Humorly humor: "Pregnancy", enough for you to laugh at the end of the year!

The heavy rain poured down, and hurriedly took a taxi to the hotel.After getting out of the car, I found that the mobile phone was gone, and I couldn’t care about the heavy rain. I ran to chase the car and shouted, "Master, stop!"

After running out more than a hundred meters, I found that my left hand was holding my mobile phone, but at this time, the driver master had stopped and asked me, "What’s wrong?"

I stood in the heavy rain at once, and quickly thought about how to resolve the embarrassment, and then shouted to the master: "Rain, you can drive slowly."


My wife asked me to help her cut the fruit. I picked a big duck pear and felt that she couldn’t finish it, so she cut it half to her.

She roared hysterically: We have been together for five years, and you have to divide my pear with me!OK, separate separation, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow!

Me: My wife, I am not intentional, so I forgive me this time, right?

Wife: Forgive you, take the other half!


Late at night, a woman got on a taxi and saw the driver eating apples, and said casually: "I also like to eat apples during my lifetime."

The driver was so scared that even the apple nucleus ate it. Later, she continued: "I have rarely eaten it since I had a child …"


The first nurse gave the urine for the male patient, but accidentally sprinkled the patient’s urine.The nurse was afraid of people’s jokes, so he took his urine.

The doctor was very surprised after seeing the test form.The patient was scared, and asked the doctor what happened to himself?

The doctor stunned and said, "Sir, you … you … you are pregnant …"


A buddy was arrested early and called parents.When his father came, the teacher asked, "Your son is in love early, you have to manage it well."

As a result, the dad said, "I know, the girl is pretty."

Teacher: "Knowing that you don’t care about it, how do you be a parent?" As a result, his dad was angry: "Don’t let him engage in objects, grow up to marry a daughter -in -law?"


Daughter: Dad, will I be beautiful when I grow up!

Dad: Yes!

Daughter: That’s fine!

Dad: Well?Is it planning to plan the future at such a young age?

Daughter: So no, I am afraid that in the future, I will grow like my mother. It will take thousands of cosmetics a month to buy a cosmetics. At that time, I ca n’t even support my children!


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