How to see if you are pregnant if you are pregnant

There are many things that women should notice whether women should be pregnant. Only early understanding of common sense of pregnancy can be facilitated to do well during pregnancy. There are many ways to verify whether pregnancy.Whether you are pregnant, how you can see if you are pregnant, and here are the topics that you pay attention to for female friends, and introduce you in detail how to see whether you are pregnant?

Women’s ovulation date is about 14th day of menstruation. If it is successful at this time, it takes about 6 or 7 days to generate HCG for fertilized eggs.The pregnancy test stick is judged using urine measurement HCG.HCG began to secrete the time after the bed was bed.It takes about 11 days to bed in bed.Therefore, it takes 6 days to use the pregnancy test stick to test whether it is pregnant.If you want to test it accurately, it is 11 days later.

The result of pregnancy, that is, positive will appear after 1 minute test, and can be judged in 30 seconds as soon as possible.In other words, if the two lines are clearly displayed after 1 minute, it means that you are pregnant, so you don’t have to wait for 3 minutes to observe the results.

If you have no pregnancy, it can be displayed after 3 minutes.Because of the early pregnancy, the HCG hormone in the urine is low, and the weak positive will occur during the test. The weak positive may not be displayed in 1 minute, and there will be two lines only after 3 minutes.The two lines are the result of pregnancy; if there is only one line after 3 minutes, it is not pregnant.

If it is 5 minutes, the interpretation results are invalid.Because the results that appear within 5 minutes can be used as a design product basis. After more than 5 minutes, the results are unclear. Some friends may have false positives and do not represent the actual results.

The above introduces how to see whether the pregnancy test stick can see if you are pregnant. Only by a deep understanding of the common sense during pregnancy, and do the corresponding care early can you better stay away from the potential trouble of diseased diseases during pregnancy.

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