How to use medicine after "Yang"?Please collect this precautions (2)

Editor’s note: Editor’s note: At present, the epidemic prevention and control is facing a new situation and new tasks. All localities have seriously implemented the new stage of epidemic prevention and control measures to protect the safety and physical health of the people to the greatest extent.In order to help the grassroots better coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, because of the time to optimize the prevention and control measures of the epidemic, the "People’s Daily+" client launched the "Grassroots Epidemic Prevention Reference Manual (First Edition)".Popular science knowledge has three parts: policy interpretation, experience in various places, and personal protection articles for township streets, community villages, and personal references.

Personal Protection

1. "Yang" has no symptoms, do you need to take medicine?

Answer: Don’t take medicine without symptoms.Removal medicines, cold medicines, cough medicines, and phlegm medicines can not prevent diseases, and can only relieve symptoms.Do not take the medicine blindly when there are no symptoms.Although many medicines are non -prescription drugs (OTC), improper use will also have side effects, which can easily cause liver and kidney damage.For specific medications, be sure to take or consult the doctor according to the drug manual.

2. How to do symptomatic treatment during the period of "Yang"?(Figure with Figure)

Answer: (1) Anymal -free infection does not need drug treatment.(2) If symptoms such as fever, cough, treatment or oral medication can be treated.(3) When taking the medicine, take it according to the drug manual to avoid blindly using antibacterial drugs.(4) If you have basic diseases, when the condition is stable, you do not need to change the dosage of the basic disease treatment.(5) You can also contact medical staff of grass -roots medical and health institutions when necessary or consult through the form of Internet medical care.

3. What are the precautions for medication?

Answer: First, do not take medicine without symptoms.Improper use will have side effects, which can easily cause liver and kidney damage.Second, do not take antipyretics and compound cold medicine together.The third is not to use anti -inflammatory drugs at will.Fourth, special groups such as infants, pregnant women, and elderly people should be used with caution.Taking the fever medicine must read the instructions or consult the doctor carefully.

4. After infection, can I take anti -inflammatory drugs?

Answer: New coronary pneumonia is a viral infection. The so -called anti -inflammatory drugs are actually targeted at bacterial infections.Existing research evidence shows that the proportion of new crowns with bacterial infection is very low. Do not blindly use anti -inflammatory drugs.

5. How to take western medicine antipyretics scientifically?

Answer: One type of western medicine antipyretic medicine can be used.The symptoms of high fever are obvious. When you are sore, you can use some heat -relieving analgesic drugs, that is, antipyretic drugs, such as ibuprofen or acetaminol, try not to be used as much as possible.And pay attention not to exceed the daily dose, otherwise it will be damaged to the liver.For example, do not use more than 4 times a day for acetaminol or ibuprofen.When you use ibuprofen to reduce fever, you should pay attention to 6 hours a day, and the medication does not exceed 4 times a day.Use the acetaminophen to reduce fever. If it continues to fever or pain, it can be reused once every 4 to 6 hours, and the medication does not exceed 4 times a day.

6. Can Lianhua Qing Plague and ibuprofen eat at the same time?

Answer: There is no conflict between the ibuprofen of the flowers of the flowers and the heat -relieving analgesic, and the acetaminophen. However, the more drugs are taking, the greater the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort.If the body temperature is increased, headache, and muscle soreness, etc., take the heat -relieve analgesic ibuprofen and acetylphenols on demand.Even the flowers of the flowers are more auxiliary effects, helping to alleviate the symptoms of general discomfort, three times a day.Therefore, the two drugs are taken for two hours, and there is no superposition problem.

It is often said that avoiding the superposition of drugs mainly refers to some compound cold medicines, and even some compound medicines of Chinese apex have acetylphenol. If you take such compound cold medicines and then take acetylphenolSome people even take the two compound cold medicines together, which will cause many duplicate components, which is more dangerous.

7. When should I take a fever medicine appropriate?Can I take more antipyretic medicines?

Answer: When the body temperature is between 37.5 and 38.5 ° C, it is preferred to cool down. When the body temperature rises to 38.5 ° C above 38.5 ° C, you can use antipyretics.For some elderly people with basic diseases or heating patients with severe symptoms but have not rising their body temperature to 38.5 ° C, if you have mental deficiency or merge with other system symptoms, you can also take antipyretics with caution.The use of antipyretics should not exceed 3 days, and if the symptoms are still not alleviated, the hospital is recommended.The more antipyretic drugs are not taken and recovered faster. If you take or superimposed multiple antipyretics, the liver or or other organs may be damaged. Therefore, you must read the drug manual or consult the physician or pharmacist.Patients with liver and renal dysfunction and gastrointestinal diseases need to consult a physician or pharmacist.

