How to remedy the medicine in the early stages of pregnancy?

Once you are pregnant, you will choose natural healing when you encounter a minor illness, a small pain, and a small pain, and you will definitely not take medicine. This is because he is afraid that taking medicine will have an adverse effect on the baby.What should I do?

During the teratogenic sensitive period of fetal development, beware of "taking the wrong medicine"

During the development of the fetus, there is a sensitive period of teratogenic, from 33 days of menopause to 12 weeks of pregnancy.In the period of sensitivity to teratogenic, various organs of the fetus begin to differentiate. Specific mothers are likely to seriously harm the organs of the fetus.Congenital heart disease.

How to remedy the "wrong medicine" when the teratogenic sensitivity period?

Pregnant women who "take the wrong medicine" in the teratogenic period are in a high -risk pregnancy state, and prenatal eugenics consultation and prenatal diagnosis should be conducted.These tests include B -ultrasound screening in early pregnancy (11-13 weeks), and conducting color Doppler ultrasound inspections in the second and second trimester (20-24 weeks); early and middle -term Donald syndrome screening; 7-10 weeks of villi biopsy; Received amniotic fluid puncture at 16-20 weeks; umbilical blood tests can be taken after 20 weeks.These later measures can effectively discover many fetal malformations or abnormal development, and expectant mothers can consider whether to retain the fetus based on the results of the diagnosis and doctors.

Does it affect the fetus on the fetus?

The sensitivity period is from 33 days of menopause to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Then, if you accidentally take medicine 33 days after menopause, what impact does it have?In the first 33 days after menopause, the fertilized eggs were split in cells, and the number of cells continued to increase, but it has not yet differentiated into organs and tissues of heads, hands, hearts, and other organs.The blows caused by the drug are either particularly important, causing embryo abortion, or it is okay at all. The embryo continues to develop without deformity.Therefore, during this period, the expectant mothers who accidentally "took the wrong medicine", if the fetus did not show signs of miscarriage, could not worry about the teratogenic of drugs.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the effect of drugs on the fetus will also be smaller than the sensitive period of teratogenic, but the nervous system of the fetus is still developing, and it has continued until birth. ThereforeIt is possible to have a certain impact on the fetus, so the expectant mothers must not take medicine without authorization.

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