How to take care of the female dog after production?Remember not to take a bath immediately for the dog

German Mu’s IQ has always been among the top dogs, which is why they are selected as police dogs.

Let’s take a look at the little story shared by the netizen below. It turned out that the IQ’s IQ also had a rollover.

The netizen had a German herd at home. When I bought it, I went to IQ.Of course, it did not live up to the trust of shovel officers, and it was quite handy to train, but all this changed because of a pregnancy production.

This product was successfully pregnant under the combination of shovel officers. I gave birth to 3 babies. Originally, this was a happy event, but the shoveling officer gradually found that something was wrong.Feeding, but always staring at their cubs, all kinds of posture brought them: What are these things?Where does it come from?

After a long time, netizens also confirmed that after the production, the German -Muzi IQ has fallen straight, and the head has not been used to the past. It is harmful. It turns out that the dog is like a person, and it will be stupid for three years.

It is estimated that De Mu is all in the circle at this time. There are 3 little guys in their nests for no reason, and they have to drink their milk, hahahahaha.

The veterinarian Xiaoming will science for everyone to pay attention to some matters that the female dog should pay attention to.

1. Don’t take a bath immediately

Many shovel officers think that the female dogs are dirty after production, and they must help them take a bath.But at this time, the health of the female dog is relatively weak, and the resistance is relatively poor. If you take a bath at this time, it will not only cause the dog to catch a cold, but also increase the probability of wound infection.

It is best not to take a bath for them within 30 days after production. If necessary, shovel officers can use warm wet towels to help them wipe their bodies.

2. Do a good job of deworming

The female dog also feeds the puppies after production, and the deworming work during this period cannot be ignored, otherwise it will cause the female dogs and cubs to be transmitted to each other.

Because they are more troublesome to infection with parasites, regular deworming is essential.In addition, sterilize and cleaning the dog’s nest supplies, and often get sterilized and sterilized under the sun.

3. Prepare a quiet environment for the dog

The female dogs are under great pressure, and they are very sensitive. They are also very irritable. They cannot let strangers approach them and avoid bite.It is best to prepare a quiet environment for them to breastfeed them.

4. Calcium supplementation is essential

The calcium in the body will lose a lot of calcium in the body, and the calcium is very important to the female dog’s body. When the calcium in the body is insufficient, it may also cause the dog to coma.So the shoveling officer can prepare some chicken soup or calcium slices for them for calcium.

The picture comes from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact the veterinarian Xiaoming.

If you have the problem of pet health and pets, pay attention to the veterinary Xiaoming for consultation.

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