8. Is it better to take several Chinese medicines together?

Answer: Try to choose only one type of cold medicine for Chinese medicine, "small frequency."Even the Chinese patent medicines such as Qing Plague, Qing Kai Ling, Lan Bao oral solution, etc. can be selected. There are no need to take two or three types of bitter cold medicines together.EssenceIn addition, the service method should be "small frequency" to increase the frequency of taking instead of increasing dosage and type.

9. What kind of medicine can be relieved?

Answer: If there is cough symptoms, it is recommended to use compound fresh bamboo thresholds, Xuanmu poison particles, urgent syrup, etc.; If there are many phlegm and sputum symptoms, compound licorice tablets, acetylcysteine particles, etc.If sore throat and dry throat symptoms are obvious, it is recommended to use Huasu tablets, watermelon cream slices, etc.

10. Nasal congestion affects sleep. What medicine can be relieved?

Answer: If the symptoms of nasal stuffy nose are obvious, it is recommended to use pokerist, dectidin, Setolizine, or Budihd.

11. How to take medicine after the basic patients are infected?

Answer: The new coronal virus infection may lead to worsening chronic diseases and basic diseases. People with basic diseases must take medicine regularly and control the condition.

12. How to choose Chinese medicine right?

Answer: When clinical manifestations are high fever, fatigue, constipation, you can use windproof and sanctified particles; when symptoms of fever, sore throat, and fatigue, you can use antiviral particles and double cleaner agents; if the sore throat is obviously obviouslyYou can use Lanpi Granules and so on.In the recovery period of the disease, when some patients still have shortness of breath and weakness and sweaty wind, they can use Qi Gong -made Qiqi capsules, etc.; If there is shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough, waist and knee sourDry cough, less sputum or sputum sticky, short qi, can use moisturizing cream to relieve symptoms.

13. The new crown symptoms disappear but the antigen is positive. Do you still need to take medicine?

Answer: If the symptoms have been reduced or are already in the rehabilitation period, you can no longer take drugs at this time and do not need to consolidate the efficacy.The same is true for taking Chinese medicine, no need to consolidate treatment.

13. Common symptoms and medication directory of new crown virus infection (with table)

Key crowd (elderly)

1. What should I pay attention to after the elderly infection?

Answer: (1) Strengthen observation and monitoring.

(2) Strengthen daily care, light diet, pay attention to sleep, and supplement water in appropriate amount

(3) Careful use of antipyretic drugs, slower fever, you can use physical means to reduce fever.

(4) Read the drug manual carefully to avoid the use of multiple drugs.

(5) If the proprietary patent medicine is used, it should be less and refined.

(6) For elderly friends who combine basic diseases, we must strengthen the management of basic diseases.

(7) Actions when fever and weakness, it is best to have the help of family members to prevent falling.

2. Which elderly people are severe high -risk groups, need to be vigilant?

Answer: The elderly people with severe respiratory diseases, basic heart diseases, and less stable condition, or elderly people over 80 years old, and people who have not vaccinated new crown vaccines are in severe new crown pneumonia, high -risk groups of people in high -risk people.High risks need to pay special attention to it.

3. How can the elderly avoid infection?

Answer: If the people who live infected with the new coronal virus, in order to reduce the risk of the infection of the elderly living together, it is recommended:

(1) Reduce contact: If possible, the infected person can be transferred to other residences, or is isolated with a separate room.Both family and the elderly need to pay attention to hand hygiene.Infected people need to dive in dinner with their families and disinfect them.

(2) Wear masks: If you must contact, it is recommended that both parties wear N95 masks.

(3) Clean environment: Do a good job of cleaning and disinfection of common spaces, especially the surface of the bathroom and the surface of the objects that are frequently exposed, such as door handles and faucet.

(4) Strengthen observation: Pay attention to observing the situation of the elderly and deal with problems at any time.

4. What are the precautions after the elderly with basic diseases?

Answer: (1) During the fever, especially when using antipyretics, pay attention to the monitoring of blood pressure. If the blood pressure is lower than the normal level, the antihypertensive drug may need to be reduced, or even the blood pressure will be used.Essence

(2) Monitor blood sugar changes to prevent hypoglycemia from occurring.

