Hu Shi got married and fell in love with the bridesmaid, the bridesmaids were pregnant and broke up.

(Lao Liang said) Some people say wow, this is a person who met the right time at a wrong time, so he created a love tragedy.

If you want to say that the bitter fruit of tragedy must be swallowed by this woman?Xiao Bian just lamented this woman, which is rare in the world.Men are not responsible, why should you be merciless?Men are not responsible, why should you stay?What is the world of love, only teach people life and death, women do it, what about men?

Of course, the story did not start, so it seemed not to be very good, so next, the little partner came to listen to the tragedy of this love.

Hu Shi’s achievements, big guys know that it is not necessary to say.

Born in 1891, the Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty was still there. Hu Shi was born in Chuansha County, Songjiang, Jiangsu Province, which is the current Shanghai Pudong New District.

Let’s get here first, first understand Hu Shi’s father, make a bottom, and then talk down.

The Lao Hu family is a family of Huizhou tea merchants, so there is still some property in the family, but it is not a big family. When he arrived at Hu Shi’s father, Hu Chuan, he wanted to take the road to study.

But this road did not go through, and the five township trials were not in the middle of the country. In addition, Hu Chuan would have troubled the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, so Later, Hu Chuan simply assisted the supervisory team to practice and the Taiping army to fight for a while.

In the future, because of the rich geographical knowledge, after being recommended by others, Hu Chuan made a candidate county.

As soon as the alternate would be said, that is, the title, the candidate Wu Yangwu Yang was more on the Qing Dynasty.

Later, I followed the recommender to investigate the case across the country and control the Yellow River. Until 1889, it was only qualified to distribute the provincial supplementary supplement of Zhizhou, Zhili Prefecture.Small curved bend did the general patrol of the entire business offices of Taiwan.

Later, the reason why he left Xiaotan was because the Qing government cut the small bend because of the Sino -Japanese War of the Sino -Japanese War and let the Japanese take it away, so this returned to Xiamen and died in Xiamen.

In general, Hu Shi’s old father, Hu Chuan, did not have much time to stay in the house in this life. It was a rare good official in that year!

Well, Hu Shi’s family affairs have a one or two, so you can see a bigger background for Hu Shi’s childhood.

Hu Shi lived with his father in his life. In fact, there were not many days. When his father went to the small bend, Hu Shi was only two years old. On this point, he and his mother went to the small bend to meet his father.

Therefore, when the hip -tailed Hu Shi and his father were in a time, the time when the total was the time when the small bend took office, Hu Chuan was cut to Xiamen because he was cut to Xiamen, and Hu Shi followed his mother to Anhui.

The big guy also saw that Hu Shi grew up under the tuning of his mother, so he was particularly obedient to his mother’s words. After all, we Chinese people particularly pay special attention to filial piety, which is understandable.

So as soon as the father Hu Chuan died, the old Hu family arrived in Hu Shi, and he began to break slowly.

Because of this year, Hu Shi had to follow the third brother to study in Shanghai. When he was walking, his mother booked a doll to Hu Shi by the way.

Mother is very happy, but Hu Shi doesn’t understand anything. After all, is she 13 years old?What can I understand?

In fact, such a marriage can be successful, which is also accidental.

He’s how he is.One day, Hu Shi followed his mother to the aunt’s family (father’s aunt and grandfather) to watch the folk’s social drama.

It is estimated that there are little friends curious here: "What about social drama?"

In the past, you asked for a rain, praying for a blessing.

There are fewer today, and it is almost invisible.I said it, I heard the show when I was a kid, and sat down for a long time, and I couldn’t understand what they sang.Most of the younger generations do not like to listen very much. In the older generation, they love this.

I have a second grandfather who loves to listen to this. As soon as I say there is a play, the old man rides a bicycle. No matter how far the road is, you can ride over, even if you hear at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night,If you have no ground, you ride home.

Why!This is a bit far away, let’s say.

Then when Hu Shi and her mother watched the social show, they met Jiang Dongxiu’s mother and came to make fun of watching the big show.

