How to take the medicine correctly for pregnant mothers with cold and fever?

Pregnant mothers need to go through a long ten -month experience from pregnancy to childbirth. In these ten months, they alternately alternate, and colds will usually meet unexpectedly.Generally, pregnant mothers will worry that drugs will cause fetal malformations. When they have cold symptoms, they will often be very distressed when they do not need to take medicine.So, can pregnant mothers take medicine?What is the case?Recently, the website of the Beijing Health Commission explained to the majority of pregnant mothers.Below, the Economic Daily-China Economic Network Health Channel will take you to understand.

Symptoms can not take antipyretic medicine without fever medicine

Ordinary colds are generally self -limiting diseases. If the symptoms are mild, or just nasal congestion, cough, sputum, etc., will not have adverse effects on the fetus. You do n’t need to take medicine. Colds can heal themselves.During the mild cold, pregnant mothers need to rest, drink plenty of water, and keep their diet light. Usually, they can recover from 5-7 days.

In general, the body temperature is lower than 38.5 ° C, which does not need to be used for heating drugs. It can cool through physical methods such as exposed limbs, warm water, and cold wipes. At the same time, drinking a lot of warm waterEssence

The body temperature exceeds 38.5 ℃, so take medicine like this

When the body temperature of the pregnant mother exceeds 38.5 ° C, the physical cooling effect is not obvious, or the fever causes obvious discomfort.But pregnant mothers are a special group. Generally, do not take medicine by yourself. You must go to the hospital and follow the doctor’s order.

Precautions for medication:

1. Do not take more than 4 times a day, the time interval is 6-8 hours, at least not less than 4 hours;

2. It is best to take drugs with the same mechanism of the same role. Only when there are continuous high fever, nausea, vomiting, etc.

3. The heating medicine must not take more than 3 days.The body temperature is higher than 39 ° C. When the body temperature of the pregnant mother exceeds 39 ° C -39.5 ° C, the fetus will also have the risk of teratogenic. At this time, you should seek medical treatment in time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.Pregnant mothers with high fever for more than 3 days should do B -ultrasound examination after healing to see if high fever affects the fetus.(Economic Daily)

Source: Economic Daily-China Economic Network

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