5. How can the elderly or disabled semi -disabled elderly people who cannot express their physical conditions clearly intervene in time?

Answer: (1) The caregivers should roughly understand the common symptoms after infection.Such as fever, headache, whole body soreness, chills, etc.Local symptoms such as soreness, cough, runny nose, sputum, sneezing, occasionally lost taste and smell.

(3) Careers should understand the static vitality signs (such as body temperature, blood pressure, number of pulse and breathing times, etc.) in the health state of the elderly. For the elderly with basic cardiopulmonary disease, it is recommended to record the saturation of the finger oxygen.In order to discover changes in the condition in time.

(4) The symptoms of the special group of the elderly are often hidden and not typical.For example, typical symptoms such as fever and cough may not be obvious; for the elderly who cannot be expressed normally, their symptoms may be more hidden. Therefore, when they have unknown fatigue, mental state decrease, decreased appetite, unstable walking or falling, there are no reasons for no reason.Fast heart rate or fast breathing frequency should be paid attention to.

6. What should I do after the elderly with diabetes infected?

Answer: Patients with diabetes should be a scientific and reasonable diet, eat more fresh vegetables, appropriately increase the intake of protein, light diet, drink enough water to avoid drinking.In addition, it is necessary to ensure regular schedules, moderate exercise, and regularly monitor blood sugar.If you have new symptoms, you should seek medical treatment in time.

7. What should I do if the elderly who have chronic diseases in the lungs?

Answer: For the elderly with cardiopulmonary disease, you need to understand the basic peripheral blood oxygen saturation. Once infected, you need to observe the changes in basic data.In addition, pay attention to physical health changes such as the state of consciousness, mental state, urination, and eating of the elderly.

8. What should I do after the elderly with cardiovascular diseases infected?

Answer: Patients with basic cardiovascular disease do not have to worry too much after infection.It is important to pay attention to the pathogenic induction and aggravation of cardiovascular disease. It is necessary to manage the basic diseases of the heart, take the original cardiovascular disease treatment, improve the body’s immunity, improve sleep quality, and overcome anxiety.Do not stop for long -term drug prevention and control of cardiovascular disease. Discontinuation may induce or aggravate the disease.If there is persistent chest pain, it is recommended to go to the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.

9. Does the elderly alone do not need to vaccinate?

Answer: Living alone means completely isolated from society.In the early days of new crowns, due to the lack of infection, the risk of infection was relatively low for most people.However, we know that the virus is very contagious, the transmission speed is very fast, and the transmission process is hidden.The new crown epidemic has continued to spread in some areas.In this case, the risk of infection is increasing for anyone including the elderly, including the elderly.If the elderly have not been vaccinated, the risk of severe and death is the largest among people of different ages.

10. Elderly people with basic diseases cannot inoculate the new crown vaccine?

Answer: At present, clinical trials have been carried out before the approval of the new coronal virus vaccine used in our country, including clinical trials of the elderly.The results of clinical trials show that the elderly have good safety after vaccination.Under normal circumstances, even people with basic diseases, strictly grasping taboos, vaccination will not increase serious abnormal reactions.

Key people (children)

1. There is no vaccine to "protect the body". How can infants under the age of 3 be protected?

Answer: (1) Do family protection.A prominent characteristic of children infected with new crowns is that the proportion of family clustering diseases is high.Remind family members, including parents, should pay attention to personal health, inoculate vaccines throughout the process, do a good job of personal protection, pay attention to personal hygiene habits, and build a "firewall" for children by strengthening their own protection.

(2) Do a good job of going out.Before you go out with infants and young children, you should plan the itinerary reasonably, reduce the gathering, choose to play with fewer people and good ventilation, and try to avoid densely crowded public places and closed space.Try to avoid letting infants and young children touch the surface of the public object, such as cleaning in time after touching.Wear masks suitable for infants and young children to prepare enough cleaning, disinfection and protective supplies.

(3) Help children develop a healthy lifestyle.Let your children develop good habits before washing their hands before meals, and pay attention to ventilation at home.It is necessary to keep children with regular schedules, adequate sleep, and drinking plenty of water, while ensuring balanced nutrition, eating more fruits and vegetables, appropriate activities, and enhancing children’s resistance.

