How to sleep during pregnancy?Listen to what the doctor says

The first question you may ask during pregnancy is how to sleep during pregnancy?You may be told that you must lie on the side during pregnancy, and even warn that you may hurt your baby if you lie on your back.

Here, let’s take a look at the science behind the headline news, find out how to get the best sleep for you and your baby, and ask if products such as pregnancy pillows are helpful.

Several studies have shown that there is a connection between lying (lying on his back) and late death for late pregnancy (in the third trimester, the secondary of pregnancy, the 28th week).

For example, a study published by New Zealand in 2017 concluded that sleeping in late pregnancy will increase risk of death.This led to a public health movement, telling women that if they avoid sleeping in the late pregnancy, they can reduce the late death production by about 9%.

In 2019, the analysis of the research on all the research on maternal sleep and death in "Liuye Knife" was published in the world.It can reduce the death of late death. If a pregnant woman who is more than 28 weeks pregnant is used to sleep on the side, it will increase by 5.8%. "

These discoveries seem to be very shocking.According to Dr. Kelly, Stechor, an obstetrician and gynecologist, and "the author of the book," there is no need to panic because your body will naturally adjust to the right position."Your body usually finds a way to tell you not to lie in a harmful place to you or your baby," Kelly told LIVE Science.

In any case, she said, "Our research motivation is insufficient, and it is not random."

This view was supported by the dissertation published in Obestrics and Gynecology in 2019, which questioned the reliability of data in previous studies.This substantive study involves 8,706 women (22 to 30 weeks of pregnancy, so earlier than previous studies), including a group of women wearing devices to record women who record sleeping postures, so the research does not completely depend on the participants ” ”They have their own sleep.The study found that there was no connection between sleeping position and dead yields of less than 30 weeks, although it did not cover the last 10 to 11 weeks of pregnancy.

Women in these studies have reported their sleeping postures.They may remember or emphasize their sleeping position because they think it may be the cause of death.

Pregnant women lying on the bed and stroking their stomachs

For safety reasons, you may want to avoid sleeping on your back, especially when you enter the third trimester, but as Kelly said, this may happen naturally.She said that with the progress of pregnancy, the main reason for sleeping is for your own health and comfort.

"With the progress of pregnancy," she said. "The fetus will grow up, and the baby and the uterus will become heavier. About 20 weeks, in the middle of pregnancy, the weight of the uterus will cause your symptoms during childbirth to your symptoms in your childbirth.Back. This is because the weight is pressed to the lower cavity vein, and the large blood vessels return the blood to your heart. When it affects you, you will have symptoms. Some women will feel nausea, sweat, fever and dizziness.

"Some women’s gastric acid flow will also increase, which also makes the state of supine not good. Due to the changes in physical composition, other people even have sleep apnea during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy. Lying on the supine will intensify this situation. This is this situation.Finding a position that suits you is important to you. "

As your baby is getting bigger and bigger, you will find that you are more and more uncomfortable to sleep, but you may find that your body will automatically adapt to this discomfort.

Kelly said that if you find yourself from time to time, you don’t have to worry about it."This will happen to all of us. When you are pregnant, you will feel uncomfortable."

You may have read it, you should sleep on the left instead of the right.But from the perspective of your baby’s safety, this proposal has been proven to be an unnecessary-analysis. The conclusion on the study (see above) is the left, and it is also safe to sleep on the right side.

According to Kelly, "No matter which side is. Your liver is on the right. Sometimes people feel more uncomfortable because this organs are on the right. If they sleep on the right. The baby has no better side."

Pregnant women fell asleep reading books

The pregnancy pillow is U -shaped, C -shaped or V -shaped, which aims to help you feel comfortable with your baby’s mass, although many expectant mothers only use ordinary pillows to get comfort.

"The pillow is great," Kelly told LIVE Science."I found that placing a pillow under the larger baby mass to reduce the pressure of the ligament on the uterine side. In addition, placing a pillow between the knees and the back of the back can help the hips, knees and back pain.

"Pillow also helps to relieve joint pain," she added."As the baby’s mass is getting bigger and bigger, the tension on the ligament is getting bigger. As you are pregnant, your joints will become more sore. People usually have more pubic pain, hip pain, IT painAnd sciatica. Be careful pillow will help reduce some of the pain points. "

The most important thing is to relax as much as possible."Easy to herself," Kelly said."It’s okay to get up on your back. It’s okay to get up on your back. As long as you find a way to make yourself feel comfortable, you can get the required sleep."

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