How to scrape it?7 scraping small common sense!

Do you have the experience of scraping or scraping for others? The footsteps of summer are close. It is particularly easy to heatstroke in hot summer. Scratching a few times.The symptoms of chest tightness are gone.The magical use of scraping is really amazing, but it must also have some common sense of scraping, so as not to cause unnecessary harm.

The familiar movements of this older generation are the so -called "scraping" of traditional Chinese medicine.The strange thing is that as long as many people have to scrape it a few times, the symptoms of dizziness, headache, and chest tightness are disappeared, and a large piece of red and purple ecchymosis will soon be scratched. These seemingly scary spots, Chinese medicine practitioners callFor "。".

1. What is

Chinese medicine practitioners say that the so -called "," is actually a special manifestation of the body’s disease on the surface of the body.Generally, scraping can also be called grabbing or pinching. As the name suggests, it is to use your fingers or edges to lubricate the object. On the specific parts of the body surface, it is repeatedly scraped, pinched, lifted, squeezed, and picked to make the skin appear slices.Slip or dotted ecchymosis or bleeding to achieve the body function and restore normal physiological state.

2. Why scrape

The effect of scraping is mainly to conduct a benign stimulus through the selection of special response points or acupoints for certain diseases. Through the conduction of meridians, the circulation function of blood and lymph fluid is promotedNutrition, promote the body’s metabolism, and increase human immunity.

3. How to scrape

Chinese medicine practitioners said that scraping has been used in hundreds of diseases. The most commonly used people are the symptoms such as heat stroke, eliminating wind and cold, and relieving headaches and dizziness caused by colds.The most commonly scraped part of scraping is the back, neck, chest, and limbs. When the people can scrape themselves, they can scrape along both sides of the neck, or scrape from top to the fifth lumbar vertebra from the seventh cervical vertebrae along the spine to the fifth lumbar vertebra., That is, from top to bottom, scrape down the neck, shoulders, back, or scrape it outward along the intercostal. Do not scrape back and forth back and forth.

4. How big is the power

Many people think that the greater the strength of the scraping, the more painful, the more they get out, the darker the color, the more effective, because of these wrong ideas, some people do their best to scrape them when they scrape them.It had to be stubborn, and the whole shoulder and neck was blue and purple.Chinese medicine practitioners emphasized that whether a person will go out, it is related to personal constitution.Each person has different constitutions, and there are different situations of red purple periodic.Some people gently scrape them a few times to appear ecchymia. Some people can’t scrape them. They are too hard to scrape or scrape the erythema, which is likely to be a micro -blood vessel rupture or skin injury.

5. What to scrape

The tools used for scraping, combing back, porcelain cups, porcelain bowls, porcelain spoons, coins, or scraping boards made of bull horn, antelope horns, it should be noted that the edges of the scraping equipment should be blunt and smooth and rounded.Do not scratch the skin.If there are no these equipment around you, the easiest way is to turn your fingers, use your fingers to scrape the board, or use your fingers to grab, pinch, squeeze, and press it.

6. Preparation

Before scraping, you can apply a thin layer of auxiliary medium on the part you want to scrape. These auxiliary medias include water, oil, baby oil, cream, Vaselin, olive oil, etc.Lubricating effects to avoid skin injury.

7. How long is it?

Chinese medicine practitioners said that scraping has no time and space restrictions, but don’t be too frequent. It is good to scrape it about 3 to 5 days. Don’t scrape it every day and scrape it several times a day.It is not advisable to scrape the parts, including the face, bones, or wounds with inflammation and scars.In addition, it is not suitable for too much force when it is on an empty stomach.

When scraping, choose a place where fresh air is fresh, ventilated, and cool. Do not scrape it in the closed space of dense ventilation.After scraping, wipe the oil and sweat on the skin with a clean towel, and drink a glass of warm water and rest a little.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners also emphasized that scraping is a physical therapy for the early symptoms of the disease. When small problems such as heat stroke, cold, dizziness, and muscle soreness occur, you can use scraping to emergency.Specialists diagnose and treat, so as not to drag minor illnesses.

He also suggested that when helping relatives and friends scrape it, it is best to ask "whether it will be uncomfortable" during the scraping process. Once the scraped person is obviously uncomfortable, it is best to stop scraping and let the patient sit down or flat.Lie rest, drink some warm water, and find a doctor to see a doctor if necessary.

Don’t scrape these people

Chinese medicine practitioners said that not everyone is suitable for scraping, because scraping can stimulate the sympathetic nerves. Some people with weak constitutions or sensitive constitution, whose scraping looks white, green, cold sweat, and even some people are severe as shock.People must be particularly careful when scraping.In addition, the skin of the elderly and children is relatively fragile. When scraping, the force should be as light as possible, or put a layer of cotton cloth on the skin before scraping, reducing the scraping equipment directly to rub the skin, causing skin damage.He suggested that old age, skin allergies, cardiovascular disease, leukemia, allergic purple spots, platelet reduction, cancer, dermatitis, or people with wounds and scars on the skin are not suitable for scraping.In addition, pregnant women and women should also avoid shaving their lower abdomen during their physiology.

These small common sense about scraping can be learned! It is not necessary to cause unnecessary harm to do wrong ~

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