2. What are the symptoms of children infected with new crowns?

Answer: The manifestation of the new crown infection is similar to adults. It is mainly the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. It mainly manifests in fever, cough, runny nose, and nasal congestion. This is the manifestation of most children.There are also some unprecedented symptoms, including fatigue, poor appetite, vomiting, and even diarrhea.There are also individual children who can breathe, hoarseness, etc.However, the degree of fever in children is relatively large. Some children have a higher burning, and even 39 ° C and 40 ° C. The heat is generally 2-3 days.The course of disease is about 3 to 5 days.

3. How to use medicine after infection in different ages?What precautions?

Answer: Anti -fever medicine, for children over 6 months, you can choose ibuprofen, to acetaminol, and choose one.Children between 2 and 6 months are not suitable for ibuprofen, and acetaminol can be used.Babies within 2 months do not recommend conventional use of antipyretic drugs, and measures such as physical cooling can be adopted and visited in time.If there are symptoms of respiratory tract infections such as fever, cough, etc., you can take drugs for clearing heat and expectorant.Mild cough is not recommended for conventional drugs. If there are nasal congestion, obvious cough, etc., you can do atomization and nose washing your nose. According to the age of your child, you can prepare some Chinese medicine for clearing heat and expectorant, but do not advocate two or more at the same time.In addition, a humidifier can be used at home.

4. Can children take antibacterial drugs after infection?

Answer: Antibacterial drugs are used to treat bacterial infections and have no antiviral effects. They can only be used only when combined with bacterial infection. Under the guidance of a doctor, parents should not decide themselves.

5. Give your child an antipyretic medicine. Is the body temperature drop to normal?

Answer: The heat of fever is not absolutely related to the severity of the disease.The purpose of taking antipyretics is to increase comfort.As long as the child is no longer uncomfortable, parents don’t have to worry.Note: (1) It is not recommended to use two antipyretics alternately, and it is not recommended to take two types of antipyretics at the same time; (2) Do not constantly take antipyretics for children because children do not heat up.

6. What symptoms do children need to go to the hospital for treatment?

Answer: The simplest method of judgment is to see the child’s mental state. If the child has symptoms such as fever, but the spirit is very good, you can eat and drink after you fever, you do n’t need to be particularly nervous, and you do n’t need to go to the hospital immediately.You can continue to observe and deal with symptomatic treatment at home.However, if the following situations occur, it is recommended to go to the hospital:

(1) The fever does not show signs of improvement for more than 3 days, or even if the burning is retired, the spirit is still not good. The baby is crying, irritability, and not soothing.Below, you have to go to the hospital for the hospital whether the temperature is high or low; (2) the cough is worse, which affects daily life and sleep. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment; (3) If the child is breathing, breathing faster, or even difficulty in breathing, there are obvious hoarse sounds, etc.Be careful of laryngealitis and laryngeal bronchitis, and it is recommended to go to the doctor in time; (4) Once the child has a conscious disorder and convulsions, you should go to the doctor immediately.Special reminder: Children under 3 months are special crowds, including newborns and babies. Once fever occurs, it is recommended to go to the doctor in time.

7. What should children pay attention to when going out for a doctor?

Answer: (1) Children over 1 year old should wear children’s masks with suitable size, pay attention to hand hygiene, try not to touch public facilities, do not rub their eyes, nose, mouth, and wash their hands correctly.(2) Try not to take public transportation as much as possible, wear masks throughout the journey, go to the hospital according to the appointment time, and reduce the waiting time in the hospital.

8. What should I do if children have armal septic?

Answer: (1) Keep a flat position.Unlock the collar and keep the house ventilated. In the winter, pay attention not to let the cold wind blow the children, try to keep the respiratory tract unobstructed, so that the child is in a state of relaxation.(2) Turn your head to one side.Avoid the secretions from entering the respiratory tract and cause suffocation. The phenomenon of whitching in the mouth during convulsions. Parents should clean up the secretions in time.(3) Physical cooling.Wipe your forehead, neck, palm, feet, etc. with warm water towels, and the symptoms can be controlled as the body temperature decreases.(4) Seek medical treatment in time.After simple treatment at home, you must call 120 in time or send it to the hospital for further treatment.

9. Children vomiting after infection, how to treat it?

Answer: After the new crown infection is infected, vomiting is mainly used for symptomatic treatment.First of all, you must eat a light diet to avoid stimulating food to further damage the gastrointestinal mucosa. Do not eat greasy foods to aggravate the digestive burden.Based on sparse and soft food, you can take less meals and meals.When the symptoms of acid and vomiting are severe, the mucosa protective agent can be used to relieve symptoms.If you have severe vomiting, you cannot eat or vomit blood at all, you need to go to the hospital in time.

