How to relieve hemorrhoids during pregnancy?Try these 6 tricks!

Doctor, I have been pregnant for 7 months, but recently I suddenly felt that the anus foreign body sensation was very heavy, and the stabbing stabbing was itchy.I found that there was a beach blood on the chair, and I touched the pain in my buttocks. It was hemorrhoids that fell out. Although it was pushed back, sometimes it fell out of the stool and fell to the same time with the burning buttocks. It was really painful.How to solve the hemorrhoids?

Regarding the various problems of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and post -production, anorectal surgeons sort out the three most common doubts raised by pregnant mothers. The following will be answered for everyone!

First, can the hemorrhoids during pregnancy be used for surgery?

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are not much different from ordinary hemorrhoids. It is mainly based on alleviating symptoms of discomfort. It is not recommended for surgery. Because pregnancy anesthesia may affect premature fetal birth and bleeding, and some pregnant women will naturally improve after childbirth.The problem of surgery can be considered after giving birth.

How to alleviate hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

1. Sit a warm water every day

Put warm water with a washbasin, take a bath once or twice a day, 15-20 minutes each time, you can add blood circulation near the anus, soften the internal thrombosis of hemorrhoids, and slow down the pain.

2. Avoid constipation and diarrhea

Avoid the movement of hard stools, and do not endure the stool for a long time. You must develop good bowel habits, normal rules of work and rest, and stay up late, take more water and crude fiber food.If necessary, please ask the doctor to prescribe a soft toilet to help the defecation. Remember not to use laxatives, nor can it be used to use the enemies, so as not to cause miscarriage or premature birth.

3. Anal lifting exercise-Kiger Movement

Under the guidance of doctors, moderate leg lifting and anal lifting exercises to develop regular exercise habits, while practicing Kigel movement can shrink the muscles near the anus and enhance the anal blood circulation.

4. Lie on the left

Improve blood reflux; lying on the flat uterus to compress the large vein of the lower cavity, the blood flow of the heart is blocked, and the blood vessels in the hemorrhoids are worse. Therefore, it is recommended to use the left side of the left side when sleeping or rest.

5. Keep clean around the anus

After defecation, use the shower head, rinse the anus with warm water columns, and gently press it with toilet paper; you can use a wet paper towel to wipe the anus when it cannot be washed with warm water.

6. Apply ointment to avoid infection

Using hemorrhoid ointment containing anti -inflammatory ingredients or blood vessel contraction ingredients, with local ice pack ice applies, can slow the acute inflammatory symptoms caused by the protrusion of hemorrhoids.

3. What should I do if the hemorrhoids are intensified after giving birth?

Mothers with caesarean section will have hemorrhoids due to compression during pregnancy. Naturally produced due to the abdomen of the production process, which causes internal hemorrhoids to get rid of it. It may be soared with the baby during production, resulting in bowel bleeding, pain, itching, swelling, etc.Makes hemorrhoids more serious, and you can’t even sit or stand.It is recommended that postpartum mothers should be treated early if the postpartum hemorrhoids have been intensified. At the time of the confinement one month at the time of the confinement (that is, the postpartum four weeks), you can consider receiving surgery.

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