How to tell the boss cleverly?

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A new treasure mother left a message in the background: "How do you tell the boss to get pregnant? Always feel bad, ask the experienced little fairy to suggest." This news caused the mother’s mother to be enthusiastic in the message area.discuss.

Some netizens believe that maternity leave should be said directly; some suggestions to say that the clothes should choose to choose a loose style as much as possible, and it is good to carry it to the New Year; others are proposed that when the belly is big, the body is edema naturally, and the boss can see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see that the boss will see it.It’s …

Pregnancy is obviously a happy thing, but when will it become "the secret you dare not say"?The gender discrimination under traditional concepts is gradually drifting, the equal thoughts of men and women are deeply rooted in people’s hearts, saying goodbye to previous physical labor, and replaced by more intellectual labor and high -tech industries.Educational fairness allows girls to successfully complete their studies. With carefulness, practical and secure business ability, they can sit on equation with boys.

However, the factors of marriage and maternity leave are still why some companies are unwilling to recruit girls. After the second child policy comes out, more companies will consider this factor when recruiting people.Being embarrassing.In the case of "fish and bear’s paw cannot be both", especially in the case of squeezing the unique wooden bridge in thousands of horses to find a solid foothold, in the face of the little happiness and the attention of the boss, Baoma was extremely tangled and confused.Help Mom believes that it is not wise to conceal pregnancy to the people around you.

1. The first three months of the fetus is very important

Pregnant mothers should pay special attention in the first three months of pregnancy, because this period is the key to the survival of the fetus.This is because the pregnant mother may experience miscarriage and death even after the conception is successful. In the end, 50 % of the fertilized eggs cannot grow into cute babies.Scientific statistics have concluded that the probability of accidents in the first three months of pregnancy was as high as 80 %.Therefore, the pregnant mother must inform the unit’s leaders and colleagues in time after discovering pregnancy, and let them know their due date, and when to start vacation and work, so that the unit of the unit is prepared and arranged. If necessary, you can adjust it.Work or workload, avoid particularly heavy work, and strive for the necessary prenatal inspection time. This is a manifestation of both units and themselves.

2. How can pregnant mothers who are unwilling to terminate work, how to spend this "dangerous period" of their career safely?

a. First of all, do the task of explaining the boss to ensure that you have not delayed or affect your work due to pregnancy.

b. Secondly, make a long talk with the boss.Therefore, the face -to -face conversation with the boss requires special skills. Since you want to continue to work, do not make the relationship between the two parties too rigid.Learn to observe words and find the right time to express euphemism.In fact, pregnancy is particularly good news for family members and friends to celebrate and bless, but it is different for the boss, which means that he will lose a good employee, and some work must be re -arranged.

c. Finally, it is best to do a job list before vacation to communicate with new employees who hand over.This boss can’t agree to promise!

The body is the capital of the revolution. Don’t be too exhausted because of work, don’t think that the baby is suffering, and we don’t want the baby to grow up when we grow up.In fact, in accordance with the country’s laws, it will not dismiss pregnant mummy during this period, and in most units, pregnant mothers will enjoy collective care.I wish the mothers happily greeted their new life happily.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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