How to relieve physical discomfort during pregnancy, you can use this "posture" to relieve

With the growth and development of the baby during pregnancy, the abdomen of expectant mothers gradually bulge and increase.If the posture of walking, standing, sitting, and lying is not right, expectant mothers will be easy to fatigue, even falling, twisting, and affecting the baby.

In the middle and late pregnancy, expectant mothers have increased weight, unstable center of gravity, and affecting their sights. It is easy to fall, and they must be careful when walking.

First of all, you should raise your chest, look the front and feet, relax your shoulders, tighten your hips, and the heels are on the ground.Do not walk on your feet, do n’t hurry up, do n’t play your mobile phone when walking, not only chat, step on every step, and try to maintain your body balance as much as possible.

Go up the stairs straight, move forward, look forward to the stairs, and step by step.If you have a handrail or railing, you must support it to avoid falling.

Pay attention to wearing comfortable flat heels to avoid walking for a long time.Once you feel tired, take a break.

When standing, the expectant mother should relax her shoulders, her legs are parallel, their feet are slightly smaller than the shoulder width, and the eight somewhere can be fell between the two feet, which is not easy to fatigue.

Do not stand for too long. If you feel tired, you can put one foot and one foot, and often exchange, so that your legs are loaded separately and rest in order to reduce fatigue, edema, varicose veins, and back pain.

When you sit, it is best to choose a back, highly suitable chair.1 meter 6 expectant mothers generally take a 40cm high chair.Too high and unsafe, too short affects the stretch of the legs, and even compress the abdomen.

The expectant mothers should be slow when they sit down and get up. It is best to support her thighs or backs and armrests.Try to sit on the chair surface as much as possible when sitting, and put a cushion on the back of the waist, close to the waist, so that the back muscles are supported and relaxed.At the same time, the legs are separated properly to make the stomach.

If the expectant mother is sitting at work every day, it is best to use the cushion at all times to relieve the waist pressure and reduce sore and uncomfortable.Remember to sit up for half an hour and walk around to promote blood circulation in the lower limbs and prevent thrombosis.

The expectant mother sleeps in the third trimester. It is best to lie on the left side, the legs are slightly curved, and there is a pillow between the knees and behind.This standard posture can not only alleviate the compression of the uterus on the abdominal aorta, help the placental blood supply, prevent the baby’s hypoxia, but also very comfortable ~

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