Jiang Dongxiu’s mother looked back and saw Hu Shi. The big guy also knew that when Hu Shi was young, he was particularly handsome.Therefore, the two mothers were talking about this one without one. Jiang Dongxiu’s mother felt that Hu Shi was clever.

Let’s talk about it. The mother -in -law watched the son -in -law, and the more satisfied, so Jiang Dongxiu’s mother, which wanted to give her daughter Jiang Dongxiu on this family matter.

At that time, Jiang Dongxiu was not in front of his eyes. In addition, Hu Shi’s mother learned that Jiang Dongxiu was one year older than Hu Shi. This was not appropriate to follow the customs at the time, so he did not agree at the time.

Of course, this is not the most critical. There are two points for him.

First, the old Jiang family cannot say the rich and rich family locally. It is also a font, and what about the Lao Hu family?Now the house is falling.

There is such a feeling of being unable to climb, according to the elderly, this is not right.

Second, Jiangdong Xiu is a tiger. According to the past folks, women are tigers, which will have a suppression effect on men.What about it?This is a disagreeable personality, which will affect the future of men.

As for the second article, don’t be happy, young people now don’t pay attention to this, and people in the past pay attention to this.

It is estimated that there is a little friend who asked here: "What about Jiang Dongxiu like?"

What about it?Jiang Dongxiu can’t say that it looks good. It can only be said that if you look at the photos, you feel that the brain is quite wide.It is really amazing, there is not much culture, love to go out to play mahjong or something.

Of course, these Hu Shi didn’t know it, and I knew it after getting married.

In fact, the marriage in the past was like this. The two had never seen it before they got married.

Okay, let’s not talk about this, let’s talk about it.

It is said that Jiang Dongxiu’s mother was rejected. Jiang Dongxiu’s mother was not discouraged. As for improper households, she was also a tiger or something.Daughter is a husband.

So let’s make persistent efforts, I found a uncle’s uncle and ran to Lao Hu’s family to say this family affairs. Don’t talk about this uncle, you can say that he can tell Hu Shi’s mother.

I was at ease, and I also paid attention to a compatibility of eight characters in the past. Finally, I found a Mr. Life. Such a combination, hey, it was closed.

So in such a series of, Hu Shi’s mother agreed to this family affairs. As for Hu Shi, the 13 -year -old child knew this, and he felt very fun to he.

Parents’ life, the words of the media, this is finalized. Even if the red line of Hu Shi and Jiang Dongxiu is put on, it is over waiting for the appropriate age.

From this to the middle of marriage, Hu Shi had been to Jiang Dongxiu’s house, but Jiang Dongxiu hid in the mosquito net and could not kill him. Hu Shi didn’t look at it.

It is estimated that Hu Shi has seen it, and this marriage will be a problem.It is not to say that Jiang Dongxiu looks average, but that Jiang Dongxiu is a small foot. Hu Shi accepted the new cultural education and did not catch a cold.

By 1906, Hu Shi was admitted to the Chinese public school. He studied here for four years, and later obtained the second official Fisheng to study in the United States.

At the University of Cornell University, he first studied agricultural science and later changed to liberal arts. Then he went to the Research Institute of Columbia University to follow the philosopher Dewey to learn practical philosophy.

What about it?When Hu Shi said in his life, he was the academic hegemony in Xueba. He has 36 doctoral titles. It can be said that he is a learning thing!

In the summer of 1917, he returned to China and stayed abroad for eleven years.After returning to China, he went to Beijing as a university professor and became a magazine editor of "New Youth".

Hu Shi’s knowledge was good. In addition, the various trends of thoughts of our great Huaxia at that time were comparable to the hundreds of disputes in the Warring States Period, so Hu Shi soon became the leader of the cultural world.

Then since the person returned, he tossed his name, and his age went up, so he asked him to return to the marriage quickly.

So in the winter of that year, Hu Shi returned to his hometown. This time, Hu Shi saw Jiang Dongxiu.

It ’s common to say that Hu Shi looked at his feet. For those who advocated the new cultural movement, this did n’t feel like it.

