How to take care of the mother’s belly when the expectant mother strategy // fetus rises?

October pregnancy is a very hard process

The "Ma Weimi" who has just survived early pregnancy

"Destruction" by itching of the belly

Can’t scratch, it’s hard to settle down

What is the reason for the belly itching during pregnancy?

How to relieve it?

Talk about the little knowledge of belly care during pregnancy

Itchy belly

It turned out to be "it"!

1. Eczema is not underestimated, there are many sources of problems

After pregnancy, hormone levels change, skin immunity

It will also be inhibited, and the skin sensitivity increases

Add, expectant mothers can easily grow eczema, except for the belly

Itchy, severe limbs with itching.

2. The belly grows fast and the skin can’t keep up

As the pregnancy week continues, the weight of expectant mothers

It is also gradually increasing, and the stomach will slowly support the quilt

Large, it is easy to cause excessive skin tissue.and

People with poor skin elasticity will not only produce stretch marks,

Itching symptoms also occur.

3 The skin also wants to "drink water" too

Due to the dry season, low air humidity, plus accurate

The reason why mom does not like to drink water, it can easily cause skin

Dry, itching symptoms occur at this time.

4. Be careful about pregnancy.

The clinical symptoms of cholecoscopic stasis during pregnancy are itching and skin

Skin scratching and yellow gangrene may be with hormones and environment during pregnancy

When the factors are related, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time

Therapy, clarify the cause, and apply the right medicine.

Can’t catch it?

Don’t worry, I still have a little trick!

The first trick: dilute moisturizing dew, farewell to itching

Specific mothers can choose emulsion and dry physical emulsion, dry

Laline oil, massage cream, etc., choose mild and low sensitivity

The moisturizing product is guaranteed to have no or baby

Any excitement.

The second trick: The humidity of the home should be appropriate

Dry in winter, you can use humidifiers and green plants

Wait for humidity.Summer hot and humid, you can remove it appropriately

Wet, use air conditioners to adjust the humidity in the air.

The third trick: external maintenance, good care of the skin

When the skin itching, cleaning cannot be too frequent,

You can’t use it often.Mao Yongyou rubbing skin

skin.When using facial cleaning products, pay attention

Use frequency.

The fourth trick: reconcile inner, make up for good skin

Except for external maintenance, internal nourishment cannot be ignored.

Eat more foods rich in collagen fiber and eat more water

Fruit, vegetables, drink more milk.Drink through a balanced

Eat, improve skin skin texture, and avoid pregnancy


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