Hunan: In 2023, the National Master’s Graduate Admissions Examination will set up negative test rooms and positive test rooms

Beijing News (Reporter Luo Yan) The Hunan Provincial Education Examination Institute issued an examination notice. The test site is a specific place. Candidates should be inspected for inspection.Candidates in the province in 2023 should complete antigen test or nucleic acid detection samples during the period from December 19th to 20th, 2022, and will be healthy in Hunan Province before 14:00 on December 21, 2022Reporting platform (hereinafter referred to as health reporting platform URL: Fill in my antigen detection or nucleic acid test results (candidates borrowed in Hunan Province must log in to the "Health Reporting Platform" registrationFill in).

The Hunan Provincial Education Examination Institute stated that candidates should be filled in honesty and are responsible for this.The test sites will arrange different test rooms according to the antigen test results or nucleic acid test results reported by the candidates themselves.The result is a negative candidate, arranged in the regular test room exam; the result is a positive candidate, arranged in the examination room for the nucleic acid positive test room.

In addition, candidates should strengthen personal protection measures and do the first responsible person of their health.Before the exam and during the exam, do not go the door, no dinner, no gathering, no dense places such as shopping malls.After entering the test site, do not pile, do not gather, and enter the venue quickly, and leave the field in an orderly manner.

In order to successfully reference, candidates need to understand the traffic status of the test road in advance, and arrive in advance according to the test time.When candidates enter the test site, they receive a body temperature test (if the temperature is abnormal, the test site will be examined and judged by the test site, and arranges to the emergency response test room test).Security inspection; obey the test site management during the test, and do a good job of the epidemic prevention and control in conjunction with the test site.

Candidates should also prepare the mask by themselves. When entering and exiting the test site, test room, they must be regulated to wear masks throughout the process; when testing, you can remove the mask and not affect your identity identification because of a mask.Mask, but antigen detection or nucleic acid detection as a positive candidates must wear masks during the test.

It should be reminded that candidates must learn about the epidemic prevention policies in the area where the examination sites are located in Hunan Province in advance, pay close attention to the latest requirements for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and make relevant preparations before the test in advance.Each application point is responsible for answering the candidates’ inquiry of this application point. Candidates can take the initiative to consult the application point if they have doubts.

Consultation telephone number of various application sites in Hunan Province.Figure/Screenshot of the official website of the Hunan Education Examination Institute

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