How to think of star sleeping powder?Cai Xukun’s sleeping powder to his pregnancy abortion?

Today, paparazzi broke the news that the top male star Cai Xukun had a relationship with a woman with a surname C two years ago. After a month, the woman found that she was pregnant and discussed with Cai Xukun.After the specifics are as follows:

1. Twenty -two years ago, Cai Xukun had a relationship with the woman C with the surname C

2. The C woman costs 5 million, and Cai Xukun’s mother has a valuation to 500,000

3. Mother Cai Xukun’s mother pretended to be monitored and tracking Ms. C was discovered

4. Ms. C called the police, Cai Xukun, Ms. Cai, and others were summoned by the police.

5. Ms. Cai paid 500,000 to Ms. C. She thought they could be sealed, but the result was that Ms. C broke the news to paparazzi.

This is roughly like this.At present, Cai Xukun has not come back to the incident.

As a new top flow, Cai Xukun can be imagined. Once the news broke out, it instantly fermented on the entire network.But as far as the current matter is concerned, according to the news of paparazzi, there will be a greater breaking news about Cai Xukun tomorrow, and said that Cai Xukun also has another secret lover.

It is understood that some people broke the news 2 years ago that Cai Xukun’s sleeping powder, but the matter was not big, and the parties had not responded to it, and in the end, it was gone.

For the stars sleeping powder, there have been too many entertainment circles.Wu Yifan (now in the cell), Li Yifeng’s sleeping powder, Luo Zhixiang often asked for online celebrities, Jackie Chan derailed Wu Qili to give birth to a child, and so on.These are just stars who have been called out of their names, and there are many people who have not broke the news or solve it with money.

However, many melons in the entertainment industry have been revealed because of money.For example, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng, who used to tear up for money, triggered a series of incidents such as follow -up tax evasion and surrogacy.Wu Yifan also reluctant to give the female square money, which led to a big deal, which caused a bigger problem in the future.There are Huo Zun, Wu Xiubo and others.

Although the phenomenon of celebrities sleeping, although it is a private life, as an idol artist, it is a role model for many teenagers, and it should have good moral cultivation.And Cai Xukun, as an artist of the debut show, was a fault debut at first, and harvested the love of tens of millions of fans. If this incident is finally confirmed, it will only disappoint many fans. In the endEssence

In short, as a star artist, there must be a good virtue.Mengsquiek said: "Measure the real morality of a person, seeing what he does when no one knows what to do." Don’t think that what you have done do not know what others have done, but just did not break the news.People have two sides, and many of them are not necessarily true when they see it. After all, hypocrisy will be discovered after all.

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