But at this time, Hu Shi’s mother was still there. What her mother agreed, Hu Shi really did not have the courage to refute, and did not show unhappy appearance on his face.

So this wedding is done.

Someone in history described that this woman was the third party of Hu Shi for a lifetime, and her name was Cao Chengying.

The reason why Cao Chengying fell in love with Hu Shi at first sight, which had a little relationship with her family background.

Her family is a wealthy business family, or a particularly traditional one, especially her mother is a male light and woman.

Cao Chengying was born, and her mother was a girl. At that time, she was not very happy. She wanted to quickly break her milk and go back to a baby baby with her husband. After all, Cao Chengying’s old father was already in his sixties.Seventy people.

Well, as soon as Cao Chengying’s mother was broken, she threw Cao Chengying to the nurse and went to the master.

When Cao Chengying was two years old, her old father was seventy years old and died of turn.

Therefore, Cao Chengying lacked motherly love when she was young. The most distressed was the two, one was the nanny, and the other was her second brother.

So in this environment, lack of security, Cao Chengying is particularly lacking in love, which makes her a little crazy about emotion.

Perhaps Cao Chengying met a man who loved her. She might go more brilliantly, but she met Hu Shi, and it was nothing more than to get people.

When Hu Shi got married, Cao Chengying was fifteen years old. The fifteen -year -old girl was beautiful. In addition, Cao Chengying looked good.

If it weren’t for her sister, "A little uncle in the in -laws was going to get married, and there was a lack of a bridesmaid. Would you like to make a number in the past?"

If it weren’t for this sentence, maybe Cao Chengying would take another way.

If Cao Chengying did not agree, maybe there would be no disaster in the second half of her life.

The four bridesmaids, Cao Chengying stood in the middle, was the most prominent one. One was because of pretty, the other was clever from the bones, and a little scholarship.

So when he got married, Hu Shi quickly noticed Cao Chengying, and he soon fell in love with this girl.

What about Cao Chengying?Cao Chengying was also convinced by Hu Shi’s handsome appearance and his knowledge.

This may be that Lang has affection!

Looking back at Jiang Dongxiu. At first, I didn’t know a few characters. Later, I would write it, and I also misplaced.

Their marriage was also called one of the seven wonders of the Republic of China during the Republic of China. After all, Hu Shi was the general of the New Cultural Movement and married a cultural woman with no culture.

Many people are not optimistic about this wedding.

In fact, when Hu Shi was studying in the United States, he had a love. It was a white woman, but Hu Shi’s mother knew it and dismantled it.

Today, the story of Hu Shi and the white woman Weilianshi has been compiled into the book "Hu Shi and Weilian Sin", which includes a lot of faith between the two.

Of course, their stories, not in today’s article, you know that such a thing is done. We still tell Cao Chengying’s story.

Now that he is married, Hu Shi saw Cao Chengying as a bridesmaid.

After Hu Shi got married, for the first time to Cao Chengying’s house, he gave Cao Chengying a handkerchief.

Cao Chengying also made a pair of cloth shoes for Hu Shi.

The relationship between the two has an unclear relationship.

In fact, Cao Chengying didn’t take long for Hu Shi, and he was also married to a person named Hu Guanying by his mother. This family was dissatisfied with Cao Chengying.

Actually, marriage is a siege. Once you are surrounded, you should not say that there is any problem of freedom or not, unless you jump out.

Therefore, the two of them were far from over. Although Hu Shi returned to Beijing to teach in Beijing, Cao Chengying also went to Hangzhou Women’s Normal University to study.

Cao Chengying went to school this time, and as a result, she was not pregnant for three years, which made her mother -in -law very angry, so Hu Guanying married a small concubine under the arrangement at home.

Because of this, Cao Chengying took the initiative to divorce, so Cao Chengying’s only marriage in his life ended.

What about Cao Chengying and Hu Shi?The two of them had not been interrupted, and before Hu Shi and Jiang Dongxiu, it seemed that except for contradictions, there was a spear and shield.

Jiang Dongxiu’s personality is not the kind of docile and pleasant. He has such a little bit of tough and powerful. Sometimes Hu Shi has to do something. If Jiang Dongxiu is unhappy, he does not avoid outsiders, and often let Hu Shi go to Taiwan.

