Zhiyi and married another man to get a certificate, her behavior was illegal, and she committed a crime of getting married.

In Article 258 of the Criminal Law, there are regulations that those who have spouses have not dismissed the marriage relationship with their spouses, violated the crime of marrying, or they know that others have spouses, and they have to marry others.

The court’s punishment was sentenced to less than two years of imprisonment or detention.In marriage, if one party is derailed, it can actually be litigant. As long as you have sufficient evidence, you can apply with the court to let the derailed party go out to the house.

Fortunately, Zeng Mi was not derailed in the case, and her husband just said ruthlessly, and did not ask her regardless of her, and finally the couple who opened the heart of the heart chose to reconcile.

In fact, in marriage, both men and women must work hard for the common home. Like Zeng Mi in the case, her dissatisfaction with her husband is still because her husband does not pay enough for the family, which makes her unbalancedShe did too much during pregnancy.

Fortunately, Liu Zhiyi is also a person who knows wrong. Zeng Mi is already pregnant. It is time for a man to assume the responsibility of his husband and father.

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