10. What should I do if my child has taken antipyretic medicine?

Answer: The use of antipyretic drugs is not particularly good, and the effect will not be particularly reduced to normal, and the duration of the drug is generally 4-6 hours.Will heat again.The main purpose of using thermal degeneration is to reduce the discomfort caused by fever. It does not allow the body temperature to reduce it normally.If the child is already in the doctor, in addition to the good mental response except the heating, you need to drink more water, warm water bath, reduce clothing, and reduce ambient temperature.

11. How to physically cool the heating children?

Answer: Body temperature rising period: Babies may be cold in hands and feet, accompanied by chills and cold wars. At this time, it is not suitable to physical cooling. You need to add clothing appropriately, rub it with warmth or soak the hands and feet with warm water.The body temperature continues: the baby’s hands and feet are warm and fever, and you can start physical cooling at this time. You need to keep the appropriate room temperature, reduce clothing, and wipe the skin on both sides of the neck, armpit, elbow nest, groin and other skin in warm water. Take a warm bath and drink more.water.Not recommended: Ethanol rubbing the body (absorbing from the skin can cause alcohol poisoning), ice water enema, ice water wiper (leading to cold war and physical discomfort), covering sweat (not easy to heat dissipation, children’s nervous system is immature, prone to high fever and even life -threatening life.

12. How to prevent new babies from infection?

Answer: Newborn babies should avoid the closure, air -incorrect public places or places where people gather; reduce visitors at home, pay attention to ventilation, clean and disinfection.When the caregiver is exposed to the newborn, he must strictly hand hygiene. Pay attention to wearing a mask to avoid exhaling or kissing your baby to the newborn, reducing close contact and droplet transmission.

13. After the newborn baby is infected, what is going to the hospital?

Answer: Because the symptoms of newborn infection are not typical, if breathing is short of breathing (number of breathing> 60 times/min), significantly reduced or milk volume, diarrhea, fever, differential response, white skin, ash, purple purple and other performances, etc.You need to seek medical treatment further.

Key people (pregnant women)

1. What are the symptoms of pregnant women after infection?

Answer: After the maternal maternal infection with the new coronal virus, the symptoms are close to the general population. It is mainly upper respiratory tract infection, such as cough, sore throat, sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, whole body soreness, fever, and the course of disease is generally 5-7 days.

2. Will maternal infection be more serious after infection?

Answer: Generally speaking, the infection rate of maternal mothers is close to the general population, and the symptoms are close to the general population.In general, compared with ordinary people, the infection does not have too much impact on the health of pregnant women.

3. What should I pay attention to after infection with a maternal disease with a basic disease?

Answer: Maternal mothers with high blood pressure and diabetes should pay special attention. When choosing to treat new crown drugs, you must first consult a doctor or pharmacist to inform the drugs that have been taken for a long time to avoid the interaction between drugs, orIt has an impact on basic diseases.In addition, pregnant women should strengthen their own protection, we must wear masks when going out, and we must wear N95 masks when you go to the hospital.If pregnant mothers have obvious illnesses, such as dyspnea, aggravation of basic diseases, or abnormal fetal movement, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, etc., don’t hesitate, you must go to the hospital in time.

4. What symptoms need to seek medical treatment immediately after pregnancy?

Answer: One of the following situations, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time: (1) the high fever that lasts more than 39 ° C, the effect of antipyretic treatment is not good; (2) feel that there is obvious breathing difficulty, or the number of breathing times increases; (3) seriously seriouslyChest pain may occur in cough; (4) severe fatigue and discomfort, unwilling to care; (5) irritability, syncope or blurred consciousness; (6) when the situation of self -feel is very serious; (7)Condition: regular or close to the rules of painful contractions; do not feel fetal movement, decrease in fetal movement or abnormally frequent frequent, fetal movement method changes; headache discomfort, blood pressure increase, vision is blurred; vaginal hemorrhage; the vagina has amniotic fluid flowing out.

5. Can pregnant women check on time after infection?

Answer: All germplasm institutions can take the infected pregnant women.Please abide by the relevant provisions of the appointment of the hospital for inspection, and orderly inspection.In order to avoid going to the hospital to increase cross -infection and relieve the pressure of hospital consultation, it is not necessary to delay the need for check -up items. For individual important production inspection items, it must be completed within the corresponding weekly gestational week.