There is also Jiang Dongxiu’s like to play mahjong. After a mahjong, Hu Shi, who was sitting on the side, couldn’t work.

Of course, this is nothing. As long as Hu Shi and women go a little closer and have a relationship, don’t let Jiang Dongxiu see it. Once you see it, don’t say that Hu Shi will not come to Taiwan, and the woman will cry to leave.

Well, saying that here, it is estimated that the big guy can also guess the final ending, Hu Shi must have to come to one piece with Cao Chengying.

Hu Shi and his friends came to Hangzhou in the train. Let’s not say anything about others. Hu Shi said that he came to recuperate. In fact, let’s take a look at his cousin Cao Chengying.

When two friends were sent away, Hu Shi came to Qingxiu Temple next to Hangzhou South Peak Yuxia Cave.

He rented two houses in this area. After that, he didn’t need to say it. After all, Cao Chengying studied at Hangzhou Women’s Normal University.

Love is sweet, but it is often short -lived, but you can write love poems.And those who persist often face the chai oily and vinegar tea in life.

Moreover, it is suitable and Cao Chengying. They did not persist. Except for the sweetness and love poems, the children in the stomach were left.

After the holidays ended, Cao Chengying was pregnant, and Hu Shi and her relationship were public.

When Hu Shi returned to Beijing, he was going to face Jiang Dongxiu’s strict guardian. At this time, Hu Shi’s mother had passed away, and Hu Shi didn’t seem to have stumbled.

"I want to divorce!" Hu Shi said.

This sentence was like a scoop of cold water into the hot oil pan, and for a moment he fried, a roar sounded in Hu Shi’s ears, and then he was surprised to see Jiang Dongxiu’s performance.

"Do you dare? As long as you dare to divorce, I will die with the two children!" Jiang Dongxiu didn’t know where to drag a big kitchen knife, looking at Hu Shi angrily.

Hu Shi didn’t know it, but Hu Shi was a person who loved face. His gentleman’s image was important, so he shouted at Hedong, Jiang Dongxiu, and counseled.

As a result, the ending was that Hu Shi suggested that Cao Chengying took the child in his stomach!

It’s broken!As for Cao Chengying, with the help of Hu Shi and the second brother, he went to study in the United States, and the agricultural school of Hu Shi’s alma mater Cornell University may be because he did not go in the heart. Hu Shi also wrote a letter to Weilian.She helps Cao Chengying.

After that, Cao Chengying devoted all his energy to study and scientific research, and finally obtained a master’s degree in genetic breeding from Cornell University in 1937.

Returning to China in 1937 and becoming a teacher at Anhui University, she also became the first female professor in our agricultural community in China.

Cao Chengying intends to give up Hu Shi’s feelings and find his own feelings. After so quietly, Jiang Dongxiu did not intend to let her go.

So in 1939, Cao Chengying met a man who was also an international student in Chengdu. Both of them determined the marriage relationship.

When Jiang Dongxiu knew this, he found the southern house and put Cao Chengying and his husband Hu Shi. From beginning to end, the details she knew had not been let go, and it fell all out.

"Look! She is this kind of person!" Jiang Dongxiu looked angry.

So the results can be imagined that the man unilaterally canceled his marriage contract, and Cao Chengying went on the Emei Mountain as a nun.

Later, the second brother was persuaded, but Cao Chengying had already disappeared to remarry, and he was alone in his life.

Cao Chengying stayed on the mainland, and Hu Shi followed Chiang Kai -shek to a small bend.At this point, the two sides have no affordments.

Cao Chengying put his energy on scientific research and made a lot of achievements. He also became a member of the Shenyang CPPCC. He died in 1973 at the age of 71.

According to her last wishes, she was buried on the highway next to the Yanglin Bridge of Jixi Wangchuan. It is said that it was the only way for Hu Shi to go home.

After falling, Cao Chengying still failed to let go of Hu Shi.

Well, I wrote here today. Friends who like it, add a concern, and like it!

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