6. How to prepare and protect pregnant women in the hospital for a production examination?

Answer: Communicate with the doctor to adjust the prenatal inspection plan. Those with conditions can implement remote medical care, reduce the number of facial diagnosis, and arrange the time of the consultation in advance to avoid too much waiting; avoid taking public transportation, you can choose a taxi or online car.Self -driving; try to reduce the hospital stay time, you can line up with your family members, wait for people with fewer people and good ventilation; when you go out to the hospital, it is recommended to wear N95 masks or medical masks throughout the process.Carry free -wash handwashing or disinfected wet towels at any time.Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.After returning home after the checkup, properly handle the mask, change clothes in time, wash your hands and wash your face.On the hospital and the road, keep as much as possible with others as much as possible.

7. What should I do if the pregnant woman is infected?

Answer: Those with mild symptoms can be isolated at home. They only need to deal with symptomatic treatment, drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest. Physical cooling can be taken during fever, including warm water wipe baths.If the cooling effect is not obvious, especially if the body temperature increases to 38.5 ° C or above, you can take cooling antipyretic drugs such as acetaminoltophenol, or you can take proper fever in proper Chinese medicine.Pregnant women need to pay attention to relative isolation with their families at home, including using separate bedrooms, try to move in a separate room. When contacting the family, pregnant women and families are recommended to wear masks (N95 better) and eat alone.

8. Will maternal infection affect children?

Answer: Maternal mothers are infected with new crowns or have been infected with new crowns. Generally, they will not be passed to the fetus by childbirth.If the mother is infected during breastfeeding, breastfeeding babies can continue to be continued on the basis of personal protection.If the mother has symptoms such as fever, it is recommended to suspend breastfeeding.

9. Does the infection of the new coronal virus affect pregnancy?

Answer: If it is naturally conceived, it will not affect pregnancy.If it is a test tube baby, it is recommended to improve the relevant examination and evaluation after turning the yin.Moreover, the latest research found that the pregnancy rate of fresh embryo within 60 days after the vaccination of the new crown vaccination is low. It is recommended to take IVF treatment 2 months after vaccination.

10. If you are giving birth during the new crown infection, what are the precautions?

Answer: Please understand the relevant requirements of the hospital in advance, and try to meet the conditions for emergency admission at any time.If you have a property or a pioneering property, please contact 120 first -aid cars or ride to the hospital by private car at any time.If there are no other cesarean section, it is safe to take vaginal delivery for pregnant women infected with new crown virus.

11. Can the new crown infection with the newborn mother and baby and breast milk be fed with newborn mothers and infants?

Answer: The new coronal virus will not spread through milk secretion.For mild and asymptomatic infected mothers, if you want to breastfeed, the mother should wear a N95 mask to disinfect it with hands. Whether it is feeding or using milk, the mother’s mouth and nose should avoid being close to the child’s mouth and nose.EssenceIf there is fever and severe cough, you can suck out milk, feed with disinfected milk, or use artificial feeding instead.After the maternal childbirth during the infection period, it is possible that the mother and baby are in the same room, but it is not recommended to closely contact it for a long time beyond breastfeeding. It is generally recommended to maintain a interval of more than 2 meters.A physical barrier can be used, such as cloth curtains or screens, furniture, etc. to minimize virus transmission.The mother should wear a mask and strictly abide by hand hygiene.In addition, it is not recommended to wear a mask for newborns or use plastic face screens such as plastic screen.

12. Do you need to choose a cesarean section after infection?

Answer: Regardless of whether the new crown is infected, the choice of childbirth is determined by obstetric indications, and a doctor needs to be comprehensively evaluated.Simple new crown -positive, without natural childbirth taboos (such as heart function, abnormal lung function, etc.), pregnant women who can tolerate natural delivery process can choose natural delivery.

Nucleic acid · antigen detection

1. What should I pay attention to when testing?

Answer: Individuals should standardize wearing masks, not gather, and keep a distance of more than one meter.Line in line, do not queue back.After the person in front of the person goes, the sampling staff will come forward after the hand disinfection.Do not touch any items on the sample table, wear a mask as soon as possible after the sampling, and leave quickly.

2. How to perform antigen detection?(video)

Please take a screenshot to scan the QR code to watch or copy the link to watch:

3. How to judge the results of antigen detection?

Answer: The positive result is a red or purple strip of red or purple at the C and T. The negative result is a red or purple band at the C, and there is no display band at the T.There is no red or purple band at the C. Regardless of whether the band is displayed or not at the T, it is an invalid result and needs to be sampled for detection.

Ovulation Test Strips - LH50/60/105